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can dogs eat strawberries
Dog Food

Can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, they Love it!

Can dogs eat strawberries? Among the wide variety of fruits that dogs can eat for their beneficial nutritional properties are strawberries. Can dogs eat strawberries? …

You Oughta Know What’s the Best Puppy Food Reviews Online
Dog Best

You Oughta Know What’s the Best Puppy Food Reviews Online

For dog owners, the puppy time is probably the best time with the four-legged friend. In order to properly feed the playful and curious puppy in the first …

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What To Do For Two Dogs To Get Along?

It is quite possible to live in the home with more than one dog. But if we are still a “single dog” and we are thinking …

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How To Teach Your Dog To Walk Beside You Without A Leash

If you decide to live with a dog, it is essential that you bear in mind that educating him is essential. It is not about training …

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Practical Guide To Training A Dog

When we decide to adopt a dog it is essential that we are aware of the importance of its education. Living with a dog cannot be …

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Tips To Prevent A Dog From Barking Excessively

Barking plays a basic role in canine communication, as they are a way of relating to their environment. Beyond normal, a dog being excessively noisy can …

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Canine agility: benefits, tournaments and everything you need to know

Agility is a canine sport where your dog must overcome obstacles against the clock. It requires training to guide it and perform the tests in accordance …

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How To Walk A Dog Correctly? Tricks And Tips

Adopting a dog is an enriching and exciting experience that will change your life for the better forever. You must start educating him from the first …

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My Dog ​Is Jealous. What To Do?

As we know, dogs have feelings and emotions just like people do. One of those feelings is jealousy, which can be towards other pets or even …


How To Get a Cat And Dog To Get Along?

Although there is a myth that cats and dogs are irreconcilable species, the truth is that both can coexist perfectly in our homes. In this article …

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The worst mistakes when raising a puppy

When a puppy comes to our home it is important to treat him well and make him feel like part of the family, his new …

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Care and education for a water dog puppy

Among the multiple breeds of dog that we normally talk about, we find one of our favorites due to its character, sociability and adaptation to …


My Dog ​Chews On The Leash. What Do I Do?

We all know how much fun it is when a dog chews on the leash, watching you fiddle with it, or even get angry and …