Important Considerations Before Buying A Pedigree Cat

pedigree cat

Buying a pedigree cat is a very expensive investment. That is why it is important that interested parties deal with the requirements pedigree cats place on their owners. This is the only way to find a cat that matches the owner.

In addition to the costs, the care of the respective animal should be   taken into account. It is also crucial whether the cat should be used as a breeding animal.

It must also be clarified whether the pedigree cat should come from the animal shelter or from the breeder and which age is recommended. This guide presents many important criteria that should be considered when making a purchase decision for a pedigree cat.

Does the cat match the owner?

There are a considerable number of pedigree cats, each with their own personality traits and different character traits.

It is important to adapt the type of pedigree cat  to the lifestyle and preferences of the owner . This is the only way to ensure that the animal suits personal wishes and does not cause excessive effort.

Persian cats and Maine Coons are generally among the quiet cats that need to be cuddled. They are suitable for owners who want a pet to  cuddle with and take care of . It looks different with Bengal cats.

These are extremely lively and require a lot of attention. The owners have to invest time and energy in games and constantly offer the animal new stimuli and challenges.

In addition, the size of the cat must be taken into account in the purchase decision. Norwegian forest cats  , for example, grow very large and can weigh up to 9 kg. They therefore need a lot of space and should therefore not be kept in a small apartment.

Costs that come your way

A main item in pedigree cats are the acquisition costs. These are often € 1,000 per animal and more. With such an animal, buyers can be sure that it has been well looked after  and professionally raised for the first few weeks of life . In addition, the animals are already vaccinated and can be integrated directly into the new family.

As with other cats, there are costs for everyday items. High-quality food must be purchased as well as suitable cat toys. If you want to mate your animal, you have to find a suitable male. The search and the breeding are sometimes very expensive.

In addition, numerous protective measures should be taken in order to  preserve the health of the pedigree cat as well as possible . Regular veterinary examinations are therefore strongly recommended. In some cases, treatments and therapies become necessary. In such a case, it is an advantage  to be able to fall  back on a cat surgery insurance .

Pay attention to the need for care of the cat

In contrast to house cats, pedigree cats are often animals with long fur. This must be specially maintained. This takes a lot of time and effort in everyday life. In addition, various grooming utensils such as combs and suitable detergents are needed to  keep the cat healthy .

In particular, owners who have pedigree cats with a great urge to move have to take care of their fur. Such animals do not stay in the apartment or in a house, but regularly want to be on the balcony or in the garden. This is where the fur gets dirty and needs special care.

Grooming is not only relevant for semi-long-haired and long-haired cats. Older cats are often no longer flexible enough  to clean themselves  and reach all of their fur.

With cats like this, it is important that the owners take action and use hair balm in addition to combs and grooming products.

Use a pedigree cat as a breeding animal

If you buy a house cat, I usually only have to take care of the booster of vaccinations and, if necessary, a castration. All other tasks are taken over by the breeder . Anyone planning to use their pedigree cat as a breeding animal must, however, expect additional costs.

This means that appropriate papers must be organized for each animal. This is associated with bureaucratic effort and various fees. Furthermore, buyers expect that the pedigree cats have already received their first vaccinations.

Therefore, breeders have to take active care of this. Also, it is inevitable nowadays  to have pedigree cats chipped . In this way, they can be easily identified and preventive healthcare works perfectly.

Pedigree cats from the animal shelter or from the breeder?

Not only strays and abandoned animals can be found in an animal shelter, but pedigree cats have often enough lost their homes. This is the case, for example, if the animals are left over after household dissolution or if cats have to be separated.

hen a holder several purebred cats has that do not get along , he is one of them off frequently. Then it can make sense to get a cat out of the shelter and give it a new home.

Alternatively, a pedigree cat can be purchased from a breeder. This should meet the highest standards of professionalism. This includes, for example, that the pedigree cat is kept in an apartment or house and not in a kennel.

She is used to contact with people and  can easily be integrated into the new family . In addition, pedigree cats may litter no more than once a year, otherwise litter breaks must be observed.

A professional breeder is also familiar with the individual needs of his pedigree cats and is often a member of a pedigree cat club.

Take into account the age of the cat

It should definitely be considered at what age a pedigree cat should be purchased. Adult cats are already trained and can easily be integrated into a new home.

In the case of kittens, it doesn’t take long before they are independent. Nevertheless, it is necessary  to invest a lot of time in education so that the animal complies with the applicable rules and uses the litter box, for example.

If you decide to have a kitten, you should  not separate it from the mother too early . Research shows that kittens who stayed with their mother for only eight weeks were significantly more aggressive with the new owners than cats that were older.

Therefore, breeders often choose not to sell their cats until they are 12-13 weeks old. If you are looking for a particularly tame and calm animal, you should opt for a kitten that has stayed with its mother for 14-15 weeks.

Although this is no guarantee of certain character traits, it does increase the likelihood that it is a calm and easy-care animal.


There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a pedigree cat. The animal must absolutely match the owner and the necessary care must be planned in.

The costs for a pedigree cat are not limited to the purchase price, but also include necessary accessories such as a scratching post as well as any doctor’s visits and treatments.

Buyers should decide carefully  whether they want to use their pedigree cat as a breeding animal and whether they want to buy your animal from an animal shelter or from a breeder. The age of the pedigree cat plays a major role here.

Divyesh Patel