Dog Coats: Which One Is The Best?

Dog Coat

In the same way that when you choose a coat for yourself, you consult quality of the fabric, price or seasonal trends, here is a guide with everything you should take into account when buying dog coats. The age of the canine, the breed, and even the climate in your area are factors that you should not ignore. Don’t choose randomly

As much as you like plaid or polka dots, when choosing dog coats you will have to prioritize their comfort over that pattern that would be so beautiful in the photos. Make sure first if your dog really needs a coat. If so, we also leave you a selection with the best coats for dogs.

  • We cannot see our dog’s coat as a simple complement or accessory. There are breeds of canines that are very sensitive to cold and temperature changes, and the main thing we want for our pet is to seek their well-being and happiness. How well they behave with us!
  • Not all dogs will need to wear a coat, and even for some breeds it can be uncomfortable and not recommended. Bear in mind that a piece of clothing can complicate his movements and one of the happiest moments of the day for him is enjoying his freedom on the street, especially if he lives in a small apartment.
  • Buying cheap dog coats in any online or physical store regardless of their quality can have consequences for our pet. Consult your vet, and take into account factors such as the breed, size and age of the dog and the climate of the area. Also the quality of the fabric, and make sure you take the measurements well to get the size right.

The best dog coats on the market

You will have noticed many times how funny the furry ones are with their coats when the temperatures drop. It’s true, they are. And there are real cuties in physical and online stores to dress them. Considering this and all its characteristics, here is a small selection of the best dog coats on the market.

  • Best Vest Type Dog Coat
  • The best waterproof coat for dogs
  • The warmest dog coat
  • The most versatile dog coat
  • The easiest dog coat to put on

Best Vest Type Dog Coat

This hand-sewn nylon and polyester canine vest features a velvety cotton lining. Waterproof fabric, which repels dirt and maintains heat. Available in several sizes and different colors to choose from. Easily attaches to the dog leash with a D-ring on each side of the zipper. Very comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

The best waterproof coat for dogs

Idepet presents a model of a waterproof coat for dogs, in black combined with a horizontal strip in various shades, pastel and stronger: blue, pink, green, orange or red. Available in a wide variety of sizes, from s to xxx-large and 5XL. Made of nylon and polyester. Very comfortable and very resistant to humidity and rain.

The warmest dog coat

A coat for dogs with soft fleece lining and original and elegant design, with reflective detail of canine footprint on the back and piping. Available in black and three sizes: 55, 60 and 70 centimeters. Its composition is made of resistant nylon, and it is fastened with velcro, with some loops for the rear legs of the dog that facilitate its grip.

This 100% polyester waterproof vest fits any size dog, with sizes available from XS to XXXL. It has a waterproof coating to keep the dog comfortable and dry. With fleece lining, light and warm, with a modern design. Snowproof and perfect against the cold. With reflective strips on the back and adjustable strap.

The easiest dog coat to put on

Vest jacket for dogs with resistant seams and two layers of fleece. Soft, light and resistant to wind and rain. Easy to put on and take off with metal snap fasteners, a strap hole at neck level, and elasticated cuffs at the leg cuffs. A model especially suitable for small dogs and puppies.

Available in various colors to choose from, blue, red and brown, and various sizes. Made of extra soft polyester composition.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Coats

When choosing the best coat for each dog there are several factors that must be taken into account, from the breed or size of the animal to the characteristics of the product and the use that we will be able to give it. It is important to know the specific needs of our pet and therefore we now summarize some of the key points.

What are dog coats and what advantages do they have?

“Garment that shelters or protects against the cold” is the proper definition of the word coat, and therefore that should be the main function of our canine garment. Dog coats are increasingly present, especially in house or city dogs, used to being inside a home. Put yourself in the shoes of your pet. You are at home, wanting to go outside, but at ease, with a body temperature totally opposite to what it does outside in the winter months. Be aware of how abrupt the change can be! Just like we take the coat and scarf, the same goes for your pet.

Like everything, dog coats have advantages and disadvantages, and here is a comparative table in which we reflect some of them.

  • Avoid temperature changes
  • They prevent the dog from getting wet
  • They help maintain cleanliness
  • Scratch protection
  • Protection against parasites
  • They can be uncomfortable
  • They can get too hot
  • Cause of stress in some dogs

Are dog coats really necessary?

It is the first thing you should know and the first thing you should ask yourself, also paying attention to the pros and cons. In any case, a coat for your dog, as long as it is of a certain quality and good fabric, should not cause any problems if you are careful with hygiene and put it on properly.

There are dogs more sensitive to cold and humidity than others, such as puppies, the elderly or dogs with very short hair. Examples of the most vulnerable breeds are the Yorkshire Terrier, the Chihuahua, the Greyhound or the Chinese Basket. On the other hand, there are breeds that bear the cold well, such as the Siberian husky or the Saint Bernard.

Are dog coats always advisable?

As a general rule, veterinarians advise the coat only for certain dogs or in certain circumstances. And more for rain and humidity than for the cold itself. Therefore, they are not always advisable or always necessary and we can ask ourselves, for example, how active is our dog and whether or not he will feel comfortable with it.A dog of a certain age, who is no longer used to racing when he goes out, will not see the coat as a nuisance. We can also consider the dog coat as a barrier to prevent the animal from reaching home drained, and in addition to having to dry it, we will be preventing it from putting everything lost.

What should I take into account when buying dog coats?

As we have already mentioned above, small breed dogs are more sensitive to low temperatures, and also puppies that are only a few months old. Another factor to take into account is the amount of hair of the animal, since if they have a lot, this will already help them to maintain a good body temperature.

