Chicken Dogfy Diet Menu

The Dogfy Diet chicken menu is perfect for those dogs who start with this type of diet or those who are already experts.

Chicken is a highly digestible protein for dogs due to its low fat and rapid absorption by the body.

What’s on the Chicken Dogfy Diet Menu that makes it so good? It contains vitamin A (which helps with your eye health), B2 (perfect for hydrating your skin), mineral fibers and good fats. All this are essential nutritional contributions for the dog.

This Dogfy Diet menu is made with 65% fresh chicken, 10% beef, 10% carrot, 6% beet, 6% turnip, 2% peas, 1% Olive oil.

Within the percentage of ingredients we find the following ingredients: fresh chicken meat, chicken heart, chicken liver, meaty bone, fresh beef and beef heart.

With all these ingredients, we would be ensuring an optimal diet by introducing fresh meat, organ meats, meaty bone and vegetables.

Turkey Dogfy Diet Menu

The Dogfy Diet Turkey Menu is a great option also for those dogs that are going to start with natural food . Suitable for dogs with food allergy problems, elderly or overweight dogs, it is a soft white meat that is easily digestible.

Turkey is a meat that has many good things for your dog. To begin with, it is a meat low in saturated fat, with a high level of protein and fatty acids that are essential in the nutrition of your dog.

In turkey meat we find essential vitamins such as type B, especially B3, which helps eliminate chemical residues present in the body. This meat also contain other vitamins with B6 and B12.

With turkey meat, you also provide your dog with magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and it is high in proteins of high biological value.

In the Dogfy Diet turkey menu you will find 65% turkey, 10% lamb, 12.5% ​​zucchini, 9.5% Apple, 2% peas and 1% olive oil.

This menu has been made with fresh turkey meat, so it takes advantage of all the hydration of the meat, meaty turkey bones, fresh lamb meat and lamb liver.

The Dogfy Diet turkey menu has all the components to be a balanced food that provides all the necessary nutrients for your dog.

Ox Dogfy Diet

The Dogfy Diet beef menu is a very good option for those dogs that are used to meat. You have to think that it is red meat and that it is somewhat stronger than turkey or chicken meat.

Beef is a lean meat, this means that it has less than 10% fat that provides great benefits to the dog’s body such as: Iron, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, iodine, selenium and zinc. It is, therefore, a meat of high biological value.

This type of meat is beneficial in terms of vitamins and provides some as essential as type B, including: B1, B2, B3, B12 and B6.

With this type of vitamins we get the nervous system to function properly, as well as the heart and the brain. It also helps to regenerate tissues such as hair, nails and skin. Thanks to vitamins B3 and B6, your dog will be able to produce red blood cells and will be able to help his body’s immune system.

In this Dogfy Diet menu you will find 75% Beef, 11% carrot, 6% beet, 4% turnip, 2% peas, 1% eggshell, 1% olive oil.

As you can see, in this menu you have all the necessary ingredients for your dog to eat in the healthiest way.

Salmon Dogfy Diet

Salmon is a food that dogs like very much because of its strong flavor and it is very beneficial for them because of all that this blue fish gives them.

If you buy this menu, your dog will benefit from things like good fats (in this case about 11 grams), which provide the famous Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Omega 3 is really important in the dog’s diet, so if your dog does not eat fish it would not hurt to be able to offer a little salmon oil in his diet.

What does Omega 3 achieve? It helps regulate and maintain heart function, regulate blood pressure, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps with eye-type diseases.

This type of protein is perfect for those dogs with certain diseases such as cancer or intestinal problems. It is also effective in dogs with osteoarthritis, kidney problems or heart problems.

You will find in this fish vitamins A, D and B12 among others. Thanks to them, the body will obtain the necessary help for the maintenance, growth and repair of the body’s tissues. It also helps your immune system to be more resistant to infections and regulates calcium levels and its fixation, thus strengthening the bones.

As you can see, salmon is a great food and highly recommended for the dog for its great contribution of benefits in general. With salmon, you will have a healthy, strong and balanced dog in terms of health.

In the Dogfy Diet Salmon menu you will find 30% salmon, 45% beef, 11% carrot, 6% beet, 4% turnip, 2% peas, 1% egg shell and 1% oil made of olives.

Menus made by professionals

All Dogfy Diet menus have been manufactured by nutrition experts. They all have 100 × 100 natural ingredients and are high in animal protein for carnivores like dogs.

This is something important, since all the menus are manufactured under the recommendations of FEDIAF. In this way, we ensure a healthy, safe and adequate diet for dogs.

Dogfy Diet Menu is cooked at a low temperature to take advantage of all the nutrients that the ingredients provide us. It is highly digestible and has no processes or chemicals.

A quality diet that we are convinced your dog will love.

Divyesh Patel