Dog Raincoats: Which is the best of 2022?

Dog Raincoats: Which is the best of 2021?

The dog raincoat is a must when autumn or winter arrives. There comes the rains and the cold. Humans tend to bundle up and protect ourselves with rain ponchos or raincoats. In the same way they act. These furry ones become a member of the family, so we want to take care of them too.

All dogs love to go for a run or a walk. Also to relieve themselves. These garments prevent them from getting wet and protect them from low temperatures or bacteria in the environment. If you have a chow chow or husky, they probably don’t need a coat. Their fur already fulfills that function. On the other hand, those with short hair, such as a greyhound or a Dalmatian, do need to use it.

dog raincoat

  • The dog raincoat is more used by short-haired dogs. Especially for climates with constant rains, low temperatures or extreme cold.
  • There are some things to consider before buying a raincoat for your furry dog. For example, the chest, neck and length contour. They are also available with accessories and reflective strips. Proper care of the garment will ensure that it is preserved. And that it fulfills its function for longer.
  • There are certain criteria that influence the purchase of the raincoat. We will tell you about them at the end of our guide.

The best raincoats for dogs on the market: our recommendations

Currently, there are models for all types of breeds. We have prepared the following selection of raincoats for dogs in order to help you. Check out!

  • The best raincoat for dogs for its value for money
  • The best dog raincoat for rainy or mild climates
  • The best dog raincoat for extreme cold climates
  • The best dog windbreaker for winter
  • The favorite raincoat for dogs of any size

The best raincoat for dogs for its value for money

The Bella & Balu raincoat is very practical for those cold days. Includes a hood, reflective strips and strap hole. It also has pockets to place disposable bags or a snack.

It is breathable and adjustable on the chest by velcro. With the availability of sizes from XS to XL. And it has PVC as a coating with polyester. To clean it, you wipe it with a damp cloth and blow it dry.

The best dog raincoat for rainy or mild climates

The FeiLuo raincoat is ideal for those environments with occasional rain or light winds. Includes hood with adjustable drawstring, reflective strips and breathable mesh. It has velcro straps for a better fit to the body and the respective hole for the strap.

It is practical for attaching the velcro and strips on the rear legs. It is also lightweight, so it will provide comfort to the dog when wearing it. As extras, it covers the front extremities and you can include a coat under the poncho.

dog raincoat (2)

The best dog raincoat for extreme cold climates

For those polar climates, having an ace up your sleeve is paramount. And the Hurtta extreme warmer coat is the winning card. It comes for small and large breeds. It is breathable, soft and comfortable. It is equipped with reflective strips for better visibility. It is of high quality and maintains the body heat of your pet.

It is easy to put on, because it is light and its design is designed to protect the body from cold and moisture. It is soft and will make you feel comfortable wearing it. Includes an opening for the strap.

The best dog windbreaker for winter

In the winter season we always want to be warm. Also our pets. For this reason, the SlowTon coat is the best. It has a fleece lining and a high collar to protect it. It has reflective strips for those walks at night. In addition, it has a hole to attach the strap.

It is practical to put on, because it has adjustable clasps and elastics to the size of the dog. In addition, it allows you to be comfortable when you wear it due to its lightness. After washing it, it is advisable to air dry it.

The favorite raincoat for dogs of any size

Finally, this option is preferred for small and large dogs. This is the Idepet ™ nylon and polyester coat. It is thick because of its cotton that keeps it warm. It comes with a zipper and D-ring to easily attach the dog’s leash. It also comes in various colors.

It is very light and easy to put on. Ideal for very cold climates. Provides comfort, in case your furry needs to use it more often. Especially when they are older. It repels the wind and does not stain when relieving itself.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Raincoats

Are you one of the people who takes care of your pet as if it were your child and you like to enjoy their company? So, you should definitely read this section. Here we will answer the most frequent concerns of dog owners.

What is the raincoat?

Also called raincoat or windbreaker, the raincoat is the clothing for canines when the weather is rainy or very cold. Just as people protect ourselves from rain or low temperatures, we also do it with dogs. The fur that covers them protects them from both cold, heat and other particles in the environment.

