Characteristics of the feed Vetcomplex adult dog

Keeping our four-part partner is not easy. Many think that feeding them two to three times a day whatever I think is enough. But when you try Vet Complex Adult Dog , you will see that it is not the same.

Characteristics, composition and ingredients of the feed

A feed whose protein and main composition is the bird and which has cereal spara the component of carbohydrates. This I think is designed for all breeds, regardless of their size.


This I think, Vet Complex Adult Dog, provides a balanced and complete diet for adult dogs, allowing them to control their weight and keep their energy levels intact .

It has a good contribution high in protein and healthy fats from fish that will provide you with the necessary nutrients to maintain and strengthen your muscles , provide you with a pump-approved digestive system and, of course, healthy joints, teeth and coat .

If what you want to do is take care of your dog when it reaches adulthood, you need a feed that is rich in nutrients, to satisfy it, but also take care of it.


Why is Vet Complex Adult Dog so good? All part of its nutritional composition, which indicates the amount of proteins, fats and other nutritional supplements that will help your dog maintain strong and healthy muscles and immune system .

Let’s see what percentages are that make up this feed.

  • 27% crude protein
  • 19% crude fat
  • With a humidity of 8%
  • Minerals by 8%
  • And fiber also in 8%
  • In addition, Calcium in 1.5% and Phosphorus in 1%. The calcium and phosphorus are essential to an iron constitution
  • Enriched with vitamins A, D3 and E


Its nutritional composition is spectacular. But it does not get it just because, but it does it through a series of ingredients that wisely combined, makes us get a high quality feed that not only does the dog like, but we can see how it nourishes it properly . What ingredients are these?

  • Dehydrated poultry
  • Animal fats
  • Bean pods
  • Soya and flax seeds
  • Cereals
  • Wheat bran
  • Corn protein
  • Beet pulp
  • Sea salt

Recommended daily allowance

More feed does not mean better food. Each dog, depending on its age, breed or weight, has to have a daily amount of feed divided into two or three meals a day . Therefore, we leave you below, the table that you must follow to feed your dog with Vet Complex Adult Dog, correctly.

Dog weight in kilosRecommended daily allowance
QuietNormal activityVery active
Four. Five415480620

Feed price and where to buy feed?

I think he is at the best price, he is not the best. Although it appears on TV and gets a lot of hype, it does not mean that it is of better quality. It’s just that. Advertising. 

Therefore, you will not see high quality feed like Vet Complex Adult Dog, going through the screens, because its quality speaks for itself. Only in some places, you can get it and at special prices as I think specific.

Feed price

Due to the high quality of its ingredients and its nutritional composition , you can find a price a little higher than the average. But luckily, it is because the quality of this feed is unbeatable and you know in advance that it will respond to the nutritional needs of your dog or dogs. These are the prices at which it would move, depending on the format in which you acquire it.

  • 3 kilos: 20 euros
  • 5 kilos: 40 euros
  • 5 kilos: 65 euros
  • 18 kilos: 90 euros

Where to buy the feed?

It is a specific feed with high quality ingredients that will help your dog maintain iron health. It cannot be compared to other more commercial dog foods. Therefore, there are only a series of sites where you can buy it . We leave it for you below.

  • Online store : you will find all brands, apart from commercial ones. The specific ones are also easier to find and in addition, you will be able to see different offers, depending on the distributor
  • Veterinary clinic : they will not always have it in the clinic, but they do have distributors and good brands that can bring you closer to the feed you are looking for. They can recommend it themselves and bring it
  • Specialized stores : at street level you can also find this feed, but you cannot go to a supermarket, but to a pet store, where you will find different specific feed and at good prices

Feed opinions

When you buy a feed in a supermarket, you are happy because the dog likes it and keeps him satisfied. But when we look at its composition and ingredients, we realize that it is not only an unbalanced food, but it can affect the health of our adult dog in the long run .

For this reason, many customers choose this specific feed for adult dogs who want to keep their system intact and strong. Many customers are more than satisfied to see that this high quality feed provides their dog or dogs with the strength they need, through a balanced feed that meets all their needs.


Thanks to the great sources of protein that this Vet Complex Adult Dog food has, you can ensure a good and complete diet for your dog. You can see it thanks to the fact that he is always active, that he sleeps well, has a beautiful coat and that his reviews at the vet are very positive.

This is not achieved with any feed that you fill your stomach with. Dogs will know that you take care of them and that you give the best for them because they will feel full of energy and also, they will enjoy what they eat. So don’t think twice.

If your dog is an adult and you want him to stay healthy and strong , you need a very special feed and nothing more special like Vet Complex Adult dog.

Divyesh Patel