The city and its climate are key factors when choosing dog coats. And we say city because the main buyers of this type of article are people who live in flats and in cities, although we do not like to generalize and it is not always possible. Also how active or inactive the dog is, and the time it spends outside.

The type of hair, whether or not your dog has allergy or dermatitis problems, are specific details that you can consult with your veterinarian, and he will be the one who can best advise you.

Your skin may also be more sensitive to some fabrics than others, and based on that you should buy a coat or another.

How to choose the size of dog coats?

If you take a look at the comments of people who buy dog ​​coats online, you will see that on the negative side is not having hit the right size. One of the main problems of not buying the right size is that the dog will be very uncomfortable and without freedom of movement. How do you know what size you are wearing?

To get it right, we will need to take measurements around the dog’s neck and around the chest at the widest part. The length measurement will be from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. One of the recommendations is that if the size of the dog is between two sizes, or if it is large, you should choose a size above.

How to take the measurements of dog coats well?

The most important measurement is the length of the back or the length of the back. This is usually the number that refers to dog clothing sizes. It is the measurement from the neck to where the dog’s tail begins. Other measurements that you may also need are the contour or perimeter of the neck and the contour or perimeter of the thorax.

When taking the neck measurement, the recommendation is to be able to put two fingers under the measuring tape, so that the coat is not too tight afterwards. The same indication to record the measurement of the chest contour, to be taken at the widest point, which is normally just behind the front legs.

Where to buy dog ​​coats?

When asked where to buy coats, dog clothes and accessories, you can go to pet stores, large stores and of course online storesIn the latter case, you will have the convenience of buying from home, always with the recommendation to heed the instructions to take measurements and choose the size.

Dog coats will guarantee protection against cold, wind, water, rain and snow. Among the latest innovations, you can buy fully customized dog clothes and all kinds of garments: raincoats with or without hood, coats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, vests, footwear and even pajamas.

What types of dog coats are there?

Returning to dog coats, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the fabric, which is usually nylon or polyester. Poor quality fabric, or clothing that is too cheap, can harm the dog’s skin. If the animal is very sensitive it can even cause allergies. Some types of coats are:

    • Waterproof: Waterproof dog coats have extra protection against rain, moisture and snow. They are the most recommended, because we will be avoiding any type of humidity.
    • Hooded: As there are more and more prints and designs, there are dog coats that have a built-in hood. This detail is more of a complement, but if it rains a lot you can also protect her little head.
    • Padded and lined: especially suitable for dogs that are more sensitive to cold and have less hair. Remember that in winter it is not advisable to cut your pet’s hair very often. Be careful with this coat model because it can give the dog a lot of heat.
    • Reflective: there are dog coats that have reflective strips or prints, perfect to be able to have our pet as controlled as possible when there is no longer enough light outside. What time do you usually take your dog down to the street?
    • Vests: Most often, dog coats are in the form of a vest. If they are whole, they will also have a part for the animal’s legs, but the vest design will be enough to keep them protected from the cold.

When and how to use dog coats?

In general, the body temperature of dogs is two degrees higher than ours and is usually 38 degrees. They have a worse time in summer, with the heat, than in winter. Taking this into account, we cannot obsess over the coat because they can even get hot or sweaty. How are the walks? Intense or calm?

Wear the coat when it rains a lot and the temperatures are low. If you see that your dog runs a lot, you can take it out once you have been on the street for a while. If they are small dogs, which regulate heat loss worse, and calm, they can feel cold especially if we stay standing. The ride is to be on the move!

Purchase criteria

Once you are determined to buy a coat for your dog, you must pay attention to a series of factors to choose the most suitable one. They influence from the type of hair of your pet to the age, and of course its size. Take special care to take the dog’s measurements well to get the size right and not make mistakes.

  • Breed, size and age of the dog
  • Fabric quality
  • Climate of the area
  • User Ratings

Breed, size and age of the dog

Depending on the breed and age of the dog, it will be more or less advisable to buy a coat to go out. Remember that there are breeds that are especially sensitive to low temperatures, with less hair and more delicate skin. The same with age, recommended in puppies and in dogs of a certain age.

Finally, take into account the size of the animal as well. There are specially designed coats for medium, large and small dogs. In each product sheet you will find specific instructions (also graphics.) About how to measure your dog to match the size of the coat.

Tip: Use a cloth tape measure for this. Do not get carried away by previous garment sizes because there may be great variations from one brand to another.

Fabric quality

There are wool, felt, crochet or crochet dog coats. Many times they are handmade coats, which in some cases can give the dog a lot of heat. Look for something simpler, a waterproof and resistant fabric, like nylon for example. Always quality, easy to clean and best in dark colors.

Climate of the area

The climate of the area is also a determining factor. Does it rain a lot or is the weather dry with few exceptions? It may rain but the temperatures are not very low. In that case, it is better that the coat is a waterproof fabric, or cape, and that it does not have sheepskin inside or double linings that end up giving heat to the animal.

User Ratings

As we always recommend in online stores, take a look at the opinions of users who have bought dog coats. If they are verified purchases, they will provide you with valuable information about the quality of the fabric, the size of the product and whether or not it is easy to put on to take the dog for a walk.


We repeat: always put yourself in your dog’s place. When you wear the outerwear you will be going out. This is your happiest time of the day and one of the most important things to consider is your comfort. Don’t just look at the price of the coat and pay attention to the quality of the fabric.

Dog coats cannot be an obstacle to their movements or a simple complement to make them look funny and friendly. Not all dogs will need a coat, there are breeds that do not. If you need it, or if you want to buy it, you have to choose the size well and take the measurements of the dog correctly.

Do you agree with our selection of the best dog coats? Have we missed any recommendation or any detail to take into account? Do you have a favorite brand that is not in our selection? Leave us a comment!

Divyesh Patel