Dog sweater: Which One is the Best of 2021?

In the same way that you choose a sweater for someone else or for yourself and check the quality of the fabric, the price or the latest fashion sensation, we will present a guide in which you will find everything you have to consider when making buy sweaters for your dog. Don’t forget to consider the dog’s age, breed, and climate.

As much as you like ruffles or plaid type plaids, when you choose a sweater for your dog you will have to give priority to the comfort of the canine and leave out the pretty designs that you will only use it to take photos. First think about whether your canine really needs a sweater. If that’s the case, here are the best ones.

The most important

  • Seeing sweaters for your dog as an accessory or complement is wrong. Some of the breeds of dogs have very little resistance to cold and temperature changes, what we seek for our little furry companion is their happiness and well-being. Something just as good as they are towards us.
  • Some dogs do not need to wear a sweater, even many breeds find it uncomfortable so it is not recommended to use one. Consider that clothes can complicate movement and what your friend likes the most is being able to enjoy freedom on the street or in the small room in which he lives.
  • Investing in dog sweaters without considering the quality of the material just because it was cheaper could put your canine at risk. You can consult with your veterinarian of preference and consider elements such as the breed, size, age of the canine and the climate of your area. Also make sure you have the correct size and quality of fabric.

Ranking: The best dog sweaters on the market in Mexico

  • No. 1: Pet Craft Supply – Elegant Jacket
  • No. 2: Gooby – Fleece Vest
  • No. 3: Chilly Dog – Boyfriend
  • No. 4: Haihuic – Winter Sweater
  • No. 5: Kurgo Loft – Coastal

No. 1: Pet Craft Supply – Elegant Jacket

Starting with the list, we come across a model suitable for the needs of your dog. Pet Craft Supply has a light and soft design that will not detract from your favorite friend’s mobility. It can be washed in the washing machine easily without having to worry, this product will make it easier for you and your dog to go out during cold times.

It is waterproof and it is also windbreaker, which means that there will be no complications in case the rain catches them in the middle of their walks, or they want to go for a walk while it rains, it also has different sizes with which you will surely find the ideal for your faithful 4-legged companion and both of you have fun safely.

dog in green sweater

No. 2: Gooby – Fleece Vest

Now we present you an ideal model for hikes with low temperatures but be careful, because this product is not waterproof. It is made of 100 percent polyester, which will give your dog a pleasant warmth in case it is very cold, but we repeat, do not get it wet because it will become heavy for your dog to carry.

This model from the Gooby brand also offers several varieties of sizes to cover the greatest amount of ground and make sure that no dog can stand the cold. It also has a ring to hold its leash so in case you pull it too much, you won’t have to worry about suffocating your canine friend by accident.

dog in a man's feet

No. 3: Chilly Dog – Boyfriend

Another model that will protect your dog from the cold but not much from the rain, although it is designed for large dogs, this product has a much wider variety of sizes than the previous ones, ranging from XS to XXX-L, as we already mentioned. , this article has more in mind the larger and more chilly dog ​​breeds.

Thanks to the Chilly Dog brand we have for you this product made of 100 percent wool, which is usually adjusted to dogs between 28 and 40 pounds, and also has the advantage of being handmade by Quechuas. For all the above you will see that if something is going to give your dog, it will certainly not be cold or uncomfortable sensations for him.

No. 4: Haihuic – Winter Sweater

Haihuic brings us a model designed to withstand colds more intense than the aforementioned products, it is suggested again that you take the measurements of your dog in an appropriate way, because due to its wide variety of sizes it will guarantee that you find a size that will fit ring on the finger for your dog and it won’t bother him at all.

This is a pet sweater that contains bright colors, it is made of cotton, it also includes the same attributes as a sweatshirt made for humans. It is soft which will keep your pet warm and make him look even prettier and more elegant than before. It is a model to take into account for those extreme climates in some countries.

bulldog in a red sweater

No. 5: Kurgo Loft – Coastal

Last but not least, the Kurgo Loft brand brings you a waterproof dog sweater, which is also made in a reflective and reversible way so you can enjoy 2 different colors in a single sweater model. Worrying about your pet getting wet is a thing of the past, once you have bought this comfortable and safe model.

