How to know when a dog is an adult

Knowing the age of our dog is important to know what care and feeding are necessary. If you already have a dog, or if you plan to adopt one , this information may interest you. In this article we explain how to know when a dog is an adult .

How to know when a dog is an adult

If our dog has grown up with us, it will be logical that we know its age and notice the different vital stages it goes through. However, we must be aware of certain changes that will take place throughout its life cycle.
From a certain moment, the animal will leave the puppy phase and will become an adult dog. How to know exactly and what changes this new stage implies?

We have all heard that each year a dog has a birthday is equal to that of a human one multiplied by between 7 and 9.

However, this formula is still quite inaccurate , since the result obtained from applying it does not fully conform to the real stages through which the animal passes. In addition, they do not exactly correspond to those that humans go through.
On the other hand, each dog breed has its own life cycle. And if this were not enough, sex is also decisive:  Females reach adulthood before males.

Even within the same breed, each dog has different genetics that make it go through each stage at different speeds.

However, we can know when a dog is an adult based on its breed, based on the following scale:

  • If it is a  small breed , the dog reaches adulthood between 9 months and a year .
  • If it is of a  medium breed   , it will reach adulthood between a year and a year and a half .
  • In large breeds,  dogs reach adulthood at 2 years .
  • If it is of a giant breed, adulthood is between 2 and a half years and 3 years .

As we can see, the adult stage comes much later the older the breed .

Symptoms of adulthood in dogs

In addition to this scale, there are a series of signs that will tell us when a dog is an adult

The first and most obvious is of character: Our dog will have left behind his stage of rebellion that, as in humans, defines his adolescence.

Another indication is that our furry friend will no longer grow and will have fully developed.

Other symptoms to know when a dog is an adult are:

  • The dog will appear a little more sedentary and appeased.
  • His passion for the game is no longer so intense
  • Does not like to exercise, jump or run so much
  • Breathe more slowly
  • Shows a more defined personality, leaving behind his shy character

The fact that an adult dog is physically and psychologically healthy will depend on its quality of life in its puppy phase and that it has an  imprinting .

In this sense, it is essential that upon reaching adulthood, our dog is properly socialized and trained.

How to calculate the age of the adult dog

As we have already said before, adulthood is the longest stage in the entire life cycle of the dog. This stage has different processes that will allow us to know their degree of youth or maturity:

From the first year and a half of life to two and a half years, we will appreciate a wear of their lower central incisors that adopt a square shape.

Between about three and four and a half years, your lower incisors become completely square from wear and tear.

From five to six years of age, greater wear of the upper incisors begins to be seen , which is also an indication that our friend is in his pre-  old age years .

From the age of six all the teeth will show clear wear and the fangs will also become more square. They also  lose some of their sharpness . It is also possible that the dog loses a tooth, although this will depend a lot on its diet, dental care and quality of life.

Generally, from the age of 7 , most breeds begin to enter their old age period.

Adult dog feeding

By the time our dog reaches adulthood, we must change the type of diet and reduce its daily rations. The feed puppies is different from the feed you need an adult dog.

If we do not make this change, the dog may suffer a  nutritional imbalance due to excess or lack of proteins and lipids.

We must know that puppy food contains a different amount of proteins and lipids , which are usually much higher than in the feed indicated for the adult animal. This can affect your health and could even lead you to quickly become overweight. This is why it is so important that we control not only the amount you eat each day, but also the type of feed.

Divyesh Patel