How to teach a dog to come to your call

We all know that there are very obedient dogs that come to the call of their owners in any situation and that other dogs, however, play deaf, completely ignoring the owner no matter how much he calls.

This is actually a negative thing, because in the supposed case that the dog is loose and in a dangerous situation, if we call him and he does not obey, the situation may end badly. Chasing a cat, crossing busy roads, or straying too far …

Teaching a dog to come to your call is possibly the most important canine education exercise and also the simplest. From Proactivepetproducts, we are going to explain what you should do to teach your dog with some simple tips.

Use food as a claim

The weak point of a dog is food, since its smell is incredibly developed. If we take a sausage as an example and break it into small pieces, we will have a lot of prizes to educate our dog.

The exercise to teach your dog to come to your call is very simple, we will start by taking a walk down the street or in the park with the dog on a leash. A medium strap is enough, between one and two meters long.

We will always use the same word to call you, first using your name and then the order. For example, if our dog is called “Rufo”, we will say “Rufo Here!” And when you look at us, we will give you a prize (piece of sausage) and we will congratulate you very much. This is called teaching with positive reinforcement .

dog looking at the camera

It is very important to give him lots of caresses in addition to his prize, so that he feels our positive energy, so that he feels that we are really happy. We will continue with the walk repeating this technique every five minutes.

At home we can also practice it without a leash, since there is no danger of it escaping. But on the street or in the park, for the moment always on a leash to avoid escapes and accidents.

It is necessary to repeat this exercise for five or seven days, so that the dog fully associates the command with a treat and something positive. After that time, we will change our dog’s leash for a longer one, an extendable one or one of more than five meters.

We will let the dog move away while we walk, knowing that it does not pose a danger because even if it moves away it will have the leash on. When he’s away sniffing his things … we’ll give him the order “Rufus Here!” and we will give him his prize and many caresses and congratulations, as always.

We will repeat these sessions for at least three to four weeks, in this way our dog will learn to always come to our call. Later on we can go to a dog park or mountainous area where it does not pose a danger (cars, roads, etc …) and practice with the dog loose, without a leash.

Remember that you should always give him his reward when he obeys, as it is absolutely necessary for him to positively relate the exercise.

Reasons why a dog decides not to come to your call

Although we correctly teach this exercise to our dog, we must remember that they are animals that are guided by their instincts. and some of those instincts are sometimes stronger than his human’s command.

For example, cats, there are many dogs that impulsively chase cats as if they were hunting prey. Most of these dogs go completely blind as instinct is stronger than everything else.

gloomy shot of a dog

The more we practice the exercise of coming to your call with the dog, the more likely it is that the chase will stop and he will listen to you. But don’t be overly angry if he ignores you, because the primary instincts of dogs have amazing power over them.

Another reason why a dog may ignore you is out of fear, if you have used violence on occasion, the dog will not trust you. Never, under any circumstances should you attack your dog, because they will always remember it.


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