Fruitables Sweet Potato Digestive Supplement

When it comes to quality supplements, we often forget that these may not be wet foods. In this case we find the Fruitables Sweet Potato Digestive Supplement digestive supplement that provides an ideal extra for those dogs that are being trained or those who want to reward with a healthy and hypoallergenic snack.

Its low calorie content of just 9 calories prevents processes that lead to obesity from developing. In the same way, you must pay attention to its ingredients, which are indicated for dogs that suffer from food intolerances or allergies. It is also manufactured not to cause allergies since it does not contain grains. Following the line of some I think designed to prevent digestive problems as was the case with Hill’s Prescription Digestive Care or Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Mini Diet, this quality snack is indicated to meet the needs of the most demanding dogs. It can be offered from 12 months of age.

Do you want to know all the information about these snacks. We explain more about its characteristics, composition and we provide some real opinions from customers who have already tried it. Let’s go there!.

Characteristics of Fruitables Sweet Potato Digestive Supplement

Do you want to know everything about these crunchy treats? These are its characteristics:

  • High palatability: Its combination of ingredients includes vanilla, walnuts, pumpkin and a touch of cinnamon. The dog will love both the aroma and the taste. In fact, it smells very similar to that of a potato cake. It can also serve as a reward or incentive after taking the feed.
  • Improves the immune system: It happens that this snack is also indicated to take care of the dog’s body, with antioxidants that are combined with various vitamins and fiber. All of this helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system.
  • Low in calories: Indicated for bad eaters, these bars will delight your dog because it is a variety that is ideal with only 9 calories per bar.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Thanks to the inclusion of pumpkin we find a powerful source of vitamin a, c and e that have great anti-inflammatory power. It also highlights the inclusion of dietary fiber from pumpkin.

This feed has been produced in the United States and, according to the brand, it contains everything you need, with ingredients of the highest quality.


The guaranteed analysis determines that this feed contains a minimum of 9% crude protein, a minimum of 6% crude fat, a maximum of 8% crude fiber and a maximum of 10% moisture.

Fruitables Sweet Potato Digestive Supplement Ingredients

Regarding the ingredients of this feed are sweet potato, organic oats, pearl barley, potatoes, oat fiber, canola oil, brown sugar, walnuts, cinnamon, natural flavor, vanilla and mixed tocopherols (a preservative).

Recommended daily allowance

The daily dose should not exceed 1 to 2 bars. However, it is recommended that it is not taken daily since these snacks should be used as a reward or a specific treat. Do not forget that the main thing is that your dog eats correctly every day.

Feed price

As we have already mentioned, it is not a feed but a snack. A unit of 206 grams has a cost of € 7.49.

Where to buy the feed?

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Feed opinions

A 4.8 / 5 rating is rarely achieved and this is one of the reasons to trust this snack. Although it is true that usually gummies for dogs do not disappoint, in this case we are also facing a healthy snack.

In addition, customers emphasize that their dogs with food allergies can take it and that, in fact, they have no problem with it.

They also highlight “the aroma of these sweets” and that “they are bigger than I expected” so they satiate their dogs. It is also taken into account that they are easy to break so they can also be optimal for small dogs. These training gummies prevent obesity, another user also adds.

In the same way, it should be taken into account that dogs enjoy them for their taste but that customers are interested in them because they are healthy, hypoallergenic and have a good aroma. Likewise, there are also those who have a Senior dog and who have stressed that the fact that they are low in calories as well as their composition are also ideal for these age groups in which it is common to suffer overweight, premature cellular aging or kidney disease.


Unlike feed, snacks are aimed at specific moments that are linked to training or a reward for reinforcement. For this reason, we can only give them a 4.5 / 5 (for not giving them a 5/5) since they fulfill their function correctly. We will go further since they have certain advantages that not all snacks meet. Precisely for this reason that we are going to add below, they are recommended:

They are low in calories: Healthy snacks are highly valued within the animal world, especially since it is difficult to find a bar of this type for less than 10 calories. They are, therefore, suitable for dogs of all ages and of all weights.

They are hypoallergenic bars: Free of cereals and with only potato as the main carbohydrate, they are ideal for all caregivers looking for the best for their dog with food allergies.

The price : Its price is not high compared to the number of bars that are included. It is a perfect prize for both your pocket and your dog.

In short, it is essential to support quality snacks, especially because even if your dog does not have allergies or does not suffer from constipation, these can be a wonderful complement to his healthy diet.

Divyesh Patel