How to choose the best dog beds?

What types of dog beds are there? What type of bed can I use in a kernel or for the car?  The bed is one of the most important accessories for the dog . To make a good choice we must know the types that exist in the market, you have basic beds, those that have a light backrest, warm beds for winter In another article we talked about the dog carrier , today about beds.

A good bed will provide the dog with the necessary rest for a healthy life . If the animal feels comfortable, it will not want to stay in yours, or get on the sofa. It is important that the dog wants to sleep in his bed.

How to choose a dog bed

The choice of the dog’s bed will depend on many factors. To choose the best option for bedtime we must take into account the following aspects:

Climate of the place of residence

It is not the same to choose a bed for a city with a hot climate than for one with a cold climate . When selecting the dog’s bed, if your place of residence is hot, the bed should be made of materials that do not give heat. In the coldest places, the beds should be made with warm materials, which protect them from the cold and give them heat .

The size of the dog

The size of the dog has a direct influence on the size of the bed. We should not choose the bed according to the size of the puppy , but the size of the dog when it is an adult. The dog must be able to stretch out on the bed without his limbs coming out of the bed. Otherwise you will not be totally comfortable.

How the dog sleeps

Each dog sleeps in a way so the way he rests is important when choosing his bed. If the dog sleeps rolled up, it is advisable to choose a round bed. If you sleep stretched out, the best option is a rectangular mattress


The most advisable thing is that the mattress can be removed from the base of the rest of the bed in order to wash it. There are some beds that have a cover that can be removed so that it can be washed completely. These are the most recommended to keep the dog’s hygiene in order. It is highly recommended that the bed fabric is waterproof. In this way the liquids that fall into it can be easily removed.

Types of beds

Today we can find a wide variety of beds for our dog. The choice of it will depend on all the factors that we have mentioned above. But the most important thing when looking for a bed for our friend is to find his comfort.

Dogs will spend the whole night in bed, so your comfort is essential for them to be well during the day.

Basic beds

They are made up of a rectangular mat or mattress. The size of the bed varies depending on the model we choose. We can also find them with a rounded or square shape.

It is the most recommended option for large dogs. It is also recommended for animals that tend to change their movements during sleep. If your dog stretches a lot, this bed is his best option.

You must choose the mattress material according to the needs of your dog . You can find a wide variety of options on the market based on size, material or shape. It is important to know the weight of the dog to choose the right firmness for the bed.

Warm beds

They are beds covered by an edge higher than the base of the bed for protection . These beds protect the dog from the cold , as they are covered with a higher edge than the rest of the bed, they create protection for the dog.

There are dogs that prefer to sleep within a closed perimeter , these beds are ideal for those dogs. In hot months they are not the best option.

In the same way as the basic beds, the materials of these beds are very varied. You must choose the material that best suits your friend.

Sofa bed for dogs

Designed for dogs under 30 KGM, made of velvet fabric and PP cotton. The inner pad is removable and washable. With padded outer edge for comfort. Size: 70X50CM.

Songmics dog bed

Made of high-quality, strong and durable Oxford material. Repels water and pet hair. The inner part is very soft and fluffy plush. With a non-irritating filler. Reversible and removable cushion. Two sides one for summer use and one for winter use.

The flange offers greater safety and comfort, the lowered entrance is more accessible for puppies. Multipurpose bed suitable for use inside a doghouse, in the car or at home.Dimensions: 75 x 17 x 58 cm.

Beds adapted for Cages or Knnels

These beds are made up of a single mattress that adapts perfectly to the dog’s cage . More and more people are using cages as a resting place for their dogs. The beds that adapt to the knnels ensure optimal rest for the animal.

For the dog to feel comfortable, the mattress must cover the entire surface of the cage without leaving any gap on the sides.

Orthopedic beds

These beds have a certain function. Apart from providing adequate rest for the dog, they are perfect for older dogs with joint problems .

These beds are made with a Memory Foam mattress that adapts to the position of the animal. They are designed to relieve pain in dogs suffering from bone or joint problems. Although it can also be used by dogs that do not suffer from any abnormality.

When choosing this bed, you have to pay attention to the firmness of the mattress and its thickness. Based on the needs of our animal.

Cage beds

Basic dog bed, Amazon Basic, padded and reinforced – medium size

This bed is designed for cages, carriers. With soft and comfortable polyester fleece cover. Compatible with most cages up to 91 cm long. It has a comfortable edge for dogs to support their heads. The approximate size is 89 x 56 x 6 cm (L x W x H).