There are breeds, such as the Newfoundland and the Samoyed, that endure the cold thanks to their dense and thick hair. Instead, a Doberman or poodle would have to dress in warm clothing. Dogs that are not used to or are not suitable for these scenarios can have a hard time. Or even suffer from hypothermia. In this sense, the raincoat is the best option to protect pets from rain or cold. And so enjoy a walk or go for a walk.

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How to choose the ideal raincoat size for my dog?

First of all, you have to know that the raincoat is not suitable for all dogs. That is, it depends on the anatomy of the dog and the climate. Taking your measurements into account is a vital factor in making you feel comfortable. And for the raincoat to fulfill its function: keep it dry.

The parts most taken into account are the neck contour, chest width and length. These measures allow you to buy the ideal one for them. Considering other aspects such as the material, hoods and the type of lining. There are also cases that in some garments only require the measurement of the length of the dog.

  • Neck circumference : Measure the circumference of the neck. Hair type and breed influence this number. It is so that it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Chest Width: Measure your chest circumference. In this case, the type of hair, the race and the build also influence.
  • Length: Measure taken from the base of the neck to the end of the loin.

To measure your dog, it is best when he is calm and relaxed. Also, rounding is always towards a larger number. In the following tables, we will clarify the sizes in centimeters and numbers. Before deciding on one, you should look at the one of the manufacturers and / or designers, as they create their own guide.

How to get my dog ​​to adapt to the raincoat?

Perhaps we have seen some funny videos about the reactions of dogs when putting on a garment. However, it is not in their nature to use any protection against rain or cold. If we know the environment where it will be and it is a puppy, it can get used to it from a young age. As he grows up, it will be normal and he will not have discomfort.

Some tips to make it faster and more comfortable:

  • When you put it on stay with him, pet him and give him rewards. It is an indication that it will be fine the moment you use it and that you have nothing to fear.
  • Leave it for a few minutes with the garment and then remove it. Repeat the procedure for several days.
  • Talking constantly about what a good dog he is and that you are happy that he is using him It will make you feel good.

What types of dog raincoats are there?

Choosing the ideal rain poncho for your dog may not be an easy task. There is a wide variety of designs for small and large breeds. Let’s look at the next box.
Accessory Without With
Hood. Climates where it does not rain or snow frequently. Climates where it rains or snows constantly.
Reflective strips. Environments that do not have a lot of rainfall or dense fog. Environments with regular showers or fogs.
Hole for the strap. Breeds that wear bibs or are not that big because they can be carried. Breeds that are used to wearing leashes.
Breathable mesh. It can generate a lot of heat. Help the dog not suffocate.

Presentations are also available with accessories mentioned in other designs.

Model Characteristics
Only tenderloin. They completely cover the upper part of the dog.
Jacket. They completely cover the back and part of the front legs.
Long neck. Added to the suit that prevents the dog’s neck from getting wet.
4 legs. Fully covers the spine and all 4 legs. Some cover up the tail.

In other words, you can get varieties of garments:

  • A model that has a hood, just cover the spine and hole for the strap.
  • Another can cover the spine, without a hood and with reflective strips.
  • Jacket type with hole and hood.

dog raincoat (5)

What are the advantages of the raincoat for my dog?

We always want to take care of our pets. Therefore, putting a protector against the rain or cold is definitely a plus to provide a better quality of life. However, there are some positive and negative factors.
  • Keeps dogs muscles warm.
  • Protection from parasites.
  • Thermal isolation.
  • Prevents injuries from the cold.
  • Protection against scratches or possible bites.
  • It can be very hot.
  • It can cause irritation if it becomes too tight.
  • It could cause dermatitis due to allergy to some type of fabric.
  • Limitation of movements.

How to clean my dog’s raincoat?

Keeping the dog’s raincoat clean will prevent:

    • Generation of bad odors.
    • Appearance of dermatitis.
    • Extend usability.

Therefore, it is advisable to wash it once a week with mild soap and water. Or with the same bath of the pet. There are some that can be washed in the washing machine. With others, you simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove the raindrops. Or agents stuck by the environment. On the other hand, if you use it very occasionally, rinsing it two or three times a month will be fine.

dog raincoat (6)

Purchase criteria

In the next section, we will mention some aspects to consider. Thus, you can buy the ideal dog raincoat. We know that taking care of it is not easy. But since we are sure you love it so much, you will pay attention.

