GPS Dog Collar: Which is the Best of 2021?

GPS Dog Collar Which is the Best of 2021 (1)

Coming home one day and not finding it. Go out for a walk in the forest and lose sight of it. Go on vacation for a few weeks and never see him again. As dog owners, they are the biggest fears we face that can come true. The search for your faithful companion can be an ordeal.

But once again technology helps. You’ve probably heard of the GPS dog collar. This device has become very popular and controversial. This is why we have compiled the most important information for you to consider when choosing a GPS dog collar.

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  • A GPS dog collar is a great help to identify your dog’s location. But it is not their only function, many of them have been developed to measure the health, physical activity, distance traveled, sleep and resting movements of the animal.
  • Around this product a series of questions have been developed such as the rules and laws on the use of electric necklaces, the negative and positive effects and, above all, how to use one.
  • The aspects that we must take into account before choosing a dog collar with GPS is its signal, the battery life, the price, the resistance and the durability of the device.

The best GPS dog collars on the market: our selection

Next, we have prepared a list of the best dog collars with GPS that you will find on the market. This will help you decide which product will work best for you. In addition, you can choose between products with different characteristics depending on your needs.

  • Best Waterproof GPS Dog Collar
  • Best GPS Dog Collar with Replacement Battery
  • The best GPS dog collar with long battery life
  • The most functional GPS dog collar
  • The best dog collar with GPS for training

Best Waterproof GPS Dog Collar

The Tractive Locator is a device that easily attaches to any collar and requires a data subscription. Lightweight and waterproof. LIVE Tracking mode allows you to see the exact location of your pet. You can create a Virtual Fence, receive notifications, see the complete history of your pet’s locations. It works in 150 countries. The battery life is 2-5 days.

The signal from this device may drop near tall buildings and forests. It has different functions and its lightness allows greater versatility and less discomfort to the animal.

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Best GPS Dog Collar with Replacement Battery

Tractive GPS DOG brings us a refurbished 2G 2019 locator with a replacement battery. It has an integrated SIM card and a subscription is required, it works in more than 150 countries. It has the same operating and configuration characteristics as the model before this one.

The activity tracking function allows you to keep your pet fit. This refurbished model has a replacement rechargeable and interchangeable battery available.

The best GPS dog collar with long battery life

The KIPPY EVO model tracks the activity of pets, waterproof, lightweight and its rechargeable battery lasts for 10 days. It has a SIM card and requires a subscription that includes all data connection costs.

This locator uses GPS, GMS, WiFi and bluetooth systems to locate your pet. Its integrated technology enables it to be accurately tracked in Europe, India, Turkey and South Africa. It also allows indoor monitoring. It has simple and intuitive graphs to monitor data on running, sleeping, playing, calories, relaxation and steps.

The most functional GPS dog collar

Hangang brand MUXAN TK909 is a device that allows you to know the location, movement, speed and route history of your pet. In 3 seconds it provides a complete route on Google Maps. Through your settings you can send a message when the dog crosses the delimited boundary. It has a low battery alert.

Customers commented that the application is not very user-friendly and that it does not resist water, but it does resist splashes.

The best dog collar with GPS for training

Weenect Dogs 2 GPS locator without distance limit, works anywhere in Europe. Real time monitoring. The battery lasts up to 3 days with typical use. You need a subscription and you have a SIM card.

One of the functions of this collar is training. Through a sound signal sent to the device, it will allow the dog to associate the sound with an action. The pager can ring or vibrate to get your dog back home. Also, send alerts if the dog tries to escape.

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Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About the GPS Dog Collar

Before purchasing a GPS dog collar, it is essential that you resolve any questions you may have regarding the acquisition of one. For this reason, we have put together a complete section of answers to the majority of frequently asked questions that buyers of GPS dog collars usually ask.

What is a GPS dog collar and what are its advantages?

A GPS dog collar is a device that allows you to identify the place where your dog is. Many of these devices allow you to locate it in real time. The collar includes a GPS receiver and a wireless signal emitter. This receiver captures the exact coordinates of your dog.

