Games for cats: the best hobbies to improve your training

Without a doubt, cats are one of the most curious animals on the planet, so we have fun and witty games for cats; It will not only help you to entertain your feline but also to strengthen and train it.

Games for cats: the best feline hobbies

Next, we show you the  TOP of the best cat games to improve your training.  In addition, these hobbies serve to combat one of the worst evils that our pet can have: obesity .

1. Scratching tree for cats

The scratching tree for cats is the ideal game for people who love order and hate having all the cat’s hobbies lying on the floor since in it your cat will have all the fun he needs in this game : scratching post, mice and hanging feathers , a comfortable rug, various heights … There is something for all tastes! For him it will be like living in the jungle!

Thanks to this game for cats your furniture will not suffer so much due to the scratches of your cat  since he will have his own area in which to unload all his stress scratching with his nails.

2. Ball tower with stick and mouse to play

Games for cats: the best hobbies to improve your training

The cat ball tower is included in a single piece together with everything your cat may need to spend a fun afternoon of games.

It is a tower , as its name suggests,  with balls that slide on a track  thanks to the impulse they can receive from your cat. That is, your cat must push them with his paws so that they turn incessantly.

3. Ball scratching pad

This game is as simple as it is effective since it gets our cat to end  all the stress accumulated  during the day.

Cats have a perpetual need to scratch and feel like they are catching their prey, it is part of their instinct. And … this cushion perfectly fulfills that purpose.

In addition, it is small and easy to transport and will give your cat the fun and entertainment that he needs so much while you enjoy watching him have a great time.

4. The ball games

The interesting thing about this game for cats is that any ball that we have at home , that is small and made of a light material, is useful.

In specialized stores you can get balls with ideal and different weights suitable for the size and weight of the cat, with different shapes -sometimes with feathers and noise- . But not only that. There are also balls made with ropes, which at the same time serve as a scratcher for our pet .

5. The mouse chase

Games for cats: the best hobbies to improve your training

Cats, even if they are domestic, are animals that by their nature were born to hunt. That is one of the reasons a cat may ‘gift’ you a mouse , once in a while. Therefore, the game of the mouse tied to a rope is … ideal for them!

This is a hobby where both parties have a lot of fun, since just by tying the rope and mobilizing the mouse, you will notice that the feline will immediately activate and begin to chase it around the house.

  • Handmade Cat Set 

In case you do not have the resources or the time to buy the cloth mouse, we offer you an optional idea that you can do with your own hands: project the light of a flashlight on the ground.  Your cat will start chasing her around, circling and trying to catch her.

6. The floating pen

The idea of ​​this game is to place the feather tied to a rope , which should be hanging on a long pole, as if we were making a fishing rod.

The game begins when we begin to shake or move the feather in front of the cat’s eyes , since immediately his instinct will lead him to try to catch it.

This is an ideal game to awaken your cat’s dexterity and intelligence , as well as strengthen it and help it stay in shape.

  • The game of the pen can be done by hand

In the case of not having a pen at home, you can use another type of lightweight material, even a piece of cork could do the trick.

7. The cat tunnel

Cats  are very happy in any place , especially in everything that has the shape of a tunnel. Therefore, with this toy you will keep your cat entertained for a long time, especially if you create a route made up of some prizes and other  toys

This type of game stimulates their intelligence , will make the feline feel fulfilled and in a better mood.

8. Dispensers for cats

Dispensers for cats are very important games because the feline  must react and manipulate the toy , in order to obtain a prize.

Most of the time the treats are food or treats  that cats get by pressing the device. This hobby stimulates, entertains and fills the tummy of your best four-legged friend.

9. Playing hide and seek

Playing hide-and-seek with your cat throughout the house is one of the cheapest games out there and, in addition, it  can strengthen the relationship between the cat and its owner . It is extremely simple because you only have to have on hand some treats that your pet likes.

  • How to play hide and seek with my cat

Start by calling your cat and giving him one of the treats, then you will go hiding in different rooms of the house , from where you will call him and you will give him his prize again when he finds you, of course.

This game will help you a lot to train him, stimulating his senses , and to get him used to listening to you when you call him. In short, it will be very useful for your cat to improve its obedience. 

Benefits of games for cats

Games for cats: the best hobbies to improve your training

All these games will contribute a lot to the good physical and mental state of your pet. They  will also help you develop new skills, mentally stimulating you and eradicating symptoms of stress that you may have.

When we have our pet on the move we allow him to strengthen his muscles and of course his bones , being in action helps him enormously to maintain an ideal weight.

Why is it important to play with your cat

An important aspect that we must not miss is that cats require at least thirty minutes of daily play . Especially if they live in confined spaces and do not have gardens to exercise, you must bear in mind that they need to exercise and want to play.

In this way, we must think that sharing these cat games can be interesting for two reasons:

  1. We close ties with our pet.
  2. For self-interest, as this will help us reduce our stress levels .

Remember:  If you have bought or made several toys for your cat, the recommendation would be not to give them all at once . The idea is to rotate them so that your pet arouses interest in each one of them and can develop the capacities that they allow.

Divyesh Patel