I think Hill’s Prescription Digestive Care i / d for digestive sensitivity

Hill’s Prescription feed varieties are defined as veterinary dry foods that aim to solve various ailments and diseases that can affect our dogs. Hill’s Prescription Digestive Care i / d is the feed indicated for all those dogs that have digestive discomfort as well as gastric sensitivity . These are dogs that can suffer from colic, food allergies or alterations in the shape, texture and smell of the feces and that usually suffer from lack of treatment.

This brand had already proposed alternatives to diseases and disorders as in the case of Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Mini Chicken for small puppies. Unless you are looking for a high-end standard food like Arion Friends Winner, this is a good alternative for gastric ailments to end forever. That said, we invite you to know all the characteristics of the feed to make sure that it is what your dog needs.

Hill’s Prescription Digestive Care i / d Features

The combination of nutrients are included in Hill’s guarantee of excellence that ensures that gastric discomfort can be resolved in just 3 days from the start of treatment. Before taking this type of feed, however, you always have to contact your vet to prescribe it.

  • High digestibility : We are faced with a feed that aims to eliminate gastric discomfort so, obviously, this is its main characteristic. This also results in an improvement in the appearance of the stool.
  • Easy absorption of nutrients: When digestive problems are suffered, it is common for this to result in poor absorption of nutrients. Therefore, its high digestibility is also focused on improving absorption so that anemia and other problems do not occur.
  • Replacement of lost nutrients: To this feed, group B vitamins have been added that perform an important task in maintaining the nervous, muscular and mood systems. They are also precursor vitamins for others so their shortage can lead to serious health problems.
  • Supports the immune system: Its combination of antioxidants is essential to promote strong defenses.
  • High palatability : On the other hand, palatability also plays a relevant role in this regard. Let’s not forget that dogs with gastric problems also tend to have reluctance to eat.


The guaranteed analysis determines that this feed contains € 25.8 protein, 14.5% fat, 1.4% crude fiber, 51.4% carbohydrates.

It also has 1.11% calcium, 0.80% phosphorus, 0.40% sodium, 0.94% potassium, € 0.090 magnesium, 6.8% magnesium, 6 , 8% crude ash, 3.03 ppm beta-carotene, 9316 IU / kg vitamin A, 689 IU / kg vitamin D, 0.15% taurine, 114 pp, vitamin C, 0.15 % of taurine, 114 ppm of vitamin C, 389 IU / kg of vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.38% and Omega 6 fatty acids 3.33%.


This feed contains meat and animal by-products, cereals, eggs and egg products, extracts of vegetable proteins, oils and fats, seeds, minerals and by-products of vegetable origin.

Recommended daily allowance

If your dog is still a puppy, the food guide to follow is the following:

Body weight (kg) Grams of dry food Grams of dry food Grams of dry food
0.5 35
1 60 fifty 40
3 135 110 90
5 195 160 130
10 330 275 220
fifteen 445 370 295
twenty 550 460 365
25 545 435
30 625 500
40 775 620
fifty 915 730
60 840

In the case of an adult dog:

Body weight (kg) Grams of dry food
2.5 60
5 105
10 175
twenty 295
30 400
40 495
fifty 585
60+ 11 per kg

Hill’s Prescription Digestive Care i / d feed price

Regarding the cost of the feed, a bag of 12 kilograms has a price of € 7.90.

Where to buy the feed?

If you want to buy the feed at the best market price, we recommend that you write to us at the button below to enjoy the exclusive discounts that we have at TopperCan for our customers.

Feed opinions

In general, the valuation corresponds to the concept of premium that has always accompanied Hill’s Pet. In one review, for example, the owner of the dog states that “I have a 12-year-old female who had digestive problems and especially a lot of gas, with soft poop and almost diarrhea. The vet recommended it to me, since then my dog ​​has a very good digestion and has no gas ».

Flatulence is common in food intolerances and often involves great pain for the dog. Intestinal problems are also one of the disorders that “attacks” this I think.

Likewise, some customers have praised its palatability since they witness how their dogs take it without any problem. For example, a client claims that “he is the only one who loves my dog ​​and has made him so much better at maintaining his weight that it is important because of the medication he takes.”


With a 4.7 / 5 that his clients give him we could not but praise him. Do not forget that it is a feed that must be taken under medical prescription. This is precisely the reason why it is infallible to treat certain digestive discomforts and sensitivity of this type. As final conclusions we highlight:

Price somewhat high : Not everything was going to be positive. With a cost of more than € 70 for 12 kilograms of product, we are facing a food that is not for all budgets. Of course, it is infallible so if you want the assurance that your dog will be cured, this is your option. The big drawback is that once you start giving it, you must continue supplying it. In this regard there are cheaper alternatives.

Good balance of nutrients: Includes B vitamins, beta-carotene, magnesium or potassium, among many other premium nutrients. These nutritional additives are an important help against any inflammatory process.

It is definitely a recommended feed although, as we have emphasized, it may be somewhat expensive for depending on which customers.

Divyesh Patel