I Think For Adult Dogs: Opinions

I Think For Adult Dogs Opinions

In addition to feed with all kinds of formulas and combinations of ingredients, in the market we can find feed designed for each age of the dog. That is, at each age and with dogs without any pathology, they have specific nutritional requirements.

Currently, we can find endless brands on the market and all of them, with some ingredients or others. This means that people who have less experience are totally lost when it comes to choosing a type of food and brand.

We, as owners, must provide them with everything they need. That is why in the following article we want to tell you everything you need about  food for adult dogs. We will tell you!

I think for adult dogs

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Just as puppies have some needs, adult dogs have others. In the market you will see that within the feed for adult dogs, there is a lot of variety. Light feed, for dogs with a lot of physical activity and a long etcetera.

We will focus on food for adult dogs in  maintenance,  that is, they provide just what is necessary so that the dogs neither lose nor gain weight, that is, they maintain it. This type of feeding is perfect for those dogs that are between the ages of 2 and 6-7 years of age. From 7-8 years of age, it would be necessary to start feeding with a Senior feed.

The ingredients can be of many types: chicken feed, pork feed, lamb feed … the protein source is chosen by you when you buy the feed.

But, what are the main characteristics of a food for adult dogs?

Characteristics of the feed for adult dogs

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The main characteristics of a feed that obtains all the nutrients are:  the quality and quantity of the feed. That is, the higher its quality, the better it will be for your health.

Regarding the quantity, in principle we must give the quantity stipulated by the manufacturer of said feed. If we give it more, our dog may get fat with all the health problems that this entails and if we give it less, it does not get all the nutrients and it would start to lose weight, which is also not healthy.

  • In all feed, the most important thing is protein. The raw material that contributes the most can be meat or fish. Within this, we know that its quality must be the best possible and not include by-products, since it reduces its biological value and therefore its quality. With vegetables, it is better that we also avoid feed with many by-products.
  • If we talk about cereals, we must say that these are not necessary. Avoiding feed that contains cereals, such as wheat or corn, makes the quality better. This is because cereals are not very useful and digestible by dogs, and many manufacturers use them as food to lower costs. Rice, on the other hand, is much better than those previously named. Although yes, they must be in the correct amounts and never be the main ingredient.
  • Fruits and vegetables in small portions can be very beneficial for intestinal transit.
  • All feed will have a percentage of ashes. This is completely normal and always better the smaller your percentage.
  • The highest quality feed contains everything you need in small portions.

In other words, in summary, the feed must be of the best possible quality, in the right quantity and, if possible, avoiding cereals.

Brands and opinions of feed for adult dogs

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As a general rule, all brands of feed contain various types for adult dogs, including maintenance, which is the standard. There are them with all kinds of formulas and prices, and here are some examples:

  • Nutro Adult Maintenance. The ingredients are as follows: dehydrated chicken meat (min. 27%), rice (17%), whole wheat, poultry fat (7%), corn protein, wheat flour, dehydrated beet pulp, sodium chloride , dry beer yeast, potassium chloride, vegetable fibers, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, fish oil (0.3%), dehydrated seaweed, rosemary extract.

This feed contains dehydrated chicken meat as the main ingredient, although later it has cereals like wheat or corn, even in the form of by-products.

Among the opinions on the networks we find the following:

  • Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Small Breeds. The ingredients are as follows: dehydrated chicken and turkey (32%), wheat, corn, animal fat, rice, barley, animal protein hydrolyzate, dehydrated beet pulp (3.1%), dehydrated whole egg, potassium chloride, fish oil, linseed, sodium chloride, sodium hexametaphosphate, fructooligosaccharides (0.28%), calcium carbonate.

In this case, the protein source is poultry (chicken and turkey). It also contains cereals, such as corn, wheat, and rice.

And you, what do I think you wear? Remember that before any anomaly or symptoms that indicate that our dog may have some pathology, you should not hesitate to go to the vet. Food is one of the fundamental pillars of your health and it should have the importance it deserves. Consult your veterinarian about feeding changes so that he can advise you.

Divyesh Patel