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The best repellants for dogs

When your “furry” does his business where he shouldn’t, trouble starts. On the other hand, you may be lucky enough to live in a house on …

2 dogs having broccoli

Can dogs eat broccoli? Yes, But it Can be Dangerous!

I still remember battles with my mother when she wanted to force me to eat my portion of broccoli. It was one of my most …


Feeding your dog according to size

It is not only necessary to differentiate the nutrition of the dog in the growth stages. Once the dog has become an adult, we must continue …

Products Reviews

Best Dog Harnesses for Large Breeds – #3 is Best Heavy Duty

It’s the timeless question for all owners of large dogs: are you taking the dog for a walk, or is he walking you? Nothing is …


Food allergy in cats: what are the best treatments?

Cats are strictly carnivorous mammals . Despite the fact that everyone thinks that cats love fish, this is an urban legend as well as “they better take I think”. This …