I think Hill’s Science Plan Puppy mini chicken

The first stage of development stands out as the most important that every dog ​​must live. In it, the bone, nervous and cognitive systems are formed. That is why it is so important to provide all the necessary nutrients for proper development. Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Mini Chicken feed is part of the Hills’s Pet brand veterinary range and is aimed at meeting the nutritional needs of all small or Mini puppies up to 12 months of age . Its components are closely linked to achieving good body tone and optimal growth. In the future you may be given feed from other brands such as Arion Adult Winnero Arion Adult Salmon and potato that are indicated for dogs of all breeds and needs. Throughout this article we will offer you all the information you need about this feed, its characteristics, the opinions of other customers and where to find the feed at the best price. Let’s go there!


  • Promotes healthy bones and joints : The beta-carotene content as well as chondroitin and glucosamine from chicken and turkey bones and cartilage are the natural promoters of this feed.
  • Increases the health of the immune system: With a combination of vitamins, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with EPA-DHA, beta-carotene and a mixture of tocopherols, we are faced with a good feed that also provides our dog with iron health, preventing common infections at this stage of development.
  • Protects skin and hair : Irritations and dermatitis are common during your dog’s childhood. So much so that it is common for them to become infected. However, the antioxidants mentioned above together with the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from fish are more than enough to achieve a good result that should be taken into account.
  • High digestibility : Although it contains corn and corn gluten, it is an easy to digest feed for puppies that do not have pre-existing diseases – intolerances and allergies -. It has flax seed and beet pulp in its formula, which are optimal for proper digestion. In addition, the EPA and DHA included in fish oil also regulate the gastrointestinal system, keeping it in perfect condition.
  • High palatability : Both chicken and turkey animal fat and these meats are included in the formula, which are usually very well accepted among dogs of all breeds.


The guaranteed analysis determines that this feed contains 29.1% protein, 1.9% crude fiber, 19.7% fat, 41.8% carbohydrates, 1.35% calcium, a 0.51% sodium, 0.81% potassium, 0.194% magnesium, 0.11% taurine, 22.1 ppm L-Carnitine, 91 ppm vitamin C, 652 IU / kg Vitamin E, 0.159% DHA, 1.11% Omega 3 fatty acids, 3.24% Omega 6 fatty acids, 1102 ppm chondroitin, 792 ppm glucosamine, 3.10 ppm beta carotene, 11813 IU / kg of vitamin A and 841 IU / kg of vitamin D.


Regarding the ingredients it contains, this feed includes corn, chicken meal (34%) and turkey, trace elements, animal fat, digest, corn gluten meal, dried beet pulp, flax seed, minerals, oil fish, vitamins, and beta carotenes. It also contains a natural antioxidant (mixture of tocopherols).

Recommended daily allowance

If your dog is going to feed exclusively on this feed, we recommend that you follow these recommendations:

Puppy Age (Months) Body weight (kg) Grams of dry food
2 – 4 0.25 twenty
0.5 35
1 55
2.5 110
4 – 9 1 Four. Five
2.5 90
5 155
10 255
10 – 12 1.5 fifty
2.5 75
5 120
10 205

On the other hand, if you are going to base your diet on a mixed model equipped with this feed and wet food, this may be a good option for the recommended daily amount:

Puppy Age (Months) Body weight (kg) 370 g cans Grams of dry food 164g cans Grams of dry food
2 – 4 0.25 1/4 + 5
0.5 1/4 + twenty
1 1/4 + 25 1/4 + 40
2.5 1/2 + Four. Five 1/2 + 80
4 – 9 1 1/4 + fifteen 1/4 + 30
2.5 1/2 + 25 1/2 + 65
5 1/2 + 90 1/2 + 125
10 1 + 130 1 + 200
10 – 12 1.5 1/4 + twenty 1/2 + twenty
2.5 1/2 + 10 1/2 + Four. Five
5 1/2 + 60 1/2 + 95
10 1 + 80 1 + 150

Feed price

The cost of the feed varies although it can be found for a price of about € 18 for 3 kilograms of product.

Where to buy the feed?

If you want to buy the feed at the best market price, we recommend that you write to us at the button below to enjoy the exclusive discounts that we have at TopperCan for our customers.

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Feed opinions

Customers who have tried this feed have rated it 4/5, a very positive note in the case of a feed for puppies, which tend to give more problems as it is generic. Its flavor is one of the most interesting points to take into account. Its high quality is also mentioned by several users. In any case, it is not a hypoallergenic feed (although it is true that practically all puppies develop allergies after a few months and rarely from birth). That is why we are left with this food for Mini or small puppies.


In this case we can only give it a 3.5 / 5. It seems like a low note but let’s not forget that small and Mini puppies – especially the latter – tend to be bad eaters so I think that for another type of dog it would be ideal, your dog may not like it. This note does not imply that the food does not meet the basic quality standards of a high-end feed. In fact, we highlight:

Value for money : A 3 kilogram bag costs approximately € 5.5 / kg. This is a common price between the feed for small and Mini breeds since the amount that they will eat daily is very low.

Combined to protect bones, joints and immune system: The premium nutrients it contains are essential for proper osteoarticular development. Also the inclusion of natural antioxidants is directly linked to a healthier and stronger immune system.

In conclusion, it is an ideal feed for small breeds and for some Mini that do not have allergies or food intolerances to cereals.

Divyesh Patel