Essential Puppy equipments you and your puppy need

When a puppy comes into the house, you ask yourself whether you have everything you need for the new family member to move in. Here you can find out which puppy equipment you need and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Puppy equipment: what is helpful?

It is important that you take your time in good time to prepare your puppy’s new home. You can put together a checklist to help and check whether you have already bought all of the puppy equipment or need to add something. First go to the most important puppy equipment and then to the nice-to-have equipment.

However, it should be clear to you that not all things that you buy for your puppy can be used permanently. Some things, like the first dog collar, just leave a wonderful memory of your puppy’s arrival.

Checklist: Buying Puppy Equipment

puppy with birthday hat

The first year as a dog owner may not be the cheapest because you will need a lot of dog accessories. There are puppy outfits that you shouldn’t be without. But you don’t have to buy the most expensive one here. Get advice when buying puppy equipment.

The puppy equipment is used both at home and on the go. The following should be on your checklist and provided for your pup.

Puppy equipment checklist:

  • Dog blanket / bed
  • Food and drink bowl
  • Puppy food
  • Toy
  • Puppy or food dummy
  • Puppy harness or collar
  • Transport box / dishes for the car
  • Dog waste bag
  • Dog whistle
  • Dog towel
  • Brush or comb
  • Claw scissors
  • Tick ​​tweezers
  • Hair scissors
  • First aid kit
  • Puppy equipment for the home

When your puppy moves in with you, there are puppy outfits that you will need for domestic use.

Dog pillow

At the beginning, the puppies usually feel comfortable on a large, washable dog pillow.

Dog bed

dog bed

When choosing the dog bed, make sure that it is adapted to the size of your dog. Since puppies grow quickly, large breeds can easily have a larger bed. In addition, it should be dimensionally stable and easy to clean.

Dog basket

When dog basket of wicker basket is not recommended because puppies about to come in the dentition from the fourth month of life. It is not safe from chewing attacks and can splinter when chewing on it.

Dog cave

Puppies sometimes need a place of retreat. The dog cave is particularly suitable for this. When buying, make sure that the surface is easy to care for and that your dog’s claws cannot get caught anywhere.

Dog blanket

The dog blanket is very practical for your puppy and is the simplest form of sleeping place. It is also very easy to transport and easy to wash.

Dog towel

The dog towel is useful in the car or at home. You can clean your puppy after a walk or dry off after a shower.

Food bowl and drinking bowl

The food bowl and the drinking bowl are part of the basic equipment of every dog ​​owner. Make sure that both are non-slip and easy to clean.

Puppy equipment for on the go:

Dog leash

The leash is your extended arm in dog training and always helps your puppy to orientate itself to you. However, the dog leash puts pressure on it and puts heavy strain on your dog’s cervical vertebrae and larynx. In order to prevent injuries, a puppy harness is recommended for expansion.

Harness or collar

dog looking worried

The collar or harness ensures the necessary safety of your dog. However, whether you use a harness or collar for your dog is up to you. It is important that the harness or collar fits well and is not too heavy. A harness is more ideal for puppies as it puts little pressure on the neck.

Dog waste bag

If you go for a walk every day, you should have dog waste bags with you to dispose of your dog’s business. If you forget to do this, there are sometimes pillars outside where dog waste bags hang.

Puppy and food dummies

The puppy and food dummies are used to keep your dog busy. Your puppy can work out the food while walking and learns to be attentive with it.

Dog whistle

In addition to puppy and food dummies, dog whistles can also be useful.

Pet crate

If you drive a lot, it is important that your puppy is transported safely. Transport boxes or a harness are well suited for driving in the back seat and offer additional comfort and protection. You can also easily assemble and disassemble it anywhere. You should only transport your dog in the trunk when it is a little bigger.

Puppy outfit for grooming:


Combs or brushes

Depending on the breed of dog, your dog’s coat may need to be groomed. Whether combs or brushes are more suitable depends on the structure of your dog’s coat.

Hair scissors

The hair scissors are used for some dog breeds because the coat needs to be trimmed occasionally.

Claw scissors

To trim your dog’s claws, you shouldn’t be missing a pair of nail clippers.

Tick ​​tweezers

A tick tweezer should also be available. So that you can easily remove them from your dog in the event of a tick infestation. When using the tick scissors, you simply have to slide the hook under the tick, turn it and remove it.

First aid kit

In the first aid kit, you should have bandages, a thermometer and tweezers in the house in case of an emergency.

Dog toy

dog toy

When choosing a dog toy, you will be offered a wide range. But make sure that not every toy is suitable for a puppy. When buying a dog toy, it is important that it is large and stable enough so that your puppy cannot swallow it or destroy it.

With a dew toy, your puppy can chew off the threads and choke on it. Therefore, dog toys made of sturdy natural rubber are recommended.

Diet: feed

You should inform yourself sufficiently beforehand about the composition of the food. Since wrong feeding of young dogs can cause permanent health damage.

The important thing is that it is tailored to your puppy’s nutritional needs. It should also take into account your dog’s developmental phases. Therefore, when buying, make sure that it is adapted to the changing needs of your puppy as it grows.

In order to avoid incorrect supplies, you should avoid giving too many reward items. Instead, you can use this as a reward for training sessions throughout the day.

You should include chewing items in your daily ration and make sure that they are suitable for your puppy.

What should you pay attention to when equipping your puppies?


You can get advice from a pet shop, from basic equipment to toys and food. You can also get tips from other dog owners or do research in books in advance.

It is important that the equipment you buy is adapted to your dog, such as the dog bed. Safety during transport or with toys also plays an important role. You should also pay attention to the right feed to avoid damage to health.

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