It has an opening in the closure of the back, in which it will allow you to place the dog leash. This model can be washed in the washing machine, so you do not have to worry if your dog gets a little dirty. The advantage of this brand is that it gives you a lifetime guarantee that will guarantee a refund if there are manufacturing defects.

black dog in a gray sweater

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Dog Sweaters

When choosing the most suitable sweater for our canine friends, it is necessary to take into account several elements, from their size or breed, to the use that we will give them and the details of the article. It is also very important to consider what our pet needs, that is why we will give you some key points.

What are dog sweaters and what advantages do they have?

The definition that most closely matches a sweater is “Clothing that protects or shelters against the cold” , that is why that should be its main function. Canine sweaters are becoming more and more modern, especially for dogs in the city or at home, who are more used to being indoors.

Put yourself in your friend’s “shoes” for a moment. You are at home, you want to go outside, however you want to be comfortable, having a different body sensation than what you are doing outside during winter. Consider how hard that change must be. In the same way that we wear a sweater, it is the same with your dog.

Like everything, dog sweaters have many benefits and disadvantages, now we show you a comparative table in which we will show you some examples.

dog in a colorful sweater

  • They avoid temperature changes
  • They prevent your dog from getting wet
  • They can help maintain a degree of cleanliness
  • Protects them from scratches
  • Protects them from parasites
  • They might not be comfortable for them
  • They are likely to be very hot
  • In some cases it causes stress to dogs

Are dog sweaters really necessary?

It is the first aspect that you should assess, and it should also be the first thing you ask yourself, considering pros and cons. Anyway, a sweater for your friend, as long as it is of good quality and excellent fabric, should not cause him any problems if you take good care of hygiene and put it on the right way.

There are dogs that tend to be more sensitive to humidity and cold than others, as well as puppies, those that are older or those breeds with very short hair. Some vulnerable breeds are: Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, Chinese Basket, and Yorkshire Terrier. On the other hand, there are also breeds that adapt very well to the cold, such as huskies.

Are dog sweaters always advisable?

small dog in a red sweater

As a general rule, veterinary experts suggest that the sweater only be used in certain breeds or in certain circumstances. More than anything for humidity and rain than for the cold as is. So, a coat is not always the best option so we can ask questions like, will you feel comfortable? Or how active is it?

Canines reached the age when they no longer usually give races when going out, will not feel the sweater as a hindrance. We can also take into account that the sweater will serve as a shield, in this way we prevent our pet from coming home soaked and we will avoid an accident with him.

What should I take into account when buying a sweater for dogs?

As we mentioned before, small breeds of dogs tend to be less resistant to low temperatures, puppies with a few months also. Some elements that you should also take into account is the amount of hair that the animal has, because if it has a lot, the sweater will help it to have a good temperature.

The city’s climate is a fundamental element when choosing a sweater. We mention the city because most of those who buy this type of product are people who live or rent houses in it, although we cannot generalize, as it is not always this way.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the type of hair, in the event that your dog has allergies or dermatitis for example, these are important factors that you should consult with your trusted veterinarian, he will give you the best advice you can. perform to give better care and maintain the health of your canine.

How to choose the size of dog coats?

Check the comments left by people who buy sweaters for their dogs through the internet, and you will see how bad it is not to choose the correct size. The problem of not getting it right when buying a size is one of the main ones, if you don’t choose the right one, your dog will be without freedom of movement and will feel uncomfortable.

In order to make the right decision, you will have to measure your dog’s neck and chest area from the largest part. The size of the length has to be from the base of its neck to the base of its tail. It is suggested that you choose a larger size just in case.

How to take the measurements of dog coats well?

The measurements that you have to consider the most are the length of the back or that of the back. These are usually the measurements that are most available when making dog clothes sizes. This dimension goes from the neck to where the tail of the dog begins. Sometimes the perimeter of the chest or the perimeter of the neck is also considered.

When taking the measurement of the neck, we suggest you place two fingers below the measuring tape, in this way it will not be too tight afterwards. It is the same to be able to record the measurement of the chest area, it is measured from the widest point, which is generally located in front of the front legs.

Where to buy a sweater for dogs?

