From BARF to nutritional supplements – you should know that by now

Dogs are man ‘s best friend and that’s how they ‘re treated. Well-known manufacturers are constantly bringing new feeds onto the market that are supposed to give the animal more coat shine, strength, strength and activity.

However, many dog ​​owners find it difficult to find the right feed, the correct feeding method and appropriate dietary supplements.

It is difficult to make a general statement because not every dog ​​corresponds to the other. Similar to humans, the feed must be specifically tailored to the animal.

What you need to know when eating your dog and which nutritional supplements are relevant for his health, you will find out below.

What is Barfen?

A feeding method that has become more and more popular with dog owners in recent years is barfing. In German, this is the “biological, species-appropriate raw feeding” of the dog.

The dog is no longer given processed dog food products, only raw meat and bones. In some cases, the animal’s menu is expanded to include potatoes or rice, which, however, is rejected by most of the barfer.

After all, Barfen is based on the assumption that the animal, due to its genetic origins, is not used to consuming processed meat, carbohydrates or the like.

The dog should be fed as naturally as possible in order to give his body the best possible basis for development.
The advantages of this feeding method are obvious.

Dogs with intolerance or allergies  get along particularly well with this diet and therefore have significantly fewer symptoms.

Further advantages are:

  • Individual adaptation of the food to the dog
  • Nutrient loss can be kept to a minimum by processing fresh ingredients
  • The dog can be fed in a very natural way, which has a high psychological impact

Nevertheless, you should not do without necessary food supplements. There are also supplement products that are not absolutely necessary, but offer the animal numerous advantages.

Promote health with these active ingredients 

A food supplement makes sense when barfing. Because if the dog only gets fresh meat, a calcium deficiency can result. This should be avoided by giving the dog bone or calcium citrate as well.

Numerous studies show that dogs  can absorb and process calcium citrate much better  than calcium carbonate. It is a cleavage product of citric acid, which, however, can be extracted tasteless and odorless.

So you can simply add the calcium citrate to the meat. You should also use so-called blue bacteria to maintain and regulate the acidity of the gastrointestinal system. Acidification can be prevented by adding the bacteria.

A still unknown dietary supplement for dogs are CBD oils . This oil is obtained from the hemp plant, but does not contain any intoxicating ingredients such as THC.

If you give the dog a few drops of the oil every day, this has a positive effect on pain perception, mobility and energy balance.

Here  you can purchase a sample of the effective drops. If the dog has to experience stressful situations or suffers from age-related or injury-related pain, this agent has an inhibitory effect.

Stress, fear and pain can be reduced in intensity. In addition, the oil contributes to healthy digestion and a strengthened immune system. 

Dietary supplement with a focus on illness

If your dog suffers from illnesses, specially selected food supplements can help to improve it:

  • New Zealand green-lipped mussel 
  • Devil’s claw

The New Zealand green-lipped mussel is known for its high proportion of glycosaminoglycans. This active ingredient has a positive effect on joint diseases.

Pain can be reduced and inflammation curbed. The agility of the dog can be significantly stimulated by adding the powder.

An African medicinal plant, which is also optimally used as a dietary supplement, is the devil’s claw.

The ingredient of the plant also reduces joint pain in dogs, but can also reduce swelling and inflammation. Powder mixtures can be mixed into the feed without any problems, so that the dog will absorb the active ingredient without any problems.

Divyesh Patel