Dog School – How Important Is It Really?

Have you ever wondered what happens in a dog school, or what it is? Do dogs learn to write and read there?
Today I will explain to you exactly what is meant by a dog school and what happens there.
A dog school is all about training a dog. Here dogs and dog owners learn how to interact and communicate with one another. You will also learn how to react as conflict-free as possible in a social environment.

Goals and Methods

In the dog school there is the goal that the dog learns different commands and executes them. At the same time, the dog owner learns how to give the commands to his dog in an understandable way.
Another goal is to enable a “difficult” dog-owner constellation to continue living together. The dog school makes it possible to train “difficult” dogs with many tips and tricks that are learned there.
In the dog school, your dog will come into contact with other dogs. This can have a positive effect on your dog’s social behavior.

Where does the training take place?

There are many dog ​​schools that train on dog courts. Very often the opportunity is also given to train in the great outdoors or in suitable rooms.

Puppy School

During the time when your dog is still a puppy, in addition to the physical change, the characteristic change takes place. The most important educational foundations therefore take place in the so-called puppy school. In a puppy course, the dog owner learns a lot about the dog’s body language, biological learning behavior and basic knowledge about dog behavior. In this way the puppy owner learns both theory and practice.
In the puppy school, the puppies should learn to get used to other dogs and people and to behave correctly towards them. Various environmental stimuli are also introduced to the puppy, such as different types of noise, people of all ages, joggers, cyclists, water, and various visual stimuli.

When should I start attending the dog school?

No matter if a puppy or an adult dog. As soon as he gets to your home, you should start raising him. This is very important so that a harmonious coexistence is guaranteed.
If you already have dog experience, you can teach your four-legged friend the basic commands such as “sit”, “take a seat” or “off!” For a beginner dog, on the other hand, it can be very helpful to be supported by a professional. This is especially true if the four-legged friend is very headstrong and stubborn.

Once a dog has got used to a certain behavior, it is very difficult to get used to it in old age.
A visit to the dog school can also be advisable if your dog does not adhere to the desired behavior.
If you want to attend puppy school with your puppy, an age of 12-13 weeks is recommended. However, your puppy should have received the second compulsory vaccination at this age so that it cannot contract a serious illness.

How long should attending the dog school last?

The frequency and duration of the visit to the dog school is very individual and depends on the docility of your dog and the set training goal. If your beloved four-legged friend learns very quickly and you only have the goal of learning a few basic commands, 2-3 months are usually sufficient, in which you visit the dog school with your dog once or twice a week. Courses in which you want to take part in a dog sport are usually attended with your dog for a longer period of time. Dog sports serve to utilize the animals and can also help to correct misconduct.

How do I recognize a good dog school?

The best way to answer this question is to talk to the dog trainer or the operator of the dog school. Here it can first be clarified whether you like the dog trainer and whether the chemistry between you is right. You can also ask the following important questions in a personal conversation . :

  • What is the coach’s motivation?
  • Are there any forms of punishment for disobedience? The dogs should never be trained with litter chains or anything else.
  • How big are the training groups? A training group should never be larger than 5 to 6 dogs plus owner, but in a puppy school the group can also be larger, as these courses are more about getting to know others.

What does a dog school cost?

It is not possible to say exactly how much a dog school costs. Prices vary between € 5 and € 25. However, special courses can also be booked and thus also incur additional costs. The price initially depends on the provider and also on your place of residence. The prices in a big city are much higher than in a rural area.
On the other hand, the prices vary depending on the course taken. Group training is a lot cheaper than individual training. The courses are usually billed by the hour.
In addition, the costs that arise for the dog school depend on the length of time you want to attend the dog school. Some dog schools also offer graduated prices if you want to book several hours at once. In addition, there are the materials that you buy for the dog school to train, such as a drag line or a dummy.

Does every dog ​​have to go to dog school?

Not every fur nose has to attend a dog school. However, if you notice that your four-legged friend is not following your instructions, reacting aggressively or even ignoring you, attending a dog training school is very advisable. The experts there often have many years of experience and can give you valuable tips.

Divyesh Patel