How to travel by plane with a cat: everything you need to know before buying the ticket

Do you want to take your pussycat on vacation but you have no idea how to do it? Tranquility! Traveling by plane with your cat is simple, fast and cheap. We give you the best advice for your kitten, do not suffer and you rest easy.

Are you one of those people who cannot be separated from your cat for a second? Don’t worry, the same thing happens to me too, and that’s why I want to take it everywhere, even facing the fact of traveling by plane with a cat. The first time I thought about traveling with him by plane, I had a thousand doubts that were resolved with the help of my friends who have cats and my veterinarian . Today is the time to share with you this travel guide for felines and humans.

How to travel by plane with a cat: everything you need to know before buying the ticket

Flying by plane with a cat: which airlines allow you to do it?

They have the last word because none is obliged to transport cats around the world . Each company has the power to decide whether and how it carries felines on board. The first thing you should do is check that the airline accepts your cat and what its conditions are . Then you only have to buy a plane ticket for your pet. That is the first step if you want to travel by plane with your cat.

How much does it cost to fly with a cat?

Remember that traveling with animals increases the price of the plane even if they are in their carrier or on your knees. All this information can be found in more detail on the websites of the airlines, although prices range between 50 and 250 USD.

Requirements to travel by plane with your cat

1. Documentation necessary to travel by plane with your cat

Yes, your cat needs a passport ! Do not be scared, getting it is very easy since veterinarians are in charge of doing it when they put the chip on your feline. Your cat’s medical history is reflected in the document .  As well as your pet’s vaccination record. However, to visit certain countries they may ask you for more information. Before flying with your pussy, find out well at the State Embassy you are going to visit.

2. What carrier should I use to travel by plane with my cat?

When we travel with our cat, one of our main concerns is that it does not suffer and that it is as comfortable as possible during the journey. Well, for that, it is essential to choose a suitable carrier that also meets the safety standards required by the airline you are going to use (you will also find these on their website).

How to travel by plane with a cat: everything you need to know before buying the ticket

The exact measurements of a cat’s carrier when traveling by plane

When we talk about the cat carrier to take it by plane there are some basic rules for it to travel with you. Normally, companies let cats weighing less than 8 kilos (including the carrier) get on board. “If your cat is chubby, it must travel in the hold of the plane for security reasons,” says the worker.

At this point it is also important to know that the carrier must fit under your seat so that your cat can go with you in the cabin of the plane. If not, the company has the right to tell you that your pet will not be able to make the journey with you.

Tips for traveling by plane with a cat

1. Do not give him food or drink

According to Jose, veterinarian, your cat should not eat anything two hours before starting the trip so that he does not want to relieve himself during the journey. It may seem cruel but it is for their good since you cannot carry their sand in the carrier . Can you imagine what he will suffer if he wants to relieve himself and cannot?

2. How to pass the airport security control if I travel with a cat?

Your cat also has to go through airport security before catching the plane. It is recommended that you arrive at the air base with enough time because you will have to remove it from its carrier to go through the belt .

The most normal thing is that they tell you to take it out of its bag and put it in a plastic box to pass the X-rays or, if the ground personnel are friendly that day, to walk with it in your arms through the arch. Kittens are usually stressed by these types of situations, especially if the spaces are full of people and with a lot of noise. Don’t forget to bring a leash to prevent her from running around the airport.

Divyesh Patel