Dog Grooming Kit: the best for trimming the dog’s hair at home

Dog Grooming Kit the best for trimming the dog’s hair at home

A dog grooming kit makes it easy for you to care for your pet’s hair. Keep in mind that paying attention to your dog’s coat is very important, since canine fur is like his second skin. It protects you from the cold, isolates you from the heat and also prevents you from contracting a multitude of diseases . Grooming and caring for your pet’s hair is more than a matter of beauty, it is part of its health.

The care of pet hair is very interesting. In international fairs, seminars and dog grooming demonstrations are organized, so that professionals in the sector and the general public learn about new products.

guy combing small white's dog hair

What should be done to take care of the dog’s coat?

The first thing to do is follow an adequate diet for the dog . Not all dogs have the same physical condition and, therefore, not all need the same type of diet. An expert in canine nutrition will be the one to tell you the exact amount of food your dog should eat per day, in addition to being able to advise you on the best type of diet for him.

The second is to perform a daily cleaning of the animal. Keep in mind that he cannot clean himself, so you will have to do it for him. Brushing her hair, cleaning her legs or trimming her hair will be some of the tasks that you will have to do. Of course, you will not have to do everything every day, such as trimming your hair. That will be only when you need it.

Now, what is the best way to trim a dog’s coat? Well, with a Canine Grooming Kit. Having a canine grooming kit at home is always a good option, especially for those moments when there is hardly time to go to the groomer and the dog just needs a refresher.

Tips for trimming a dog’s coat

If you have decided to trim your dog’s hair with the Dog Grooming Kit, I recommend that you read the following tips. In addition, we are also going to comment on the best way to do it so that your dog is calm and ends up very handsome.

Before starting the grooming session, you should make sure that your dog is comfortable and calm. If this is the first time your dog has undergone this procedure, he will be nervous, so try to reassure him.

Put it on a flat, high surface so that you are both comfortable. Also make sure you place it on a non-slip surface as it may move at some point. A non-slip surface will ensure that the dog is firm and very safe. Ask a family member or friend to help you with the process if the animal is not sitting still.

Once you start to trim the animal’s hair, remember that you should stop from time to time to congratulate the dog on its good behavior, especially if it is its first time, since this will associate it with a positive experience and it will be much easier do it next time.

Also, if you want to get your dog used to scissors, it is the best option. Taking it to a professional groomer can make the dog stressed, so this is the best way for him to get used to going through the groomer, he will feel much more comfortable.

How to trim a dog with the Dog Grooming Kit?

The first thing will be to bathe the dog . After this you can start to trim those extra hairs that have been growing over the days. Let’s know the steps:

  1. Hairstyle
  2. cut



The first step will be to comb the dog before starting to trim it. You should comb it everywhere, from top to bottom, as they say. This will make it disappear if the dog has a knot in its hair, making it much easier to trim.

Zolux comb, idea for long-haired dogs

This comb has 2 rows of 40 x 20 x 215 mm, it facilitates the care of the hair in dogs that have long hair such as the bearded collie or the Yorkshire terrier.

MyLifeUNIT dog comb – with handle, ideal for long hair

This product has been designed with rounded teeth so that passing the comb does not disturb the dog. The teeth are made of stainless steel and its non-slip handle facilitates the dog’s grip and grooming work. Its size is 30 mm x 145 mm.


To get pet hair in perfect condition, it needs frequent brushing, at least once a week. This action not only keeps the hair healthier and shinier, it also helps to eliminate those messy hairs that come off, (and thus you will have to use the vacuum cleaner less ) . We tell you interesting products that can be useful.

VersionTech Pet Brush with Flexible Tines – Stainless Steel

This brush is ideal for removing hairs that shed and stimulating the hair follicle. Frequent brushing helps prevent hair loss and contributes to your pet’s hygiene.

  • Prevents knots and tangles that can form in your pet’s hair. Its ergonomic design is designed to be effective while being gentle on the dog’s skin. Ideal for breeds such as Chihuahua , Golden Retreiver , or the German Shepherd.
  • Made of good quality plastic and stainless steel tines.
  • Massage effect, while you comb it provides a pleasant massage.

dog comb

Belle & Blu pet brush – for all hair types – flexible stainless steel bristles

A useful tool to prevent tangles in your dog’s hair and make it look beautiful. Thanks to its action, hair loss can be reduced. Thanks to its design, the hair that comes off can be removed more easily. Its handle is comfortable and does not slip easily. If there is something annoying it is the utensils that slip or do not adapt well to the hand.

  • Despite having stainless steel spikes they are flexible. You will see how your pet’s hair looks more beautiful when you use this brush often!


One of the best-selling products on Amazon, these mittens have silicone dots that provide a gentle massage, are very flexible and adapt well to the physiognomy of the animal. You can remove dirt, accumulated dust or tangles that have formed.

Hepooya mittens for pets

It can be used as a washcloth to make cleaning more effective and pleasant. They are made of environmentally friendly materials, soft rubber and are one size fits all and can be adjusted on the wrist.


Cut the hair off the legs first

If you want this process to be easier, you will have to make the dog lie down. Keep in mind that you are going to manipulate the part of the legs, so it will be much easier if the dog is lying down and relaxed.

After this, fold your dog’s legs and choose the straight scissors to cut those hairs that are next to the pads . You must be especially careful in this area as it is very delicate.

Doing this will remind you of human grooming as you will have to pick up a thick section of your dog’s fur with your fingers, comb it out, and finally cut it off. The process is the same although, obviously, the hair is not. For this work you should use the unloading scissors since they only remove part of the fur , which means that you will not have to worry about leaving one side shorter than the other. With the unloading scissors you can always rectify.

