Orthopedic Harness For Dogs – OrtoCanis Best Solution in Market

Orthopedic Harness For Dogs - OrtoCanis Best Solution in Market

Do you have a dog with reduced mobility? The OrtoCanis harness could be a solution

For dogs with mobility problems in the hind legs, some hip disease, such as dysplasia or osteoarthritis, the OrtoCanis firm, with a group of specialized veterinarians, has designed a new orthopedic dog harness for the hind legs of our canines, which provides security and stability for them to move.

OrtoCanis is a company that has specialized in the design of orthopedic products for dogs to facilitate their recovery and improve their lives to the maximum so that they can develop and be themselves, despite their physical condition.

So, we invite you to read this article because we want you to know what hip problems prevent our pet from usually moving, the functioning of the harness created by OrtoCanis, and how it will help in our dog’s rehabilitation friend.

Main hip problems suffered by the dog

Among the main problems that your dog may present at some point in his life, we highlight the following: muscle or joint weakness, hip instability, hip osteoarthritis, motor incoordination -better known as ataxia, hip dysplasia and, disc hernia, among others.

Harness for dogs with hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is the most common of these conditions. It is a bone and joint disease, which occurs in the bones that make up the hip due to a “poor fit. Just as with a person’s hip, in the case of a dog, the femur bone must fit correctly into the socket called the “acetabulum” in the hip, which allows the dog’s paws to move. But suppose this socket, which should be produced, is not adjusted correctly. In that case, the femoral head moves, leading to a deformation of the acetabulum, which loses depth by transforming the structure of the femoral head. In the hip joint, this degenerative process wears out over time and causes the dog extreme pain, limping, reduced mobility, etc.

All dogs can suffer from this disease, but large breeds are especially predisposed, as are some small breeds such as pugs. The species most likely to suffer from hip dysplasia are Retrievers -both goldens and Labradors-, Molossian dogs, St. Bernard, mastiff, Presa Canario, etc. German shepherd, rottweiler, dogos, bulldogs, pugs, among others.

Among the possible treatments that can be used to help our dog, we have surgical treatment. For cases where the disease is detected at an early age, and the dog does not suffer from osteoarthritis, surgery can be performed to correct the joint and achieve improved mobility. In the most severe cases of joint damage, the placement of a prosthesis is recommended.
Another less aggressive treatment than the previous one is the conservative one, where the aim is to keep the dog with the least level of pain, administering anti-inflammatory, chondroprotective, acupuncture techniques, rehabilitation, and canine physiotherapy. Through these processes, we seek to help the dog develop its muscles without feeling pain, and the tensions can be reduced.

You can also help your dog by reducing the load on his hips, either by reducing the canine’s weight or using a wheelchair so that he can exercise. However, another way to help our canine friend up is by using a hind leg support harness, providing comfort to the dog and stimulation to move and exercise.

dog harness

OrthoCanis Harness

It does not matter that you do not have the best dog harness at the moment to take your canine friend for a walk if this living being become a member of the family and needs your help to be able to walk. Indeed look for ways to facilitate life. That’s why you have to know the support harness designed by OrtoCanis and how it works, if necessary, because, as we explained, it is prevalent in dogs suffering from hip problems that prevent them from having normal mobility.

The support harness offered by the company OrtoCanis is specially designed for senior dogs who suffer from dysplasia or osteoarthritis of the hip and neurological problems. It has a structure that allows its adjustment to the appropriate measure that your dog needs, protecting their groins through fabric with the 3D format.

Through this support, the dog is provided with stability and security to have mobility in its hind legs. Because the support adapts correctly to the groin area, it does not press its genitals or the gastrointestinal area, thus improving the dog’s mobility comfortably and adequately.

How is the OrtoCanis support harness used?

It is recommended to use this harness as a complement to your dog’s collar. If it is a large dog, this device can be placed in the lumbar support area, and in the case of small dogs, it will be necessary to remove the 3D protection from the harness.

dog harness in the snow

Dog harness to support back legs

If you want to put this harness on your dog, the first thing you need to do is place both of your dog’s back legs into the rings with 3D fabric. Next, you must adapt both ropes to the thickness of the legs using the turnbuckles. Once you have adjusted the harness to your dog’s legs, you can adjust the handle to your height for greater comfort, which can be achieved by adjusting the buckle on the handle.

At first, you may have trouble getting your dog to wear this harness, but when he realizes he needs it and that with this device on, he feels relief and notices that he walks better, the same dog will ask you to put the harness on him. Don’t forget to check your dog’s harness from time to time to make sure it’s not rubbing or causing discomfort.

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