Cold beds

These are thin mats that can be put on your usual bed so that the dog sleeps cooler.

Pawaca Pet, summer bed mat

A light and soft mat that makes your pet feel cooler in summer. Dogs have a higher body temperature than us, in summer it is important to think about their comfort. Just by touching this mat you will see what a feeling of comfort and freshness.

Bed furniture

It is an upward trend. Over time it is more common for our dogs to have all the whims they want. There are dogs that prefer to sleep a little higher off the ground. For them there are canine sofas or bed furniture that are raised .

There is a wide variety of canine bed furniture, but the most common are sofas. They can also be easily integrated into the decoration of a house. The materials of these beds are very varied.

Bed supports

Let’s see what type of supports we can find in the market.

Wooden supports

When choosing this material for our dog’s bed, we must take into account its weight. Wood is quite a heavy material. If the dog’s bed is going to be in a fixed place, it is advisable to use these beds. But if we are going to move the animal’s bed, it is not advisable to use wood.

You have to check the woods because they can splinter, we must check that the material is perfectly polished. The important thing about the wooden bed is that it has a mattress that completely covers the base of the bed. You can also cover the edge of the support with a soft material to make it more pleasant for the pet. Today you can find tutorials on how to make a wooden bed for your dog.

Plastic supports

This type of support is one of the most practical in terms of beds to place outdoors . Plastic is a material suitable for any place, it is resistant to water. Plastic beds can be had outdoors without any problem.

The plastic bed mattress should cover the entire base to cushion the dog during its rest.

Cloth supports

Fabric beds are the most common to have inside a house. These beds are very practical if we usually change the place where our dog sleeps. They usually have a removable cover so that it can be easily washed.

These beds are the most comfortable because they weigh very little. In addition, being covered by a fabric it is more comfortable for the pet, since the edges of the bed are soft. The beds are made of cotton or foam rubber and a fabric that covers them, together with a cushion or mattress that usually goes separately.

Composition and materials of the dog bed

There are several options for the base of the dog bed. The mattress is the best option for the bed base . We can find mattresses of different materials.

  • Polyfil filler is one of the most common for dog beds. This filling is made of different recycled materials that make its price very economical . This filling does not cushion the animal correctly, it is recommended for small dogs.
  • The cotton is a classic material for filling the beds pets. It is a very warm and pleasant material for winter. Create a very pleasant atmosphere to protect the puppy from the cold. The mattresses with this filling do not have a very high firmness.
  • Foam rubber mattresses can have different thicknesses. These mattresses have a medium firmness, isolate the ground and provide good comfort to the animal . Ideally, the thickness of the mattress prevents the animal from sinking to the ground with its body. The mattress covers can be made of different materials. The season of the year must be taken into account when choosing the material for the cover.
  • Polyurethane foam mattress . This material is used to make beds for dogs that need a special bed. They are more comfortable than foam rubber ones, they have a medium firmness.
  • Memory Foam mattress It is a material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. It is perfect for adopting the dog’s posture, so that it is very comfortable. This mattress is perfect for dogs with hip problems . It is also the most recommended for animals that have to rest for a while, and for elderly dogs.

Tips for a good choice

The resting place of the dog is necessary for them to have a good development . Dogs spend several hours a day in their bed, and the older they get the more time they will spend in it. That is why it is very important that this place is as comfortable as possible for them.

We must remember that we have to provide them with a winter bed and a summer bed. We change the sheets according to the season of the year and the dogs must also have different beds according to the season.

Elderly dogs spend more time lying down, so we must take into account the age of our dog so that their rest is as comfortable as possible. As well as the materials that make up the bed, since elderly dogs are more delicate and need more comforts.

Regardless of the bed model we want to choose, we must remember that it has to be padded. It is very important that the bed has a thick mattress that is comfortable and isolates them from the ground.

In the colder months we must place a blanket on the dog’s bed so that it can be covered . There are dogs that get inside the blanket even in the hottest months. It is a way of feeling safe and protected, that is why we must leave them a blanket.

Finally, we must remember that we must wash the animal’s bed at least once a month . The dogs are frolicking in the street and they can carry bacteria or small critters. It is best if the bed has a cover that can be removed for easy washing.

If we can choose organic and natural materials for the bed fabrics it will be more pleasant for our pet.

We must check our pet’s bed regularly to verify that it is in good condition. Mattresses wear out over time and need to be replaced. We must provide a good resting place for our pets.

Divyesh Patel