Fountain for cats, a creative and very critical solution to hydrate them in summer

A fountain for cats can be a great solution for hydrating our favorite pet.

On more than one occasion they may refuse to drink water from a container, and yet when they see an open tap, they are able to enjoy it and drink continuously.


Reasons why a cat should drink water

Anciently, wild cats obtained the water they required through their dams , rivers, puddles or lakes.

As is logical, today our pet lives in a smaller space inside a house, without the possibility of getting extra water through feeding animals.

For good health, it is essential that your cat is highly hydrated to prevent some types of kidney diseases; If they don’t drink plenty of water, the minerals that circulate in their urine are likely to crystallize and turn into stones.

Hence the importance of keeping it well hydrated throughout the day, and here the fountains for cats will fulfill this function very well.

Why a cat fountain?

It turns out that for these animals it is more attractive to consume the water in motion than when they have it completely immobile in a container.

Despite the fact that they have the ability to have enviable eyesight, above it is their sense of hearing, which turns out to be more efficient and sharp.

Static water does not attract attention , but seeing it in motion and hearing the sound it makes will completely engage your restless cat’s curiosity .

Additionally, keeping stagnant water in a container so that your cat hydrates requires constant change and cleaning to prevent it from becoming a source of unhealthy conditions .

A creative solution to hydrate cats

To solve all these situations, cat fountains are here to stay. Your cat will no longer drink stagnant and boring water; Now you can have fun playing and watching the water run in the fountain, drinking more regularly .

The Components of a Good Cat Water Fountain

A cat fountain is an extremely important tool, because not only does it keep the water moving, but that fresh water also becomes drinkable, thanks to the fact that most have a filter that purifies the water that is in motion.

These filters are crucial because they are not only responsible for eliminating impurities that water may contain, but it also protects the cat from any type of residue that it may contain, be it hair, dust or impurities.

Without a doubt, each fountain also has a pump that usually works at 12V and which is responsible for keeping our cat’s water moving . On the other hand, there are the diffusers that are the ones that allow the water to be distributed in a different way , be it a trickle, a waterfall or in a kind of splashing.

Variety of cat supplies

We are going to make this classification based on the material with which the cat fountains are built, which can make a difference in their capacity and appearance:

Plastic fountains

  • Without a doubt, these are the cheapest and lightest models.
  • They have their water filter included , which facilitates the elimination of some polluting factors, varying in sizes between 1 and even perhaps 3 liters .

Ceramic Fountains

  • Perhaps because of their manufacturing material, you might think that they are very fragile, but they are really highly resistant and very durable.
  • Its design allows it to have thermal insulation , which guarantees to maintain the temperature that the water will have.
  • It has its carbon filter and comes in endless colors, in addition to presenting some quite attractive designs .
  • It can hold between two and four liters of water in its content , depending on the model purchased.


Fountains in Stainless Steel

  • Its material is very safe and lightweight , it maintains water for longer and has an important added value: it reduces the risk of bacterial formation .
  • It has a capacity that can vary according to your model between 2 and 4 liters . For many it is the favorite for presenting some really elegant designs .
  • In general, all these sources are very easy to disassemble and clean , something that should be done regularly as a precautionary and hygienic measure for our cat.

Water fountains for cats are VERY PRACTICAL in summer

When summer arrives, high temperatures also appear, and with them, concerns for our cat . It is important to always keep them with water, but this time requires special care so that they are fully hydrated and healthy .

Having a cat fountain on hand will stimulate him to consume water more frequently , seeing the flow of water in motion, always having clean, pure and fresh water accessible.

In this summer time it can be important that you place more than one water source in various places in the house. This will make them feel very attracted to the various movements that each one of them can give, forcing them to increase their consumption and physical activity, more reduced by the heat.

It is important that we dedicate ourselves to reviewing the filter of our cat water fountain, so that we are sure that what our cat consumes is completely purified.

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