  • Race
  • Size
  • Material
  • Style
  • Key points


Certainly, breed has a lot to do with it. Those dogs that have short or little hair are the ones that suffer the most. The coat is a characteristic that, in this case, prevents you from feeling cold or hypothermic. Does your pet reside in an environment that constantly rains or there are low temperatures? So, it is recommended that you buy a raincoat.

However, there are breeds that do not need this garment, since they are ideal for extreme cold. For example, the malamute, Japanese Akita, Saint Bernard, among others. On the other hand, the greyhound, dalmatian and beagle would need a protector or windbreaker to take care of their health and well-being.

Common breeds for warm weather Common breeds for cold weather
Dobermann. Siberian Husky.
Shar Pei. Alaskan Malamute.
Basset hound. Tibetan Mastiff.
Australian pastor. Kuvasz.
Argentine Dogo. Bernese Mountain Dog.
Golden Retriever. Saint Bernard.
American Staffordchire-Terrier. Newfoundland.
Little Italian Greyhound. Samoyed.
Labrador Retriever. Chow Chow.
Beagle. Akita Inu.

2 dogs in raincoat


There are breeds of dogs that are large or giant, medium or small. And even a toy or miniature. The first are those that exceed 30 kg (the Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff or Saint Bernard, can weigh 100 kg). The latter are those that in their adulthood are between 10 kg and 30 kg (although they are not always included in the categorization). And the third ones weigh up to 10 kg. Some important aspects:

Small, toy or miniature Medium Big or giant
The cost of living is low. They are good companions for sports. They are good caregivers.
They tend to drool less. They are less vulnerable to falls or strong blows than the former. They are better adapted to cold climates.
You can easily travel with them. Very suitable for playing with children. They tend to have fewer dental problems than the little ones.


We always want to shelter our pets. Therefore, the elements that make up the dog raincoat are important. There are some that are neoprene or waterproof fabric for the lining. Internally, wear cotton clothing with some percentage of synthetic material and polyester. In addition to a breathable mesh.

  • Neoprene is also used in diving suits, because it is a good thermal insulator.
  • The waterproof fabric is flexible and waterproof.
  • Cotton and polyester protect the muscles from the cold, avoiding possible allergic reactions.
  • The breathable mesh prevents the body temperature from rising and causing harm to the animal.

Likewise, choosing the right item depends on where the pet lives or where it thrives.


Beyond being a rain protection item, it also has an aesthetic function. There are so many and varied options that it would be cumbersome to choose one. Prices range from € 9 to € 150. The value depends a lot on the materials, accessories, design and size.

For this reason, large brands of clothing for people have entered the world of pets. This is the case of Zara and Adidog (dog version of Adidas). In fact, it goes from being a member of the family to a fashion icon.

Key points

Before choosing the ultimate dog raincoat, there are a few issues to consider. Let’s see.

  • Fit: It is recommended that it adapts as best as possible to the body. To do this, choosing the right size is essential. Also that of accessories or other adjustable and elastic straps that you have.
  • Lining: This point clearly depends on the breed, the thickness of the coat, the weather conditions and the seasons of the year.
  • Access for the strap: It is convenient to have an opening for the strap in the back area. Thus, you can hook the necklace.
  • Visibility: It is appropriate to wear reflective elements. It will facilitate its location no matter how dark or dense the weather is.
  • Hoods and high collars: Protect the dog’s head and ears. It is common that they do not like to get very wet in those parts.

dog and owner raincoat


As the popular saying goes, “the dog is man’s best friend.” Therefore, we always want to take care of it. Sometimes even more than oneself. Consequently, putting on a raincoat has become an essential part of the care to protect it.

In today’s market, there are many alternatives to this garment. It prevents you from getting wet or cold. Especially in those very hot or rainy climates. However, it must be considered that some breeds, small or large, are affected more than others. Before buying a raincoat for your furry dog, it is essential to consider the breed. Then the coat and the environment where it resides.

Divyesh Patel