Hairless cat breeds: the complete list

Hairless cat breeds the complete list

Hairless cat breeds have a very unique appearance; but did you know that there is life beyond Egyptian cats? Get to know the complete list of hairless cat breeds!

Did you know that there are several breeds of hairless cats? And did you know that these cats need special attention to take care of their skin?

In Wamiz we tell you everything you need to know about the different breeds and the care of these special cats.

Sphinx or sphynx cat


The quintessential hairless cat is the sphynx (also known as Egyptian). This hairless pussycat is originally from Canada and its name pays homage to a Greek goddess named Bastet. Here you can consult the list of names that we have thought for this breed.

The absence of fur can give the impression that this specimen is fragile, but in reality it is a cat with a powerful and healthy physical structure. Therefore, these specimens are generally in good health.

His character is very balanced.

Sphinx cat: price and characteristics of the most famous hairless cat

Hairless cat breeds, how many are there and what are they called?

Maybe not everyone knows it, but in addition to the Egyptian cat there are other breeds of hairless cat , some of which are born by crossing a Sphynx. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Donskoy or Don sphynx


The Don sphynx , also known as Donskoy, is a breed of Russian cat and its name comes from the Don River, which flows through the great European plain and empties into the Sea of ​​Azov.

These specimens resemble the Sphynx so much that they were long believed to be its descendants. But after several years of breed-related studies, scientific research has shown that they are totally independent from Egyptian cats.

It should be noted that Don sphynx cats are as balanced as Sphynx, but less sociable


The Peterbald is one of the most expensive breeds of cats in the world , some specimens exceed 1,000 euros and this was developed thanks to the crossing of the white oriental cat   and the Donskoy.

These cats have a lean, muscular body, large ears, and a long, whip-like tail. The legs are long and strong, and its thick and dense fur has those wrinkles that make it so original.

How much does a Peterbald cat cost and what are its characteristics?

The Peterbald, like other hairless cats, needs regular baths and special care to protect its delicate skin. In this we explain how to bathe a cat and not die trying.

Elf cat

bald cat

If you like surprises and you are a different person, the elf cat is for you. The most special characteristics of this cat are the total absence of fur on its body and its ears folded , like an elf!

This very special kitten is the result of a cross between Sphynx and American Curl, the cat with croissant ears.  ?

Small curiosity: the elf cat is the heaviest specimen among the hairless breeds: it can weigh up to 10 kg!


The Levkoy is a very recent breed from Ukraine . The first specimen was recognized in 2011 and was born from the crossing of the Donskoy with the Scottish Fold.

The breed is known for ” breaking ” the canons of feline beauty: ears turned inward and no hair on the body.

The character of the Levkoy cats is friendly and their outgoing behavior makes them a perfect life companion.

Bambino cat

The Bambino cat, or simply Bambino, is a very recent specimen born from a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin (one of the smallest cats in the world). The short legs of the Munchkin and the fur of the Egyptian cats are clear proof of the two breeds of which this cute kitten is the fruit.

Like the Sphynx, the colors of this specimen can vary and this cat has large, wide ears and a whip-shaped tail.

Bambino cats also need regular grooming and protection from the sun due to the absence of fur.

How much does a hairless cat cost?

The price of a hairless cat may vary depending on the specimen. Of course, given the rarity of these breeds, the cost can be high: it is estimated that, on average, a “bald” cat costs more than 600 euros.

Our recommendation is adoption since a gesture can change the world of an innocent victim

How to care for a bald cat?

bald cat

It does not matter if we talk about Egyptian cats, bambinos, peterbald … All hairless cats need special attention due to the lack of fur to protect their body. 

One of the veterinary recommendations to take care of the skin of these feline breeds is to bathe them with specific products for them. In this way, your humans will take care of their fur since excess sebum can cause the accumulation of impurities from head to legs . Therefore, it will be necessary to accustom your kitten from an early age to the bath.

⚠⚠ In summer, if your hairless cat goes outside, you should apply a special sun lotion so that it does not burn, while in winter, a sweater will protect it on cold days.

Protect your cat from the cold with these house tricks.

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