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When it’s time to go on holiday, we can’t forget to take the most spoiled dog in the house, our dog. Therefore, it is important that you consider what activities you want to do and if you can bring your pet so that it can also enjoy, have fun and thus spend a different time than being locked up at home all day.

The dog is also considered a member of the family

Having a pet in the house implies having an additional responsibility, in terms of feeding it, bathing it and keeping an eye on it. However, this one also deserves to spend pleasant and different times than the one you have to leave it locked up in the house when the holidays arrive, especially the summer ones, where our first thought is to go and enjoy the beach, lake or a swimming pool, so if you are planning to go for a walk, we recommend that you take it with you so that you can also enjoy it, as long as you don’t forget to take your food, dog toys and accessories.

What to consider if you take your dog on holiday

dog with his toys

First of all, you have to evaluate where you will go, as you also have to consider the safety of your pet. In other words, a dog carrier should be used to prevent it from being hit during the trip. You should also bring water, enough food for the entire trip, and your protective and location accessories, such as a life jacket, GPS collar or first aid kit. Since, one does not know if our pet will be affected by the change of climate and one must be cautious and have everything at hand to avoid having a bad time, as well as protect it when it takes its deserved dip.

Dog life jackets are important to wear if you are going on a trip to a beach, river or pool, allowing you to float and swim more easily, avoiding you to use excessive force and get tired in the middle of water. In addition, the GPS collars will allow you to locate it when it gets out of sight, so you can easily find it.

Toys to enjoy on the beach, rivers and lakes

In the category of the best toys for dogs of 2020, you can find a lot of products to buy, but you have to take into account several aspects, including assessing the fun you intend to give your pet, because the one who will benefit from the toys will be your dog, so we invite you to choose a toy that is fun.

In addition, you need to look at the manufacturing materials for their durability and toxicity, as they need to be resistant and not covered with chemicals. On the other hand, you also have to take into account that the toys you are going to buy must be able to get wet so that the dog can use them in or out of the water.

Therefore, if among so many options you still don’t know which option is best for your pet, we will mention some categories of dog toys so that you can choose the one you think will provide the most fun.

dog swimming with toy


Balls are a lot of fun for dogs, as they can be thrown, bounced and chewed, and because of their soft structure they will prevent your pet from hurting both teeth and gums. In addition, the degree of fun of balls is almost unlimited for a dog, since they are versatile to use in water or sand.


Dogs will entertain themselves with almost any toy that has interaction, but in the case of the Frisbee that is static and needs to be thrown so that your pet will run out to get it. It is important that you play with your dog, as he will not be able to throw the Frisbee on his own. In addition, they do not break easily, as they are made of strong plastic which, in addition to allowing them to remain in the air for a few seconds, also floats on water and will not be damaged in the sand. Therefore, it is an almost essential dog toy to carry around during the summer holidays.


For a dog to feel comfortable and have fun when he’s out and about, another toy we recommend you consider is biting. There are many models in this category, but as you will be going for a walk you will need a teething model that is made of plastic or rubber so that it can float in the water, is not toxic and so will allow the dog to distract or relax on its own. This will also allow your pet to exercise its limbs by throwing it into the sea to swim and pick it up.

Kong water version

These types of toys are also a good alternative for your dog to have extra entertainment when he gets bored with other toys, as we remind you that dogs are hyperactive by nature, so having a Kong that can bite and get wet can be more than just fun for your pet. One of the most popular dog toys, the water version has a foam filling that allows it to float on water.

Ball throwers

With this toy your dog will be able to have fun and even at some point you can teach him to do it by himself, because after a few seconds of having introduced the ball, he will throw it and your dog will run without you having to wait under the sun to bring it, you can sit in the shade to relax and thus rest and your dog will be entertained.

General recommendations

dog tugging

If you go on holiday to the beach, it is essential that you have a bottle of drinking water for your dog to refresh and hydrate itself after being in the sun for hours, as salt tends to dry out the snout very easily.

In addition, we also advise you to bring his bed so that your dog can sleep when he is already exhausted from swimming or running for many hours. Also, don’t forget a towel to dry it and place it on the seat of the car, which will provide a layer of protection that will prevent any water from coming into direct contact with it.




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