To be able to buy sweaters, accessories and clothes for dogs, you can go to pet stores, although there is also the option of using online stores. With the latter you can be in the comfort of your home while shopping, it is suggested that you follow some instructions to take the sizes and choose them before making a final choice.

These sweaters guarantee you good security against wind, rain, wind, snow and cold. In newer articles, you will come across totally personalized clothes of all kinds: Vests without or with a hood, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, footwear or even pajamas, it all depends on your tastes and your friend.

What types of dog sweater are there?

Returning to the subject of dog sweaters, it is essential that you pay attention to the quality of the fabric, it is common that they are made of nylon or polyester. Poor quality fabrics or cheap clothing could do some damage to your canine’s skin. In case the animal is very sensitive it could become allergic. So look at the following:

    • Raincoats: These waterproof sweaters can protect you from rain, snow, and moisture. They are the most recommended, since in this way we avoid any form of humidity.
    • Hooded: In the same way that there are more and more models with designs and prints, there are sweaters that integrate hoods. This element is considered more of a complement, but in case it rains it will help you protect yourself from your little head as well.
    • Padded and lined: They are ideal for those dogs that have less resistance to cold and their amount of hair is minimal. Keep in mind that during winter it is not recommended to cut your pet’s hair very often. However, be careful as these types of sweaters tend to give the dogs a lot of heat.
    • Reflective: There are models of dog sweaters that have reflective patterns or strips, ideal for keeping your pet under control when the light level is minimal.
    • Vests: It is common for some sweaters to be shaped like a vest. In case they are whole, they will also have a part for the animal to remove its legs, this design will be enough to protect them from the cold.

dog walking in a colorful sweater

When and how to wear dog sweaters?

In general, the temperature that your body can reach is two degrees higher than what we can reach and tends to be 38 °. Its worst time is during the summer, due to the heat, unlike the winter. Considering that you should not stay with the idea that they wear the sweater all the time because they will be hot.

Just let her wear the sweater when it rains a lot or the temperatures are quite low. In case your dog loves to run, you can take it off after they’ve been running for a while. But if the dog is very small, in which the blow of the temperature change is worse, they may still feel cold if they stand still.

Purchase criteria

Once you have decided to buy a sweater for your dog friend, you have to observe in detail a series of elements to choose the one that is most indicated. Many things can influence, for example, the type of hair they have, their age and of course the size. Take your dog’s measurements with special care to avoid inconveniences.

  • Breed, size and age of the dog
  • Fabric quality
  • Climate of the area
  • User Ratings

Breed, size and age of the dog

Depending on the age and breed of the dog, it will be more or less recommended to buy a sweater to go for a walk on the street. Keep in mind that there are breeds that are not very resistant to low temperatures, have less hair and their skin is more delicate. The same with age, they are recommended for puppies and older dogs.

Finally, consider the size of your dog. There are some facts especially for dogs from big to small. In the specifications of each product you can find detailed steps, even graphics, of how to measure your dog, in this way you will find the size of his ideal sweater. We suggest you please read them.

dog in a violet sweater

Fabric quality

There are sweaters made of wool, felt, crochet, or crochet. In many cases, sweaters are made by hand, and sometimes they can give the dogs a lot of heat. Try to look for simple models, with a waterproof fabric and that are resistant like nylon. Always look for quality, ease of cleaning and the best.

Climate of the area

Another element that you have to consider is the climate of the area. If it tends to rain a lot or have periods of drought, maybe it rains but the temperature is not very low. Sometimes it is best if the sweater is made with waterproof fabric, or cape, and does not have a double lining on the inside.

User Ratings

As is common, we suggest you visit online stores , take a look at the comments of users who have already bought sweaters for their dogs. In case the purchases are verified, they will give you a lot of very useful information about the quality of the fabric, the size of the product and if their way of wearing is simple or not.


woman holding her dog

We tell you again: put yourself in the “shoes” of your dog. When wearing this sweater they will surely go out on the street. It is the happiest time you have in the day and we have to seriously consider your comfort. Don’t think about the price of the sweater and take a better look at the quality it has.

These products do not have to be an obstacle to the movement of the dog, nor are they a simple accessory for you to have fun with their appearance. Many dogs do not have the need to wear a sweater, but there are cases where they do. Therefore, it is necessary that we choose the size well taking into account the measurements we took before.


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