Get to know your dog through canine psychology

To understand the behavior of our pet it is necessary to have knowledge about canine psychology. On many occasions, owners complain about the behavior of their dogs. Therefore, it is very important to obtain information in this regard, as this will affect the animal’s health. Do you want to know more about canine psychology? You just have to continue reading the next article. We tell you everything!

What is canine psychology?

Canine psychology is the science that studies the behavior of dogs. When our dog suffers from anxiety problems or behavior problems such as destructive ones, it is important to go to a veterinary professional specialized in canine behavior, that is, a canine ethologist. Dog trainers can also be part of this type of therapy. Between the two, very good results can be obtained.

How to understand your dog?

Well, to understand and get to know your dog, in addition to reading sources on canine psychology and asking professionals about the subject, observation is very important. There are behavior patterns that our pets do that we are not aware of or do not understand. There will be some behaviors that we will be aware of without problems and others that require our full attention.

Dog body language

Body language is the way dogs communicate. They do it through facial expressions, sounds, smells, or postures / movements. And just like they communicate with each other, they have a great knack for communicating with humans, and that’s what makes them such good companion animals.

Understanding the body language of our pet can help us to know if it feels any pain or if it is afraid, for example, and be able to act accordingly. Here are some examples:

  • Tail movement: does not always mean the same thing. While it is known that the tail movement can express well-being and happiness, this is not always the case. For example, if you put it between the hind limbs it indicates fear, or if it is down and stiff, with slow movements, it can indicate that our dog is stressed.
  • Facial expression: through facial expression we can observe different states and emotions in our pet. Just by looking at the ears we can already distinguish many of these situations. For example, when they are raised, the dog will be in an alert position.
  • Just as we can understand the body language of dogs, they understand ours, and that way we can communicate with them. They are our family and we are to them, so we humans replace others of the same species. Therefore, they acquire a great social bond with their owners.

The socialization of dogs

Something fundamental for our pets to develop their natural behavior and have a healthy life is socialization with other members of the same species since they are puppies. It is very important that they sniff each other, play with each other and communicate.

In addition, they must become familiar with noise and people. That is, our dog must go outside and walk in a normal way so that it gets used to noise and people, and in this way it will face strange situations more successfully and with less stress.

The pack

Hierarchy is very important in animals. They must know their place in the pack, and in these cases, the head of the pack is us. So knowing dominance behaviors and stopping them in time will avoid possible behavior problems in the future.


Unfortunately, many adopted dogs have bad experiences in the past. When you arrive at your new home, you feel out of place, and old experiences can affect your current behavior. So when you decide to adopt an animal, try to get as much information as possible to be able to act accordingly and the possible difficulties that may arise. With this we will help your adaptation to be as calm and normal as possible.


The type of diet and how we give it can help. For example, if our dog, unfortunately, has gone through situations of hunger or has not been well socialized, it may be anxious when eating. For them, we must give them food in several doses during the day, and that little by little they get used to it.

The race

Last but not least, we must emphasize that we educate a dog, regardless of breed or size. Thus, their education should be the same for a Saint Bernard as for a Yorkshire . Many of the behavior problems that small dogs have are due to the owner’s behavior, resulting in an unhappy dog. In the article Small dog syndrome you can find more information about this pathology.


The same importance that we give to the physical state of the animal must be given to its psychology. Through it we can understand the behavior of our dog, in addition to being able to avoid behaviors that we know are harmful to him. You should go to a professional whenever necessary.

Therefore, we must take care of your health in every way. Provide him with quality food and with the necessary nutritional components. Take him out for a walk and a run, he needs to exercise daily. Let him play with other dogs and behave like one of them, and of course, love him very much!

Divyesh Patel