Natural food for dogs: Advantages and disadvantages you MUST know

Every year, a new type of diet sets a trend in the diet for our pets, but natural food for dogs is not a trend, but is becoming more established, as we are increasingly concerned about knowing what our dogs eat and if it is quality food. Therefore, we are going to explain what natural food is, what its advantages and disadvantages are and what you should know to find out if the I think you are buying is natural or not.

What is natural dog food?

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Natural food is one that is made with ingredients extracted from nature , and no additives, colorings or preservatives of chemical origin are added.

This type of food respects the nutritional needs of our dogs and keeps them in balance internally. In addition, when making them they are more respectful with the environment.

Characteristics of natural dog food

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  • 100% natural ingredients are used , obtained from the environment from which they come.
  • Its composition does not use by-products of animal origin (viscera, beaks, legs …).
  • They do not use unnatural additives , flavorings, preservatives or colorings.
  • Its composition is balanced , always thinking about the needs of the dog.

How to know if my dog’s diet is natural food or not?

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When choosing the feed you should read the package looking specifically for the phrases:  “Without preservatives”, “Without colorants”, “Without additives”, “Without flavorings”. If it does not expressly state it, it is likely that it will.

Once detected, turn the bag and go to the ingredients area to make sure that it does not contain animal by-products and check the type of additives it may contain , and if they are natural or artificial.

Check the expiration date. Natural dog food has a shorter expiration date: between about 6 months and 1 year.  If the expiration date is much longer, it is because it contains artificial additives.

Types of natural diets for dogs


BARF diet

It consists of feeding our dogs with the same type of food that their ancestors ate in nature in the same state, that is, raw.

In Spanish this diet is known as ACBA, the acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods. It is mainly composed of between 60-80% meaty bones (bones with meat and muscles with more than 50% meat) and between 20-40% fruit, vegetables, bones or organ meats.

Homemade diet

This diet is based on preparing your dog’s food at home yourself . You have to carefully measure the amounts your dog needs both of animal and vegetable proteins. And then you have to cook them with the spices you want, but without adding salt.

Diet with natural feed

In this case, the balls or croquettes are called “Pellet”, since the way they are manufactured is different. This feed is not extruded, its manufacture is done at a low temperature so as not to damage the properties of the food. The ingredients used are of good quality and in their manufacture they are respectful with the environment.

The pellet, when it comes into contact with water or stomach juices, breaks down, favoring digestion and the assimilation of nutrients.

Although we can find a lot of information on diets, it is best that you go to your veterinarian to prepare a special diet designed for the specific needs of each dog.

Advantages of natural dog food

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  • The food is of higher quality . Therefore, it will sit better the digestive system of our dogs.
  • Digestions are less heavy and favor the assimilation of nutrients.
  • Teeth stain less and accumulate less tartar.
  • It gives fewer symptoms associated with food allergies.
  • The hair will gain strength and shine.
  • Stools are better in shape and color.
  • Our dog will eat eagerly, as it is a tasty food.

With a better diet, you will have to visit your vet less .

Disadvantages of natural dog food

  • The cost is higher than that of other diets , since the ingredients are of natural origin.
  • The expiration date is shorter.
  • Sometimes they can drink more water.

As you can see, the advantages of giving natural dog food are more than the disadvantages and, the truth is that we are what we eat. If we take care of our diet, why not take care of that of our fellow dogs?

Regardless of the diet you want to give your dog, always go to the vet to make sure that this diet is optimal for your dog and that it will be balanced.

With this information we leave the choice of whether or not to give your dog natural food in your hands.

Divyesh Patel