Most GPS necklaces are connected to a web page or a mobile phone. It has information about the dog and the owner. You can send periodic signals about the animal through an email, an SMS or a website. Depending on the model you must insert a SIM card.

  • Real time of your dog’s location
  • Connected to a mobile device
  • Signal if the collar is being tampered with
  • Register the usual areas of the animal
  • Loading time
  • Some can be used as training
  • Obtain information on the dog’s health through sensors
  • Battery duration
  • Device range
  • Monthly subscription
  • Device operating difficulty in places with poor signal


How does a GPS collar for dogs work?

The device has a GPS signal receiver chip that transmits information about your dog’s location. There are collars that come with the device attached to the strap, already built-in designed from the factory. While other devices, you can purchase them separately and incorporate them into the current leash of your dog.

Devices separately – They are placed on the collar and have a satellite emission receiver chip that emits a signal via mobile or internet, to know the location of your pet.

Habitual movement – Whether it is a complete device or that you have placed on your pet’s leash, most have a web service that allows you to register the animal and mark its usual area of ​​movement on a map: the house, the garden, the neighborhood. This allows the system to send a message to the owner warning if the animal has left the area of ​​normal movements. It has a margin of error of a few meters.

Check your pet’s movements – It is possible to consult the movements of our pets whenever we want. And this is the way to locate it in case it is lost. You can check it through your mobile or on the device’s website. The location of the animal is generated in a few seconds. Many of them have a long reach. The short-range are devices that work with bluetooth or radio frequency.

What are the positive and negative effects of a GPS dog collar?

Technology is advancing rapidly and GPS dog collars have evolved over time. They were mainly created to indicate the location of our animals, over time they added functions to provide useful information to the owner. This is the case of the devices that collect the health of our pets in detail.

They can detect the usual path of the animal, health and heart rate, resting time, measure distance and activity time, analyze sleep and if the animal is in danger.

Many of these devices can locate pets in the event they are trapped in a natural disaster.

GPS dog collars can collect your dog’s temperature through its neck and analyze its body vibrations to monitor them. In this way, your degree of stress or if you suffer from obesity is known.

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What are the laws or regulations on the use of the GPS dog collar?

You will have heard about the regulations imposed by the municipalities about the prohibition of electric necklaces. In a statement, the municipalities spoke out against the use of electronic collars in favor of the protection and defense of domestic animals. Within this law, are the training devices.

The new Law 7/2020 on the Welfare, Protection and Defense of Animals of the Hunting Federation of Castilla La-Mancha was made public and we bring you an extract. In article 5, section u, the use of the electric impulse training collar is expressly prohibited, except for all those people who are professional trainers.

With regard to electric collars, those that emit electric shocks to condition the behavior of the animal are considered such. This description does not include necklaces with GPS locators, radio tracking, electronic, sound location and those that, according to their function is that of training.

Important : Although GPS dog collars are not considered prohibited, please check whether the collar has the function of emitting an electrical charge. In addition, each municipality manages a series of standards for the Protection and Defense of Animals. Consult it before purchasing a GPS dog collar.

What makes a good GPS dog collar?

Choosing the best necklace is characterized by integrating a variety of factors. Here we list each of them so you can choose the best option.

  1. Price. There is a wide range of existing products on the market, so it is easy to find a cheap GPS collar.
  2. Subscription. Evaluate if the necklace has a subscription plan or if its use is free for a while. Many necklaces work with payment plans to access extra features such as location availability in various countries around the world.
  3. Size. Take into account the size of the device and the size of your dog, it may be uncomfortable to wear.
  4. Coverage. That it has a wide coverage. Whether or not a SIM card is required.
  5. Resistance and quality. Make sure that the device has a high level of resistance, is of good quality and waterproof.
  6. Battery duration. Depending on the coverage and the signal it can last a few days or a few hours. Evaluate its duration according to your needs.
  7. Restriction in the country. Remember that not all devices work within Spain, make sure it is compatible within the country and the EU, and that the application has an option in Spanish.
  8. Compatibility. Identify the device and collar that are compatible. This way, the device will be firmly attached to the collar so that it does not fall and break.
  9. Extra features. There are devices that monitor your dog’s physical activity, vital signs, and temperature. Useful for sick and elderly dogs. Some devices have an audio system that allows you to hear your dog if he is crying or barking and to be able to talk to him from a distance. Function that allows you to manage invisible limits. When your pet approaches the limits, the system will send alerts by SMS or email.

