How to buy a good cat tree

Cats love heights, climbing the shelves or walking around the tables.

In fact, if you already live with one, you will have noticed that he loves to walk among the vases that you have so well placed on the shelves.

For this type of behavior there is a clear reason, and it is that as they are rather small animals, but fast and agile, they have that wild instinct to flee from predators that could be found in their natural habitat.

That is why there is no better gift for them than a good cat tree.

The cat tree is an essential element that all feline owners should acquire since this object will allow your cat to walk, exercise, play, scratch … Everything you can imagine. Here are the factors to take into account before buying yours.

What is a cat tree?

Without a doubt, the cat tree is one of the star products . They are basically scratching posts and, without one of these at home, your furniture will probably end up all scratched .

In addition to being a scratching post, the tree also works as a bed and as a toy for cats . It usually measures one meter in height divided into several heights, and includes hammocks, beds and all kinds of accessories. There are some taller models that have up to a ceiling, and they must be anchored to the ground for the cat’s safety.

Although almost all are the same size, not all have the same characteristics. That is why it is important to know how to choose which will be the most suitable cat tree according to your situation .

How to buy a good cat tre

How to Select a Good Cat Tree

Advantages of a homemade or purchased cat tree:

The cat tree should always include the following features :

  • Its size must be adequate to accommodate at least two cats of a medium size .
  • In addition to a hammock and several platforms, it also includes a kind of house that can serve as a hiding place for the cat.
  • That the base is wide enough to give it stability.
  • The design should be rather neutral , so that it combines well with all the furniture in the house. I don’t know if you want to buy something different and more extravagant.
  • Simple assembly and have the manual included.
  • That it has a price according to what it offers .

Disadvantages of the cat tree:

You also have to know what the drawbacks could be so you don’t choose a cat tree that is not good.

The main drawback that a scratching post of these characteristics can have is that if your cat is rather large and weighs a lot, it may not work for him .

So in this case it would be better to look for something that can be better adapted to the characteristics of your particular feline.

Reasons to buy a cat tree

1. Satisfy your territorial instinct

Cats are very territorial and one of the things they do to make it known is sharpen their nails. In their natural habitat they would do it by scratching the trunks of the trees but at home they do it with the furniture, in case you do not have a scratcher. With this action they intend to make it known that they live in that territory .

If your kitten has a cat tree, he can satisfy his territorial instinct without destroying anything in the house.

2. They like high places

Cats like to look from the heights and observe everything around them, so they will feel good on the scratching tree .

This type of scratching post is called a tree because it is intended to imitate natural ones, but in this sense they are much more comfortable and practical for cats .

If your feline went outside a lot, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t do it that much anymore, because he already has the tree inside the house to spend time in the heights.

3. Helps them stay active

When the cat spends many hours alone at home, there is the possibility that it will become somewhat listless and inactive, which will lead to weight gain. That can lead to various health problems like diabetes. With a scratcher at home they are sure to find that incentive they need to keep playing and moving even if they are alone.

As a curious fact, you should know that the problem of obesity affects almost 60% of domestic cats, so it is more common than you might think.

4. Release all stress

How to buy a good cat tre

Cat scratchers become quite a game routine for them so, whenever they are nervous or feel restless, they will go to the scratching post because they know that they have guaranteed fun there .

The cat tree helps them to release stress through the distraction that this object provides.

With these little tips you are sure to find the perfect cat tree for your feline. Do not forget that your kitten also needs elements that allow him to be distracted and have fun, and this is, without a doubt, the best option.


Divyesh Patel