Dog Insurance: Are They Required?

Dog Insurance Are They Required

When acquiring a pet is a responsibility and therefore dog insurance is essential today. You not only have to focus on the legislation to acquire one of those dog insurance, but also on the welfare of the animal . Just as we have health insurance, it is also important that they have veterinary insurance . We must have it to cover both small and large incidents. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

Requirements for your dog to have insurance

  • All breeds of dogs can be insured, as long as they are between three months and nine years old . There are some companies that with 7 years are not included.
  • They must also be registered and identified at all times by the badge number and by the microchip, in addition to the fact that they must comply with the vaccination schedule .
  • Hunting dogs or dogs of any other sport are excluded from these insurances , for them there are other insurances that cover more risks than dog insurance intended for companion animals.

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Types of Dog Insurance

There are different types of insurance for dogs, depending on the specific needs you have and the coverage you want for your best friend. Among the most common are:

Safe for PPP dogs: potentially dangerous dogs

There are certain breeds of dogs that must have insurance on a mandatory basis . These dogs are called PPP, potentially dangerous dogs . It is essential to study and know the regulations about these dangerous breeds . Of course, it does not mean that the animal is dangerous or violent, but that its breed has a certain physical nature that makes them stronger and that they can cause more damage.

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When contracting the mandatory insurance, you should consult the legislation of your autonomous community to find out if your dog is included in this list.

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Veterinary Insurance

It is similar to the private health insurance that anyone can contract and takes care of the veterinary expenses derived from an illness or accident that may affect our best friend. Depending on the type of insurance, it may or may not include check-ups, vaccines and preventive treatments, such as deworming.

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Civil Liability and Theft Insurance

As we have already mentioned, it is always advisable to have civil liability insurance that covers possible unforeseen events related to our pet. For example, if you are startled by a loud noise and run, causing a traffic accident or a fall of an elderly person, civil liability insurance will protect us from having to face expenses related to our assets.

We can also be in the case of a dog, especially a pedigree breed, is susceptible to being stolen to take advantage of it. Having a theft policy will facilitate things in the management of the complaint for theft of our friend, in addition to providing us with financial compensation in the event that it does not appear.

Generally, insurance products include several or all of these coverages within the same premium, the price of which will vary depending on what we need to include .

Divyesh Patel