Dog Food Manufacturers

The manufacturers of feed for dogs are those companies that are dedicated to preparing food (generally dry feed), for its subsequent distribution to brands.

Every day, we find different types of dog food on the market. Even the pet stores themselves have their brand’s feed. But where does this feed come from? Who is in charge of manufacturing it?

In Spain, we can find several companies that are manufacturers of dog food. These companies must comply with very strict European regulations for the manufacture of food.

You will be able to find a wide offer, from taking the same product that they manufacture and putting your label with your brand, or creating your own product and having them manufacture it.

All the companies that we cite in this article have both national and international delivery services. This is really important since, if your business grows, you can expand it to other countries without having to look for factories outside your country of origin.

When to go to a dog food manufacturer

dog treats shaped bones

A factory generates tons of dog food and they always sell in large quantities. That is why going to one of them will only be profitable if you are thinking of making your own brand of feed, you have a kennel, animal shelter or you are a store that sells this product.

You have to think about the amount of feed or product you need and have a suitable place where you can store it so that it does not spoil.

As a rule, factories do not serve small orders and always work for orders that exceed x kilos.

How to store large quantities of feed

When large purchases of feed are made, it is very important to have an area adapted for storage. It will depend on this that the feed arrives in optimal conditions until its use. To do this, it must be stored on a site with the following characteristics:

  • Dry and cool place.
  • No direct light, preferably dark.
  • Airtight place to prevent the entry of other animals that can break bags and eat the food.
  • Strict cleaning of the place to avoid parasites and mites.
  • In the same place where the feed is stored, there can be no toxic products.
  • Place the bags of feed on pallets or shelves. It should not be placed directly on the ground.
  • Check periodically for insects in the storage area.

How to choose the factory

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When making food, it is very important to put ourselves in the hands of experts. That is why choosing a factory should be a selection process.

There are many that we can find in Spain, but only some will have the requirements that you may demand.

When choosing a feed mill, I advise you to always seek experience and that its products are made with natural food. You should also see if what you want is to make your own product or distribute the ones they make but with your logo.

If you are also thinking of making an international sale of your product, you must contract the services with a dog feed factory that can offer you this service. Take a good look at which countries they distribute to and be clear about where you want to go.

Dog Food Manufacturers

dog waiting for food

In Spain we can find the following feed manufacturers:

  • Paski Dog : A factory with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of pet food. It is located in Toledo and they deliver both nationally and in France, Portugal and Italy. It is a high-end feed manufacture, where specific feed with a veterinary formula is also made.
  • Piensos Lobo Azul : A company that has been in the market for more than half a century, its activity began in 1967 in Betanzos (La Coruña). In Blue Wolf feed, they are both manufacturers and distributors of the product and distribute both nationally and internationally, with a wide network of brand distributors. Its manufacture is based on offering 100% natural nutrition, with the best ingredients on the market.
  • Alinatur: Factory located in Murcia, it is the result of the merger of 4 companies that are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of feed for dogs. This company makes the largest manufacture of dog food in the entire national territory. They manufacture both for their brand and for other brands already on the market.
  • Forzecan: Feed factory located in Toledo. It is a company that takes great care with the ingredients used when making food. Its distribution allows door-to-door delivery, groupage pallets, and trailer routes.
  • C&D Foods : In this feed factory, you can buy dog ​​food and other foods and put the label of your company. It is a company that works both nationally and internationally and has been in the market for more than 40 years. It is manufactured in Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • Elmubas Petfood Group : Factory with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of pet food. They carry out a comprehensive manufacturing process and take care of both manufacturing the food, such as packaging and delivery to stores, breeders, residences, etc. They have flexibility in the order, quality raw materials when manufacturing the product, worldwide coverage and study, evaluation and realization of personalized projects.

All the factories that we mention in this article have a headquarters in Spain. You will be able to make a visit and reach an agreement with the one you choose.

Divyesh Patel