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How to

Children And Dogs – How To Educate Them?

Every day we see children on the street who come to pet dogs they do not know, with a very excessive confidence. Something that can not …

How to

How To Train A Dog – Step By Step

In this simple but complete guide to know how we should educate our dog, we are going to work on the most important aspects of …

Dog Information

Dog Trainer

There is a very accurate saying that says Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a day of your life. This …

How to

How to teach a dog to come to your call

We all know that there are very obedient dogs that come to the call of their owners in any situation and that other dogs, however, …

Dog Information

My Dog ​​Chases Bikes, Cars, or Joggers. What To Do?

There are many dogs that, mainly from puppies, acquire unhealthy behaviors such as starting to chase bicycles, people who are running or even cars. At first …

Dog Best

Dog sweater: Which One is the Best of 2022?

In the same way that you choose a sweater for someone else or for yourself and check the quality of the fabric, the price or …

Dog Food

6 good reasons to feed your dog homemade food!

Today, we take great care of our diet. We are increasingly putting processed foods aside to add natural products and super foods to our diet. “We …

How to

How to correctly read the label of dog food?

With the help of the experts, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, we learn a little more about the exact meaning of these …

Dog Food

Feeding your dog according to size

It is not only necessary to differentiate the nutrition of the dog in the growth stages. Once the dog has become an adult, we must continue …

Natural food for dogs Advantages and disadvantages you MUST know
Dog Food

Natural food for dogs: Advantages and disadvantages you MUST know

Every year, a new type of diet sets a trend in the diet for our pets, but natural food for dogs is not a trend, …

How to

How many words can your dog learn and does he really know their meaning?

How many words can your dog learn? – Dogs are able to differentiate words and distinguish between those they have heard before and those they …


Beds for cats: original and comfortable ideas

For our cats, the bed is like a sanctuary. Their bed should be comfortable, warm and stylish to suit their needs, you can even include …


Games for cats: the best hobbies to improve your training

Without a doubt, cats are one of the most curious animals on the planet, so we have fun and witty games for cats; It will not …