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Purchase criteria

Before buying a GPS dog collar, it is necessary to consider basic criteria prior to purchase. That is why we have included the most important aspects that you must take into account before purchasing a GPS dog collar so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your animal’s needs.

  • Price
  • Distance range
  • Battery duration
  • Waterproof
  • Materials


Prices for dog collars vary depending on distance range, material, and versatility. The cheapest dog collar can cost around € 25, while the most complete ones exceed € 200.

Other factors that can raise the price of the device is the monthly fee for the built-in SIM card, payment of the brand’s application, and other payments to use all the options offered by the device. There is the possibility of paying in monthly installments.

Opting for a GPS collar that works with radio frequency is one of the cheapest options. But it is not the most recommended, since your dog should be kept at a distance of 30 or 60 km, depending on the model.

Keep in mind, consult on the internet specialized stores and the best models that adapt to the needs of your pet, according to the opinion of buyers and product comparisons.

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Distance range

It is very important to know the range of distance covered by a GPS collar. First you need to consider how that device gets a signal. A device with a SIM card will better locate your dog if you are constantly traveling, its coverage is almost total (depending on the contracted service). While a device with bluetooth , it will allow you to locate your dog on a day out in the neighborhood.

One of the best options for real-time monitoring and different locations of your dog is the collar with the SIM card. You will need an application on your mobile to see the exact location. It also establishes the virtual fences so that your dog does not cross a certain perimeter. Check if the application works for iOS or Android. Check how much data it consumes.

Battery duration

The battery life can depend a lot on the device we choose. Many necklaces have a fast charge that allows them to have greater versatility of use. It is important that the device has a function that indicates the battery level.

It can last for days or hours, depending on the coverage and signal strength of the device. If we have it on all day or at certain times: when we take a walk in an unknown place, when we travel, when the animal is alone at home.

Many devices have a built-in battery and cable for easy recharging. But there are also devices that use batteries. Currently the use of batteries integrated in devices is very common.

There are devices that do not need to be turned off, they include a button that allows you to temporarily disable alerts and reduce battery consumption. Additionally, many products include an extra rechargeable battery and charger.

Below, we have compiled a list of the main brands of GPS dog collars and their battery life (estimated average, depends on device configuration).

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It is advisable to choose a GPS dog collar made of strong and durable materials. Currently, you can find different models of collars, much more personalized and that meet your requirements and the needs of your dog.

Most smart necklaces are waterproof, but not all.

With basic functions that consider the weight of the device, design and dimension, and more complex functions, which is waterproof, has a flashlight, the ability to share information with other people, calculate the exercise and health status of your dog .

Even if your dog is not as active, the possibility of water splashing on the device is very high. It is advisable to bear in mind that the collar must be submersible. According to Fabiana Hernández, founder of the UMA project, points out that the necklace made is waterproof, since on some occasions dogs can get lost in environments where there is water.


In addition to paying attention to the technical characteristics, you cannot forget the finish, since many devices are incorporated with the necklace. Like the manufacturing materials, the way it is closed, its resistance to water (rain, humidity).

A collar with a poor material can make the device detach and fall off. In addition, allowing someone to detach the device from the collar, losing the location of your pet.

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Keep in mind that only 52% of lost, stolen or escaped dogs are recovered alive in Spain. Opting for a GPS dog collar increases the chances of seeing your dog safe and sound again.

GPS dog collars will allow you to know exactly the location of your dog, many devices allow you to obtain it in real time. It is important that when choosing one, you take into account the needs of your dog and the characteristics of the device.

This device is a great investment, as it reduces the chances that your dog will be in danger. In addition, it provides us with the security of knowing where you are and how you are at all times.

Divyesh Patel