Lastly, cut out the eye area

The eye area is perhaps the most difficult. The dog must be very still and calm (which is difficult at times, especially if it is a nervous breed of dog). The first thing you have to do is brush the dog’s fur, that of the eye area, up and towards the nose. Once this is done, you should use the curved scissors and trim the dog’s fur above the eyes , starting from one side. Brush it and check that it is well trimmed.

small dog with hair ribbon

Electric dog hair clippers

Similar to conventional clippers for human hair but designed for dogs. Human hair is finer than dog hair, so pet clippers are more powerful. They are very safe, since you set the length of hair you want to cut. They are precise, comfortable to handle and will help you in the task of maintaining your dog’s hair. If you prefer to fix your dog’s hair instead of taking it to the groomer, these tools will be useful.

When choosing a clipper, we have to find a balance between one that offers power and at the same time has a low level of noise and vibration, since humming bothers animals. Another third aspect is that it does not get too hot with use. Taking care of a dog’s hair can take some time, if the clipper heats up after a short time, our pet may feel uncomfortable.

OMORC hair clipper with low noise and vibration level

This hair clipper has a titanium blade combined with a ceramic blade, designed for all types of fine or thick hair. It comes with 4 different combs and up to 5 degrees of adjustable blade length, 0.8 / 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.7 / 2.0mm.

  • The battery ensures a long time of use: 1.5 hours of work
  • With a cargo volume viewer.


These are the traditional double comb blades, they are very economical although they require some skill to use. Compared to electric clippers, the blades are less safe. We cannot adjust the length of the cut. However, since they are not electric or driven by a motor, they are totally silent.

Hair cutting blades for dogs – double comb 18.3 x 4.5 x 1.8 Cm

A double-cut blade comb with plastic spikes and a sturdy blade. Suitable for cutting long hair but not for dogs with short hair as the cutting length cannot be adjusted.

Comb for dogs with 2 blades –Zhichengbosi

Double comb with blades for long-haired animals. Do not use this item on short-haired dogs as the blades could damage the skin. Perfect for any touch-up of your dog’s hair.

dog with nice hair


Long-haired dog breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier , the Afghan Hound or the Maltese Bichon are very prone to knots. It is inevitable that they form from time to time, however if we carry out these tips they will be less frequent.

For the care of the dog’s hair , pass a soft bristle brush to your pet, if possible daily or every other day, you do not need to insist much. A light brushing daily is sufficient. In the event that it has knots, if they are small, you can try to remove them with your fingers. If they are medium knots you will need a metal comb to help you undo the knot. In large knots or if there are several knots in an area of ​​hair, we will have to use a knot cutter.

These tools are better than scissors, since the scissors if the dog moves you can nail them. The knot-cutters, as they are flat, do not present so many risks. They are used for long hair, then we do not glue them to the skin . If you are trying to brush an area of ​​hair and there are knots, the knot cutter removes this knot to make it easier to untangle the hair. Remember when you use the knot cutter, be short sessions so that the dog does not get impatient. Some knot cutters that may be useful to you.

Coat King knot cutter with 10 blades

A hair clipper that does not harm your pet’s fur, its blades grab tough knots and drag them out. It is used as a rake, and in addition to removing knots. Drag also removes loose hair.

Kerbl knotting comb – 18.5 cm

An easy-to-use tool that will make it easier for you to care for your dog’s hair.

Coat dog cutters with 12 blades

Super Coat with its 12 sheets will help you free your dog’s hair from those annoying knots. Before brushing gently, remember not to bring it close to your skin, its ergonomic handle makes handling easier.

Canine Grooming Kit, What does it contain?

A good Dog Grooming Kit should contain the following:

  1. Curved scissors . These scissors have a multifunctional design and are created to create curved angles from top to bottom (like the eye area).
  2. Cutting scissors . This is the scissor that allows greater precision. The scissor blade must be very smooth and sharp so that the cut is fast and clean.
  3. Unloading scissors. They are ideal for cutting the dog’s fur, both that of the body and that of the legs, eyes or nose.
  4. Stainless steel comb . Remember that you always have to brush the dog before and after the grooming session. Therefore, a Canine Grooming Kit must contain a comb of this type that eliminates tangles, knots, dirt and also protects the skin and stimulates the hair follicles.

animals grooming

Wolwill 5-in-1 Dog Grooming Kit – Professional Stainless Steel Scissors

Complete set of scissors, to download, cut and curved scissors. Ideal for removing tangles and for all dog breeds. With an ergonomic pink rubber ring for ease of use if you have smaller fingers. This set is ideal for keeping your pet’s hair or creating different styles.

Belisy professional dog grooming set – with leather sheath

  • Do you want to cut your pet’s hair like an expert? You need precise tools like these. Scissors to empty the volume and other lines to shape. Both scissors have sharp blades for precise cuts, but the tips are round to avoid damaging the dog’s fur.
  • Ergonomic, designed to be easy to handle, which is important when working with cutting tools. Comes with a nice and practical free case.

Dog grooming kit – 5 items with comb and different iseafly scissors

This grooming kit is ideal for taking care of your pet’s hair at home. Includes 4 different types of scissors and a comb. They are made of ideal stainless steel to make them more resistant. Very sharp edges but with rounded tips. With this kit you will not need more.

So if you want a Dog Grooming Kit to trim your dog’s hair at home, this may be ideal for you.

Divyesh Patel