I think PRO PLAN Adult Small Original for small adult dogs

Also called PRO Plan Adult Small Balance feed (because it contains Optibalance – which we will talk about later -), this is a feed for small dogs that provides all the nutrients in adult dogs without intolerances or food allergies.

Its main ingredients are chicken and rice, so in these breeds that tend to have a delicate digestive system, we are faced with a good proposal. If you want to know feed for medium dogs, try Royal Canin Medium Adult . But let’s see its characteristics!

Characteristics, composition and ingredients of the feed


Dry foods, chicken meat and rice are very well received by small dogs that tend to have hypersensitivity to certain cereals such as wheat or corn.

Without becoming allergic or intolerant, your body does not accept some components too well, so when we talk about food for Mini or small dogs it is essential to take this point into account.

  • Total dental hygiene : Small dogs often suffer from cavities as well as gum problems. Purina has devised some croquettes that help clean teeth and prevent tartar formation.
  • Accelerates the metabolism of small dogs : Small and Mini breed dogs usually have specific characteristics at the metabolic level. This I think speeds up their metabolism and provides them with superior energy.
  • Maintains joint health : As with large dogs, very small dogs often suffer from joint problems in adulthood.
  • Quality and healthy protein : With 29% guaranteed chicken, we are faced with a feed that provides energy and adequate nutrition.
  • OPTIBALANCE balanced combination of nutrients : The combination of nutrients in Purina products ensures a correct balance in which the dog maintains optimal levels of minerals, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. It is a brand formula.
  • Preserves the health of the intestinal flora : It includes fiber from beet pulp that facilitates digestion. Likewise, rice also contains fiber.
  • Small Dog Heart Health : Small dogs tend to develop heart disease in late adulthood. This is because the smaller a mammal is, the faster its heart beats. For this reason, we recommend a feed that, like this one, prevents cardiovascular diseases. This is achieved with a medium-low fat level.
  • High palatability : Thanks to its small croquettes and its natural ingredients, Pro Plan Adult Small Original is a very palatable feed. In fact, in the opinions that you will read below, they highlight it.

Small dogs need a complete food that takes care of their special characteristics. The Pro Plan Adult Small Original feed is developed by canine nutritionists and veterinarians, so its recipe is especially indicated for these breeds.


The guaranteed analysis adds a percentage per kilogram of product that reveals that this feed contains crude protein (28%, crude ash (8%), crude fat (17%) and crude fiber (2%).


The PRO Plan Adult Small Original feed contains the following ingredients: chicken (20%), rice (7%), wheat, corn, corn gluten meal, dehydrated beet pulp, minerals, dehydrated poultry proteins, animal fat, egg dehydrated, fish oil, flavoring by-product, yeast.

Nutritional additives (per kg) are vitamin A (28,000 IU), vitamin D3 (910 IU), vitamin E (550 milligrams), vitamin C (140 IU), ferrous sulfate monohydrate (230 IU), anhydrous calcium iodate, sulfate cupric pentahydrate (46 IU), manganous sulfate monohydrate (110 IU), zinc sulfate monohydrate (390 IU), sodium selenite (0.27 IU). In addition, technological additives are included that are tocopherol extracts of vegetable oils (36 mg).

Recommended daily allowance

As always, we recommend that before purchasing a feed, the recommended daily amount is personally consulted with a veterinarian. As a general rule, these are the values:

1-5 kg25-90 g
5-10 kg90-150 g

Do not forget that dry feed should always be next to a large bowl of water to avoid future kidney problems. Also, l doses daily as recommended vary and depend on the weather (the more cold, more caloric expenditure), I dog living inside or outside and the degree of activity and fitness.

Price of the feed and, where to buy the feed?

Price of Pro Plan Adult Small Original feed

The price of the feed depends on the packaging and in this case the Pro Plan Adult Small Original feed can be found in 3 and 14 kg packages for a price of € 13.79 and € 39.99 respectively.

Where to buy the feed?

It is a feed that is available both via e-commerce and in traditional specialized stores. It is the Purina brand, which is one of the most famous in Spain, so there will be no problem in finding the Pro Plan Adult Small Original feed. At Amazon it is at a very cheap price with free shipping!

PURINA Pro Plan Small & Mini Adult OPTI Balance Chicken Dog Food – 7000 gr

  • adult
  • mini

Opinions of I think Pro Plan Adult Small Original

As for the reviews of real customers, the feed is highly valued because bad eaters usually find it high palatability. In addition, some opinions highlight that dogs tend to savor it for longer, chewing.


In general we are facing a good feed. It is not a super premium but it can be considered a high quality complete food. Its value for money is more than acceptable, considering that small dogs do not need as much food as large dogs. In fact, a point in favor of the feed is that its packaging ensures freshness for longer .

I think that small dogs like: The important thing, after all, is that there is a balance between the food that your dog likes and that feels good to him . Pro Plan achieves this in practically all its products since, although it is true that it does not use higher quality animal proteins (as in the case of fish for hypoallergens or duck) it is more than satisfactory for a small dog or healthy Mini .

To highlight the emphasis placed by the brand that its Pro Plan Adult Small include in its composition some ingredients to take care of the joints and the heart of these dogs, which often suffer from related conditions. Without a doubt we are facing a more than acceptable proposal, especially for dogs with normal needs.

Divyesh Patel