Hypoallergenic Dog Beds and Blankets – Dust Mite Free Beds

Hypoallergenic Dog Beds and Blankets – Dust Mite Free Beds

Vetbed dog beds are renowned for their comfort as well as their durability and their hypoallergenic nature which has made them flagship products in the canine sphere.

Indeed, when you have a dog sensitive to dust mites and bacteria – or if you are allergic yourself – it is essential to maintain a healthy environment, the least favorable for the proliferation of allergenic and infectious agents .

For convalescent, fragile, newborn dogs, or simply for your healthy companions who deserve a quality bed, Vetbed carpets are perfect accessories which constitute a durable and economical solution.

So what about these accessories that do not look good, but are praised by canine health professionals?

This article provides an overview of Vetbed beds and the features that have made them famous.

What are Vetbed dog beds?

Vetbed is a brand of hypoallergenic carpets registered by the British group Petlife, specialized in the marketing of accessories for dogs, cats and small pets since 1993.

Vetbed carpets, produced in the United Kingdom, have made the reputation of the Petlife group thanks to their high quality and their hypoallergenic character recognized by veterinarians.

Their hollow polyester fibers are designed to keep your dogs warm and dry thanks to their draining qualities, an asset that has made them the king carpet for breeders wishing to keep very young puppies at the right temperature.

In fact, Vetbed carpets have become a real reference among professionals in the canine world, and we find them both with breeders and with educators, veterinarians and associations dedicated to animal protection.

Vetbed offers three ranges of beds which are distinguished exclusively by their thickness and density.

Why buy a Vetbed bed for your dog?

Vetbed carpets are above all soft and comfortable beds for our four-legged friends, whose high quality makes them one of the safest values ​​on the canine market.

Its durable and robust material resists destructive dogs, while providing appreciable softness and comfort to your doggie.

Particularly draining, the fibers of Vetbed carpets allow your pet to always stay dry and warm, a point which is especially important for young puppies and recovering dogs.

One of the most interesting aspects of Vetbed carpets is their hypoallergenic nature, which reduces the risk of skin, ophthalmological and respiratory diseases in sensitive dogs.

It is this characteristic that has mainly attracted professionals, and in particular veterinarians, who are concerned about reducing the health risks for their patients.

On the breeders’ side, Vetbed beds are especially attractive for their ability to keep newborn puppies warm, unable to regulate their body temperature by themselves.

As for the masters, they are sensitive to the comfort these carpets offer their animals and the ease of maintenance of this accessory.

Indeed, Vetbed carpets are anti-static to prevent the accumulation of hair and dust, and can be machine washed up to 95 ° C for complete disinfection.

This operation must however remain occasional so as not to damage the carpet, which should preferably be washed at 40 ° C for normal maintenance.

Finally, Vetbed beds all have a non-slip ribbed rubber coating to adhere well to the floor of your home and stay perfectly in place in a transport cage.


Vet bed hypoallergenic mats: for which dogs?

Vetbed carpets are for all dogs, especially since they are not particularly expensive in terms of their multiple qualities and durability.

They are however particularly recommended for dogs more fragile or sensitive than the others.

Newborn puppies

puppy sleeping

Young puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature and can therefore quickly fall into hypothermia, putting their lives at risk.

In principle, they must be kept warm at all times by their mother, but sometimes her mother does not fulfill her role perfectly – if at all.

This is particularly the case for bitches that are too young, too immature, in bad shape, very tired or simply absent (death, hospitalization, running away, etc.).

Whether the mother is away from time to time or does not take care of her puppies at all, it is up to the master to ensure that the newborns stay warm.

Vetbed carpets can fulfill this function thanks to their draining material and their fibers designed to retain heat.

In the event that the dog has completely abandoned its role as mother, it is nevertheless necessary to provide a heating system in addition to the carpet to protect the puppies from hypothermia.

Sensitive or allergic dogs

Some dogs are more sensitive than others and tend to exhibit allergic reactions that can be caused by the mites on their carpets.

Vetbed hypoallergenic carpets reduce the risk of allergies not only thanks to their draining fiber which promotes the maintenance of a healthier environment by reducing the proliferation of allergenic agents, but also thanks to their ease of maintenance.

Indeed, Vetbed carpets are machine washable, and can withstand temperatures up to 95 ° C.

It is recommended to wash them regularly at 40 ° C, and to pass them occasionally at 95 ° C in order to completely eliminate the agents responsible for the allergies of your companion.

Also, Vetbed carpets are designed in an antistatic material which allows to easily suck the dog hair for a regular dry maintenance.

Convalescent dogs

blck dog sleeping

Convalescent dogs need rest. To do this, they must feel comfortable enough to sleep on both ears.

Vetbed beds are ideal for reducing your companion’s stress by providing a soft, always warm and dry place to doze.

Many veterinarians and associations also use Vetbed dog beds to significantly improve the comfort of their residents and comfort them.

Destructive dogs

Very resistant, Vetbed beds are perfect for destructive animals who are used to attack their basket or the furniture of the house.

However, it should be noted that this accessory is not a lasting solution to a destructive dog: it is important to understand the cause of the unwanted behavior of your dog to hope to remedy it.

Boredom, stress, discomfort, physical pain or hyperactivity can be the source of abnormal behavior in dogs.

Faced with a destructive dog that puts you at an impasse, I therefore advise you to turn to a veterinarian or a specialist in canine behavior.

However, a destructive dog must also be distinguished from a dog playing with its carpet, the latter attitude being normal and should never be subject to sanctions.

Where to buy a hypoallergenic Vetbed dog mat?

dog in bed with 2 females

Vetbed beds are distributed by many brands in France and throughout Europe, whether by physical companies or online.

It is possible to find them in pet stores, at certain veterinarians, as well as on generalist websites or dedicated to pet accessories.

The company Petlife also markets Vetbed beds on its own website, the prices are however expressed in British pounds.

Finally, the giants of general online or direct sales (Amazon.com, supermarkets, etc.) are also likely to offer products of the Vetbed brand.

Masters’ opinions on Vetbed hypoallergenic dog beds

brown dog lying down

The quality of Vetbed dog beds is not disputed by owners who readily recognize the comfort of these accessories, their high quality and their resistance to repeated machine washes.

Some rowdy dog ​​owners still have doubts about the strength of carpets that want to be destructive to animals.

The dogs who put their heart into the work would apparently manage to overcome the Vetbed carpets without much difficulty …

An advantage that some consumers raise lies in the ease of cutting the carpets which are specifically designed to be able to be resized in order to adopt the size desired by the master (for example, to fit perfectly in a transport case).

The double weaving in polyester of the Vetbed beds allows them not to taper after a touch-up with scissors, and it is very practical and economical to be able to buy a large bed to divide it into several small ones.

To conclude

dog sleeping

You now know everything there is to know about Vetbed carpets and why their success with canine experts.

Simple to clean and hypoallergenic, they provide a hygienic environment for your dog, which is particularly important for a fragile or sensitive animal.

Their high quality makes them durable products, the purchase of which quickly pays for itself over time and is not generally regretted by the masters.

And you ?

Have you tested the Vetbed bed for your faithful companion? Share your experience or ask us your questions in the comments!


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