How To Calm A Cat: Detect Where Its Stress Comes From And Know How To Calm It

As responsible owners we must be attentive to the signs that a cat may give of being stressed or anxious . Check out techniques for calming a cat!

There are cat breeds that are somewhat more active than others, there are those who like to explore, play hide-and-seek, climb … 

However, from one day to the next you may notice him anxious and even aggressive, or he may do mischief such as breaking things , urinating out of his box, hiding for a long time, losing weight …

How to calm a cat?

The first thing is to find the source of your anxiety and see if its effect is becoming repetitive and interrupting our kitten’s routine.

Identifying and studying their behavior in time can lead you to discover some other condition that is affecting them.

What can cause stress to the cat?

Here is a list of factors that may be taking your cat out of its control zone.

  • Loud noises (in general, cats are not fans of eg fireworks, housework, loud music).
  • new member in the family (maybe a new pet or even someone else).
  • Prolonged absence of his owner (if he has changed houses several times or was abused, this is common for him to cause anxiety).
  • Changes in your routine or space.
  • If you have just been adopted, maybe you may have some trauma.
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How to calm a cat that bites

Sometimes, when the cat does not recognize limits or authority, it tends to bite, because it is more than anything an instinct, in addition, it would not know how to recognize where the game begins or ends.

To correct this behavior you have to avoid yelling ; you have to take it delicately and give it a toy to chew on; He may be confused and think that your hand is the toy, so it would be enough to give him something else to chew on.

If we isolate the cat, it can take it badly and bite even harder later.

In the event that the cat begins to bite with more force or the stimuli are not enough to bite something else, a specialist is necessary.

We must be vigilant because if it bites when we touch a specific place, perhaps it is due to some hidden pain.

How to calm a cat at night

To help you release some stress, you can make use of Bach flowers . Putting a drop or two in your water at night will relax you.

If he has sleep problems , also make sure that when he is resting, nobody bothers him so as not to affect his sleep pattern. 

Other solutions to calm the cat could be linked to a lack of activity, so you can use the following:

  • Put your food and water on top and put a ladder to reach it.
  • Make him homemade toys (with rolls of paper, old fabrics) Play with him and these new toys to keep you in mind.
  • Put a cat scratcher in her food area so she can play too.

Divyesh Patel