Do cats have a favorite person?

If you live with a kitten at home, you have surely wondered if he really loves you, if you are his favorite person in the world. Today we are trying to find out if that is true.

Cats, like humans, have preferences towards a specific person . We do not say that, various publications that pray about feline behavior make it clear. 

However, this has nothing to do with the fact that your cat loves you and considers you part of his family. In this sense, cat owners must ask themselves if the animal has chosen them as its master because the rest goes “in the pack .”

Do cats have a favorite person?

To answer this question, we must take into account the factors that influence the behavior of the cat since it is a puppy. 

  1. If the feline has been socialized or not and in what way. 
  2. What is the character of the human who lives with the kitten?
  3. What is the cat’s personality like?

1. Socializing your cat is important

Teaching the world – and its dangers – to a cat from birth is essential for it to establish relationships with humans, conspecifics or other animals. 

At this point, it is important to know that the best time to socialize a kitten is as soon as it is separated from its mother and the rest of the litter, since its nature encourages it to intrinsically seek a new point of reference that can be human or animal. 

A cat in the socialization phase is predisposed to socialize more easily with animals and people since it lacks fear

Therefore, the relationships that the cat will establish during this period – which goes from 2 to 13 weeks, (at least since the process is long) – helps to understand the reason for the selective behavior of the feline for the rest of its life .  

Cats that have had contact with many different people and unknown elements since they were born tend to be less fearful, but in most cases they can develop stress and be aggressive. Thus; they are less sociable and playful, in short, more distant.

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While kittens that have been in contact with the same people forever are  more apprehensive, although more sociable, outgoing and game-loving. 😼

2. The character of the human is key

The quality of life and the behavior of the cat go hand in hand with the character of the owner and some characteristics of the latter such as age, sex and the time and attention devoted to their feline . 

It is undeniable to think that if cats become attached to a single person and choose that person as a reference figure, it is because that human spends much more time with them than another. 

Being together facilitates the creation of deeper bonds and that routine that cats love so much

3. What is the cat like?

Not all cats are the same. Each one has its own character, its tastes, its fears and traumas, its genetics, the experiences lived (more or less happy) … Aspects that change from one specimen to another and that must be taken into account when evaluating the personality of the feline.

Points that explain that there are cats that have a favorite person while there are others that do not become attached to a single human being, but are placed with several people in the family depending on the moment and their needs.

Are you your cat’s favorite person?

It is not difficult to understand if your cat loves you and if he has chosen you as an emotional reference. There are several signs that make it clear:

  • He sleeps with you, on you or on your clothes.
  • It purrs you. Here we tell you why cats purr.
  • It licks or nibbles you.
  • It follows you everywhere, it is your shadow. 
  • Brings you a ” gift ”; mice, for example.
  • He approaches you and lifts his tail. 
  • Try giving yourself a massage with its paws. 
  • It rubs against you. 
  • Smells or gently touches your face.
  • It gets belly up. 
  • He stares at you and closes his eyes slowly. 
  • Winks at you. 
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But in the gestures the thing is not left. To understand if you are your cat’s favorite person, look closely at how he behaves with you and how he treats others : who does he show the most affection for? Who do you allow yourself to be hugged or caressed by?

If these loving behaviors and gestures are reserved just for you, then rest assured: you are the chosen one! 🥇

Also, you should know that even if you are not the human your cat prefers, that does not at all mean that he does not love you!

Divyesh Patel