I think Bozita Original 21/10 for adult dogs with normal activity

Within the range of dry dog ​​food, there is different demand depending on the furry ones. For example, we have already spoken at the time of natural food for dogs.

In this case, we are entering a simpler field (and economic for the pocket). They are the feed for dogs with normal needs. If your dog friend doesn’t have allergies or food intolerances, you’re both in luck! Also, if your furry’s physical activity is normal, this I think is for you!

Know in depth the composition and ingredients of Bozita Original 21/10 feed for adult dogs. We will also tell you about the characteristics and opinions that real clients have about this feed.

Characteristics, composition, and ingredients of the feed


This I think is intended to be a complete and balanced food for dogs from 12 months of age. Its combination of nutrients makes it a gallop feed between standard and premium. Let’s see why.

High content in Omega 3 and 6 for a shiny coat : Its content of fatty acids from salmon make this a wonderful food full of ideal nutrients for your dog. This is the case of its content of fatty acids that keep the skin free of eczema and the coat shiny.

Animal protein for a hypoallergenic food : Although this feed is not designed to meet the specific needs of furry animals with specific needs due to intolerances or allergies, its content in chicken and other proteins and fats is quite efficient. I think Bozita Original 21/10 is ideal for dogs with normal needs but who do not like foods with high carbohydrate content (grains such as wheat).

Food for dogs of all breeds and weights : Unlike other feed, this is available for medium and large breeds. We already know that Mini and Toy dogs need a specific feed and, in many cases, it has to be a Light feed .

Maintaining a healthy immune system: It is common for vitamins A or D to be included in amounts large enough so that dogs with normal needs have the right nutrients so that their defenses are high. This avoids possible illnesses.

This is a maintenance feed so if your dog has specific needs it will be necessary for you to opt for a more specific food.


At an analytical level, this feed contains the following components; crude protein (21%), crude fat (10%), moisture (10%), crude ash (6.5%), crude fiber (3%), calcium (1.1%) and phosphorus (0.9% ).


On the one hand, the ingredients of Bozita Original 21/10 feed are chicken (16% dry chicken and 4% Swedish fresh chicken), whole wheat, animal fat, meat and bone meal, chicken broth, corn germ , hydrolyzed chicken, Scandinavian beet pulp, flaxseed, mineral nutrients and yeast.

On the other hand, we find nutritional additives that include certain minerals and vitamins essential for the life of our furry ones. Bozite includes vitamin A (9700 IU / Kg), vitamin D3 (020 IU / Kg), vitamin E (alpha tocopherol – 60 mg / kg), copper (copper sulfate – 5.3 mg / kg).

Recommended daily allowance

Dog Weight (kg) Daily dose (g) Daily dose (dl)
1-5 40-115 1-3
5-10 115-180 3-5
10-20 180-290 5-8
20-30 290-380 8-10
30-40 380-460 10-12
50-70 540-680 14-17
Recommended daily dose

We must not forget, however, that each dog has nutritional needs, so before changing your dog’s diet, it is advisable that you consult with the veterinary specialist. Ultimately, he will be the one who will provide the most information.

Price of the Bozita Classic 21/10 feed and, where to buy the feed?

Feed price

The cost of this feed depends on the container. The most common is 12 kg with a price of approximately € 30 (may vary depending on the establishment where it is purchased).

Where to buy the feed?

Bozita products are much cheaper if purchased in bulk although, obviously, when you only have one furry, this solution is not very useful.

Opt for large containers and online shipping. Normally the companies that serve the peninsula tend to have very cheap prices for shipping costs.

Feed opinions

The Bozita Classic product has not generated many customer opinions but, nevertheless, as a global review, it does stand out from the Bozita feed that has a high palatability and that dogs love due to its taste and texture.

In this case, the client assured that he had tried several premium feed without results while the Bozita loved his furry one.

Feed conclusions

If you are looking for a Super Premium feed you will not find it in this one. Bozita seeks a price optimization with an acceptable but not excessive quality.

Hence, it has a balanced combination of grains and proteins (but the fact that it has wheat rules out this feed as a Premium or Super Premium).

Its characteristics are the basic ones for a dog without digestive problems, allergies, intolerances or excessive activity to maintain a healthy life. This feed is not very suitable for dogs with specific dietary needs, such as those that tend to gain weight.

The conclusion we draw is that if what you are looking for is an inexpensive and good-tasting feed for dogs of breeds without great nutritional difficulties, this is your food!

Divyesh Patel