My Cat Meows A Lot: Is Something Wrong Or Is It Normal?

Veterinarian María Navarro talks about the causes of a cat’s meowing. Some meow from boredom but others from illness.

Cats have a reputation for being antisocial and goofy, but nothing could be further from the truth. People who share life with one of them know that they are loving and intelligent beings .

So much so that their register of vocalizations is endless, they are capable of emitting different meows according to their needs at that moment or depending on who they want to communicate with. 

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The meow has its origin in the behavior of the puppy cat . When a kitten loses sight of its mother, it is normal for it to meow so that she knows where it is. As with its mother, the cat communicates with people by meowing .

My cat won’t stop meowing: causes

It is normal for a cat to meow, what is not normal is that it does it constantly. We tell you what the causes of incessant vocalizations in your cat can be:

  • Pain or illness . In these cases, the vocalizations are usually low and long , like a wail. If we notice that, suddenly, our cat begins to meow non-stop, we must go to our veterinarian to find out the cause. Some of the possible reasons may be:
  1. Pain.
  2. Illness: such as chronic kidney failure, cognitive dysfunction or senile dementia, gastrointestinal problems (eg gas ), etc.
  • Stress or anxiety . Cats are very routine animals, any change can cause stress, which can lead to abnormal behaviors such as: exaggerated vocalizations, relieving themselves off the tray, vomiting , hair loss, scratching surfaces … An insignificant change for us how to change the feeder for a new one may be the cause.
  • Hunger.
  • Territory . Cats are very territorial animals, they cannot bear closed doors or rooms in their domain. 
  • Zeal. In both male and female cats , if they are not sterilized , it is common for meowing to occur in times of heat. They are more frequent at night and in doors and windows, as they want to escape to mate. Other frequent symptoms of heat are that the cat is more affectionate than normal and that he urinates out of the tray (marking). It is best to sterilize your pet to avoid unwanted behaviors and their anxiety about mating.
  • Demand for attention. If you spend many hours away from home, when you are in it it is normal for your cat to ask for your attention by meowing. He just wants to cuddle or play.
  • Greetings.

Why does my cat meow a lot at night?

Apart from the causes that we have named above, we must tell you that the cat is an especially nocturnal animal. If you spend the whole day away from home, the normal thing is that your cat spends hours sleeping and at night is not sleepy. 

In these cases, it is best for the cat to be entertained during the day in the following ways:

  • Game, game and more game . If we are not at home, it is advisable that we buy an interactive toy or have food inside so that the cat entertains.
  • Adoption of a second cat. If you spend many hours outside, you can consider taking in another kitten so that your cat is not alone.
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What does it mean when a cat meows at the door?

The most likely causes of a cat meowing at the door would be:

  1. Territoriality.
  2. Zeal .
  3. Simple boredom. If our cat is sterilized and wants to go out to a terrace or a garden, it is out of curiosity. They love to watch the birds and sunbathe.

Why does my cat meow when it sees me?

It can be for two reasons:

  1. Your cat is happy to see you: When you come home after many hours away, it is common for your cat to greet you with short, high-pitched meows, a sign of happiness.
  2. Demand for food or attention.

Why does my cat meow when I pet him?

The usual thing is that your cat meows because he likes caresses and wants more. In this case it is a happy meow.

If, on the other hand, you see that your cat tries to bite you – discover here the reasons for this behavior – or leaves when you pet it, it may present pain at some point . You should go to your vet.

What to do when a cat meows a lot?

Obviously we must find the cause of their meows. If we think that the cause may be a disease, we must go to our veterinarian to carry out a general check-up on our kitten.

If the checkup is correct, we must pay attention to what has changed in his routine so that he is not comfortable.

And quite the opposite: my cat does not meow, what is wrong with him?

There are cats that are less communicative, it depends on their way of being and what humans talk to them about. If we never speak to our cat, it will hardly be possible to meow to communicate with us.

If it is something sudden, we must go to our veterinarian to perform a check-up on our cat, since it may be unwell.

The best advice we can give you is to spend time with your cat, the one who knows him best is you. If you are attentive to their changes and behaviors, it is much easier for you to understand what the problem of their concern is.

Divyesh Patel