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How to choose the perfect house for your cat

We are always looking for the greatest possible comfort for our pets. It is about something fundamental for cat owners, finding the perfect house for …


Food allergy in cats: what are the best treatments?

Cats are strictly carnivorous mammals. Despite the fact that everyone thinks that cats love fish, this is an urban legend as well as “they better take I …


11 symptoms cat owners should never ignore

The wild origin of cats plays, this time, against us. Due to this factor, certain feline ailments are difficult to detect. Why? What can we …

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Everything you need to know when greeting a dog

Dogs are very adorable and people often come over to say hello to ours when we are out for a walk. Although dogs are usually very …

how long does it take for a dog to forget a person
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How long does it take for a dog to forget its owner?

How long does it take for a dog to forget its owner? – Dogs are known to have an associative memory; for example, when you …

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13 things that annoy dogs that you may not know

We all love our pets and try to do things that they like. However, sometimes we do not realize that what we do to our dogs …

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The language of dogs: How do I know what it is trying to tell me?

When a person has a very close relationship with a dog, one can read the other’s mind. They both know what he means by his tone, …

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What diseases can a dog detect? Here is the list!

We all know that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. And now we learn, thanks to science, that they can also detect serious diseases even …

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Your dog’s poop tells you if he’s healthy or sick: how many types are there?

Your dog’s poop can give a lot of information about his health. Color, shape and texture are key clues to this. If there are alterations in any …

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10 “superfoods” that you should include in your dog’s diet

Superfoods are perfect nutritious meals for your dog to have iron health. These meals are part of a diet full of vitamins that will help your …

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7 reasons why adopting a dog is worth it

If you are thinking about choosing a life partner and have not made up your mind yet, here are the 7 essential reasons why adopting a dog …

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Training and educating my dog ​​are two different things?

To educate your dog you will have to arm yourself with patience and time. Dogs are very intelligent beings and educating them can be a simple task as …

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The best games to keep your dog entertained

One of the things that dogs like the most is playing with you. With this list of games you won’t get bored! Boredom between you and …