Easy tips for Raising cats

Raising cats is impossible? This is how most people think who have no experience with a house tiger. But the opposite is the case.

Even if cats are not as obedient as dogs, cat training with little tricks and a lot of attention to detail can be achieved. You can find out how to do this in this article.

Cat training: the devil is in the details

Easy tips for Raising cats
Dog owners agree unanimously. Raising cats is impossible. Yet practice itself provides evidence that it is possible to raise cats and make them obedient to the family.

Your cat will certainly not fetch like a dog. Nor will she stop meowing on command. But with the right approach to raising cats, you can achieve many things. Your cat goes to her bathroom.

It doesn’t run across the table and doesn’t use your sofa as a scratching post. She doesn’t sleep in bed either, if you rule this out while raising your kitten.

Can you train cats – if so, how?
Raise cats
Admittedly, raising cats is not easy. You will not have the sense of achievement like a dog owner. But you will quickly notice that you can wean the cat off habits that have already been learned.

Above all, it is important to educate the kitten and to show the cat from the beginning which behavior is undesirable. Does the cat scratch your sofa or does it run across the table and lick the butter?

Do not tolerate it once, because that is the mistake that makes cat training difficult or even impossible. Here you can find out how you can successfully raise a house cat without any quirks in a short time.

Consistency is key in raising kittens

An important point in raising cats is your understanding of the nature and language of the animal . Only when you understand your cat will you understand one or the other behavior.

Understanding is the basis for directing misconduct in the desired direction and rewarding positive behavior. Be consistent and clarify the upbringing with your family.

Cats can only be raised properly if everyone pulls together.

Raising kittens: the family pulls together

Easy tips for Raising cats
With your children, the cat is allowed on the couch while you send them to your seat. Your son is happy to see the cat licking the butter adorable.

But you don’t want the animals romping around on the dining table. Establish a clear agenda that every member of your family must adhere to. It is important that you bring up the topic of cat training before you bring home a small ball of fur.

Because it is a fact that the importance of cat education, especially with clumsy kittens, is often overlooked and put on the back burner.

“Small tools” for raising cats
In addition to the unity of your family, you should consider using small aids. Because a kitten will not react to a no or an out like a dog.

But there are quite a few options. First and foremost, it is important that the cat can be sufficiently occupied in your apartment. Because if you are bored, the best tips are useless.

In order to raise cats and determine success, you need a happy cat. The best tool in raising cats is your voice.

The sensitive animals do not like sibilants, so you can incorporate them into any wrongdoing. Only with very unruly animals do you need to resort to further tricks in cat training.

The principle and the basics in cat training

Easy tips for Raising cats
Understanding is the basis of any form of cat training. Only when you know how a cat feels and how it lives can you reinforce the positive and criticize negative behaviors.

You have to know that fear is a very bad parenting guide and has the opposite effect. Your cat has to trust you, then you will be able to raise it too.

Tip: don’t expect too much. A cat is and will remain the smaller version of a tiger and will never be as obedient as a dog.

What the little ones already have to learn and how to do it
House training is an important point in cat training. If you want to raise kittens, you should take advantage of their innate cleanliness.

This means that you have to show them the litter box and keep it scrupulously clean. Immediately after drinking or eating, put the little cat in the toilet and wait for it to do its business.

Then you give her a lot of praise and a small snack. In this way, she combines loosening the litter box with a positive experience and will do it again and again.

Why raising cats properly is not easy
Cat owners appreciate the will that is inherent in these animals. If you choose a cat, you should bring a lot of tolerance and humor.

Because even if you can draw some misbehavior patterns, a cat will always keep a mind of its own. This is what defines these animals and is a nature that you cannot train off.

The definition of the word education in cats

Easy tips for Raising cats
Raising cats, what is it actually? Don’t understand the concept of education as a dog owner would understand it. Your cat may well come on call and will jump on your lap if you motivate it with a pat on your thigh.

But the cat will not go by itself unless it wants to. It will not eat on command, but only when it is hungry. Therefore, do not promise yourself blind obedience from your cat.

If she is afraid of loud noises, every memory of her upbringing could be forgotten on New Year’s Eve , for example .

Reinforcement of the positive
Work with praise and the art of treats. If your cat is rewarded for desired behavior, it will keep it in mind. A caress or longer cuddling and cuddling are definitely a reinforcement that the cat will remember.

Cats are quite intelligent, so you can train the animals and get the desired result with little tricks and patience.

Why cats understand praise

Easy tips for Raising cats
An important part of reinforcement is working with your voice. Not only if you want to get your dog and cat used to each other, but also in all other areas. When your voice rises, the cat senses positive intentions.

If you get louder or hiss the loud, the cat knows that it is doing something that you don’t like.

Really complain about wrongdoing
The cat can understand the word no if it is always used in connection with a wrongdoing. The timing is crucial here, which you have to pay attention to when raising your kittens.

It is no different here than with dog training , which only understands ranting in the event of direct misconduct and not in the aftermath. Seen from this perspective, raising cats does no other job than raising a dog.

So the cat knows what you want
Never yell at the cat or push it off the table, even if you don’t want it there. These and similar behaviors create fear and make the animal shy.

It is better if you emphatically lift the cat off the table and support your action with a loud no. Put her on her scratching post or on the floor and praise her if she doesn’t want to jump on the table again.

Your cat cannot read your mind. But she feels that her behavior is undesirable – if you show her.

The art of raising cats in unruly animals

Easy tips for Raising cats
Raise cats
Cats are actually sensitive. Especially if you want to raise kittens, there should usually be no problem with the voice work.

Yet some cats “want to know” and try how far they can go and get their way. In this case, a flower sprayer filled with water is a really handy helper.

There is nothing your cat shies more than water.

Your wish only goes as far as the cat sees you
As soon as you are out of the house, the cat will go on a tour of discovery. Therefore, you should know the important information here and be prepared for various surprises.

Even with adult cats, you can be sure that your success in cat training is only within reach.

As soon as you are out of the house, in most cases the cat will do exactly what is forbidden in your presence – but so interesting.

Failure to raise cats can have far-reaching consequences
Violence is not the answer in cat training. Even a little pat or a rough “push from the table” disturbs the sensitive animals and their trust in you.

But how can you raise cats without testing or destroying trust? It’s simple: by putting yourself in the cat’s shoes and trying to think from their perspective.

You will quickly see why a cat acts as it is. From this you can conclude how you can raise cats correctly and avoid errors in upbringing.

How can kittens be raised?

Easy tips for Raising cats
Loving consistency are the magic words when it comes to cat training. It is completely normal and human that you are annoyed and slightly irritated the 100th time “take the cat off the table”.

The cat must not feel this, as an irritated reaction would destroy the trust bond that is just beginning. Raising kittens requires a lot of tact.

But even with adult cats, you should keep in mind that an angry cat will do the opposite of what is desired and that just to annoy you.

Obedience is not based on fear

Easy tips for Raising cats
Avoid any situation that could be frightening for the cat. Don’t scream, never lose patience, or lock up a cat. These and similar behaviors of yours lead to a breach of trust and scare the little house tiger.

Raising cats is not easy, but it is possible. Learn to understand the nature of cats and you will feel how you can raise kittens or train unwanted behavior from an adult cat.

The main focus is to ensure that you offer the animal sufficient alternatives and occupation, for example with a scratching post, and that you educate it carefully.

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