I think Fochert Puppies

When we talk about these puppy food we always refer to comparisons of nutritious foods that maintain that delicate balance that must exist in this delicate stage of your pet’s life.

Fochert Puppies is manufactured to meet the specific needs in the first phase of growth . Know the characteristics, ingredients, composition, prices and formats. You can also find out more about what other customers are saying. Nurture your doggy friend the same way you would your family!

Characteristics, composition and ingredients of Fochert Puppies


I think Fochert Puppies of 15 kg is a complete nutritional product ideal to strengthen the immune system of your best friend from the first moment. Newborn furry babies tend to be in more fragile health and are more prone to disease and infection. This is why Fochert includes several vitamins, lecithin, and copper .

Unlike adult dogs that can be fed lamb feed , puppies must eat animal derivatives with higher digestibility. Fochert includes chicken in his diet. Also cereals that facilitate gastrointestinal function at these ages.

This is the case of rice. In addition, Omega 3 and 6 are added to maintain healthy skin and coat during the first months of life. Do not forget that at these ages they are very susceptible to dermatitis and other skin problems.

Fochert Puppies feed is guaranteed to be free of artificial colors, preservatives or flavorings . It includes antioxidants such as BHA / BHT that are included among those approved by the European Union.

Finally, we must add to all this that the small Fochert Puppies croquettes facilitate swallowing. We cannot forget that such small furry animals have a very small mouth and stomach. With these snacks adapted to their age, possible choking or discomfort when eating is avoided.


It is extracted from guaranteed analysis that it contains 30% crude protein (of which 26% is derived from chicken), 19.5% crude fat, 2.5% crude fiber, 6.5% of crude ash, 8% crude ash, 12g / kg of calcium, 10g / kg of phosphorus and 3.5g / kg of sodium.


The ingredients of Fochert Cachorros are meat and animal derivatives (mainly chicken), cereals (minimum 14% rice), minerals, oils and fats, vegetable products, eggs and derivatives, fish and derivatives, molluscs and crustaceans.

Food additives are vitamin A (20,000 IU), Vitamin D3 (2,000 IU), Vitamin E (dl-a- tocopherolacetate) 250 mg, copper (cupric sulfate, pentahydrate) 13.4 mg, and lecithin 5.0 g / kg.

Recommended daily allowance

Feed price and, Where to buy Fochert Puppies?


The price of Fochert Puppies per 15 kg container is 29 euros. Keep in mind that feed that is designed to meet specific needs are usually more expensive. As your dog grows you can choose cheaper ones such as Friskies feed .

Where to buy the feed?

This type of special feed is found in online bird shops and especially in the Fochert company’s own store. Between one and the other there is usually a price difference of up to 4-5 euros.

Feed opinions

A true opinion of these feed is the following:

« I think for the weaning of dog puppies contains cereals as the first ingredient, does not offer information on the ingredients, contains unspecified meats and derivatives, (of the sum of these 26% come from chicken) all the ingredients that follow are shown with ambiguous terms, without giving important information about each ingredient, the labeling is not clear and the quality of the product cannot be assessed, it is a basic product preserved with controversial chemical antioxidants, the company assures that it does not use chemical products “.

In general, opinions are mixed. The positive point that stands out is that it is an inexpensive feed to be weaned, while on its negative side, it is reproached for including chemical antioxidants (although the latter is not corroborated by the brand but assures that it does not contain anything chemical.


  • Protects the immune system : Thanks to the vitamins it contains, the puppy’s immune system will be protected.
  • Shiny and healthy hair: The protein as well as the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are ideal for maintaining the health of the skin and hair, avoiding dermatitis and other hair problems.
  • Free of GMOs:  Despite some opinions on the matter, Fochert assures that their feed does not contain GMOs or preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings. They only include BHA / BHT which are equivalent to E320 and E321.

In short, Fochert Puppies is a feed with an economic profile with mixed evaluations by customers.

Divyesh Patel