How to make a dog cake step by step

How to make a dog cake step by step

As with our family and loved ones, when a day comes for our dog like his birthday, we like to give him a treat so that he enjoys it and feels good. For this, there is nothing better than a delicious cake for dogs made with all our love.

The recipe to make a cake suitable for dogs is very simple, practically the same as that of a traditional cake but with some small changes, to make it more delicious and above all digestible for them.

We are going to explain how to do it step by step, in a very simple way and using very common ingredients such as flour, eggs or chicken. Are you ready?

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Meatloaf recipe for dogs

We all know that what our dogs like the most is meat, so the cake could not contain another main ingredient that was not precisely that, meat. A little chicken, beef or lamb can be used to make this simple recipe.

The first thing we need is to get all the ingredients, most of them we will have at home but if we are missing any, we simply have to go to the supermarket and take it to get red-handed.


Ingredients needed to make a dog cake:

  • 250 grams of flour (white or whole wheat, although if it is a better mixture).
  • Three fresh chicken eggs.
  • 250 grams of minced chicken, beef or lamb meat (without skin or bones).
  • A small spoonful of yeast.
  • A thimble of olive oil.
  • A natural yogurt (optional).
  • Natural pork pate (optional for decoration / filling).

The preparation of this cake for dogs is very simple, we simply have to use a large container where we can mix all the ingredients until we get a homogeneous dough.

Once we have the container / bowl, we will add the eggs without the shell and beat them, then we will add the flour little by little to avoid lumps, if we sift it it will be much easier.

Once we have the dough more or less prepared, we will add the yeast, oil and minced meat, mixing everything thoroughly so that it is well homogeneous. Adding a little yogurt is optional, many dogs eat plain yogurt without making them feel bad, but others do not tolerate it very well.

If you have tried it before and you know that your dog tolerates yogurt, you can add half yogurt or a whole yogurt to the batter. The measure varies depending on the consistency of the dough itself, if it is very loose add only a little, if it is very hard add more.

Honey can also be an optional ingredient that gives it a touch of sweetness, the benefits of honey in dogs are proven although sun.

We must add a small tablespoon at most.

Once we have all the ingredients well kneaded, we will spread a little oil in the cake pan (thus preventing the dough from sinking while it cooks) and pour the dough into it.

We will heat the oven to one hundred and ninety degrees and we will put the cake in its mold for twenty or thirty minutes. The way to know if it is well cooked is to prick it with a stick or fork, if it comes out clean (without dough remains) the cake is ready.

Once we remove it from the oven, we must wait for it to cool completely, at least for one or two hours. We already have our dog cake ready !! But … what if we want to give it a special touch?

We can cover the cake with a little natural pork pate or open the cake in half and spread pate inside, as a filling. Your puppy will go crazy enjoying his delicious cake !!

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How should I give my dog ​​his cake?

It is best to cut the cake for dogs into small portions and give them little by little, if your dog is medium or small you can save part of the cake to distribute it in a couple of days.

Remember that the cake is a gift for special occasions, it should never be permanently replaced by your daily diet. If your dog is allergic to any of the ingredients used, obviously you should not give him cake or make a cake without that particular ingredient.

The temperature of the cake is very important, dogs can eat it even fresh from the oven and get burned. That is why we must make sure that it is completely cold before serving it. If your dog is very small to eat a cake, you can always prepare some cupcakes for dogs. Enjoy it!

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