Ideal Tips For Special Care Of Your Iguana

If you are a lover of iguanas and wish to have one as a pet at home, you will have to take into account some special considerations to give it the well-being it deserves, taking into account that it could live up to 30 years, as long as it is in a suitable size terrarium, with a balanced diet, at the temperature it needs and enjoying appropriate company.

The iguana is an arboreal lizard found in Central and South America. This same one today is usually one of the exotic pets preferred by people, since they can be raised at home comfortably. However, their care requires much dedication, as such action is not as easy as it seems.

A pet like this is so delicate that it could even die if you don’t give it the care it needs once you decide to keep it at home. This happens mainly because we are talking about an animal that is used to different environmental needs, as well as special feeding at all times.

That’s why, below, we’ll give you some special tips to help you create an ideal habitat where the reptile can feel comfortable and protected, so that by providing a good diet daily you can observe how it grows strong and healthy, without any anomalies in its physical development.

Location of the terrarium

The direct contact that the iguanas have with the sun’s rays is very important, because only in this way can the iguanas properly assimilate the vitamin D available in their food. Some experts mention that the absorption of UVB and UVA rays is very important, since they end up being the most important during their growth and development.

In case you keep the iguana in the best available terrarium at home, you should change the UVA/UVB light source every 6 months or depending on the brand once a year. This is because traditional fluorescent bulbs tend to provide a maximum number of hours of production of the above-mentioned rays. After they are exhausted, even if the outbreak is still in place, it will no longer be providing the animal with the benefits it needs. You can also provide natural light by placing the terrarium in a place where the sun’s rays can reach your pet.

Feed your iguana properly

Depending on the type of food you can offer the iguana you decide to adopt, it will be able to enjoy a strong and healthy growth. That is why it is recommended to feed it many vegetables, since it is an herbivorous animal, as well as fruits to complement its diet making it the most balanced.

In this sense, some of the most recommended vegetables to feed the iguana are turnip greens, mustard greens, as well as dandelion, cabbage, kale or even the famous lettuce leaf. Spinach could also be a good choice in addition to broccoli, cauliflower, and even parsley. It should be noted that you could even create a combination between several leaves to provide the iguana with the nutrients it needs every day.

An easy and convenient way to supplement your diet is to put fruit in your food, which could be strawberry, mango, papaya, apple, melon, blueberry or banana.

It should be noted that some people also choose to buy special food for the iguanas in a pet shop, which consists of dried granules that you could easily mix with their vegetables and fruit.

Have a good terrarium where the iguana can live

A suitable place to live is also a fundamental aspect of having an iguana with you at home. This way, you should choose a good terrarium with considerable dimensions, taking into account that an iguana can be up to two meters long.

There are terrariums of all sizes on the market, however one with dimensions of 2 meters deep, 2 meters wide and 2 meters long would not be bad to guarantee a large and comfortable space for the iguana to move around, even more so when we know that this specific animal enjoys running, climbing branches and moving constantly.

Also, you should not forget the possibility of adapting such a terrarium in a similar way to the habitat the iguana is used to. Therefore, it includes branches that you can climb, as well as stones and trunks where you can rest.

Clean the terrarium constantly

In addition to providing the iguana with a good terrarium to live in with adequate dimensions so that it can move and climb, you should keep it in the best possible condition. In this way, it removes the stained substrate from inside, as well as the remaining broken objects every week. Also, clean up any bits of food that may be left over after feeding, and put clean water in it each day so that it can stay hydrated. In this way, the iguana will be able to enjoy the comfort it deserves.


Make sure it’s the right temperature

As we already know, iguanas are cold-blooded reptiles, so you must contribute to helping them maintain their body temperature to prevent them from becoming sick or even dying. To do this, you can go to a pet shop and buy a special light that you can easily install in the terrarium. In this sense, being an animal from warm climates and tropical environments should be kept between 26 and 30 degrees centigrade.

Offer him good company

This animal is usually very solitary, so if you want to provide it with good company you should consider opting for an iguana of the opposite sex. Male iguanas are usually very territorial and when they notice the company of another iguana of the same sex in the same space, they may adopt very aggressive behavior. If so, you should choose a female to keep him company and quiet.




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