The perfect cat scratching post for your house cat

cat scratcher

The time has come: a cat moves in with you . Do you want to do something good for your cat and buy a cat scratching post?

Have you lost track of the jungle scratching post and don’t know which cat tree is right for your house tiger? No need to despair – the following article will help you to find the right model.

cat scratcher

This will keep your cat from scratching the furniture
Almost every cat owner can still remember the times when they didn’t have a scratching post in their home.

Scratched table legs, expensive leather bags spoiled with scratch marks, holes in the curtains and the cover of the couch. What is a cat’s natural need quickly becomes an annoyance for the cat owner.

We are talking about sharpening the claws of the beloved house tiger. Set up a scratching post for your cat and she will leave the new carpet alone.

What is a cat scratching post?
Indoor cats in particular are dependent on a scratching post. Their territory is small and hardly offers suitable opportunities to sharpen their claws. Outdoor users prefer to use trees for this behavior that is typical of cats and that also serves to mark the territory.

You have to give the indoor cat a replacement. An aesthetic scratching post made of wood, a scratching post for wall mounting or a scratching board are suitable for this.

Simple cat trees consist of a thick column wrapped with sturdy ropes and plush. Other models also have platforms, caves and integrated food bowls.

From single-stem models to huge scratching landscapes, there is something for every apartment size and every budget. The choice is almost limitless.

What is a cat scratching post used for?

cat scratcher

Cat scratching post
Many scratching posts are more than just a claw-sharpening trunk. They are a place where your cat feels comfortable. Here she can play, climb or retreat to a cave.

From a platform at a lofty height, she watches with excitement what is happening around her. Your velvet paw sleeps for hours in hammocks or cozy hammocks.

Some models encourage the house tiger to play with fur balls or ropes attached to ribbons.

What materials are used for a cat scratching post?

Most common are trunks made from hard cardboard tubes wrapped with sisal. A scratching post made from these materials performs best in comparison with other models.

For the production of natural wood scratching posts, trunks and branches of birch or beech are popular. Instead of sisal, banana leaf and water hyacinth are often used.

Hammocks and covers for lying areas are made from soft plush. Baskets and houses can be woven from rattan.

These types of scratching posts exist

cat scratcher
Free-standing scratching post
Free-standing scratching posts can be set up anywhere in the room. A large, heavy base plate gives them a firm stand.

The product range extends from the single-stem model to the multi-stem cat tree with lying areas in different heights and toys.

Ceiling-high cat tree
The tallest among the cat trees are so-called ceiling tensioners. Their slim design works well for small apartments. Ceiling-high scratching posts are clamped between the floor and the ceiling and are therefore very stable.

It is attached without drilling any holes. Active cats enjoy high platforms and great climbing opportunities.

Even cats jumping around wildly won’t shake properly attached ceiling tensioners.

Wall scratching post

Scratching posts that can be attached to the wall offer a space-saving solution. Most of the time they have no contact with the ground, so the area underneath is easy to clean. Depending on the size, the wall scratching post can be mounted over a small cupboard.

Due to their construction, some walls are not suitable for mounting a wall scratching post.

Natural scratching post
Natural scratching posts have a special charisma. Made from tree trunks and thick branches, they are very stable. The weight of the log also contributes to stability. Mostly they are made by hand. Since trees do not grow evenly straight, every natural scratching post is unique.

Outdoor scratching post
Outdoor scratching posts can be set up in a protected outdoor area, on the terrace or in the middle of the garden. Your hard-wearing wood is provided with a protective impregnation. A plastic rope is often used for wrapping.

Weatherproof, washable pads and pillows provide comfort.

Cat scratching post in a modular system
With a modular system you can plan and assemble your dream scratching post yourself. You assemble the individual elements such as lying areas, caves and trunks according to your ideas. From scratching posts to cat trees with wall brackets, almost anything is possible.

Is there an alternative to scratching posts?
The space in every apartment is not dimensioned in such a way that a free-standing cat tree or scratching post can be set up ceiling-high. Then the scratching post has to be small and narrow. A good alternative are scratching bins and scratching boards.

Scratch barrel

cat scratcher
Compact scratching bins can also be found in small apartments. Inside there is a cuddly cave. Some models are equipped with several caves on top of each other.

Covered with robust materials such as sisal or banana leaf, a scratching barrel offers all-round scratching opportunities. A top covered with plush is a cozy place to lie. Ideally, the scratching barrel should be high enough that the cat can stretch while scratching.

Scratching board
A simple and space-saving way to keep cat’s claws away from furniture is with scratching boards. The flat boards, covered with sisal or linen, are attached to the wall at the height your cat prefers.

It can also be attached to the side of a cabinet. If you don’t want to drill holes in the wall, you can use a scratching board to put down. A simple scratching board is available for less than ten euros.

Everything for the cat – a cat tree and its advantages
Cat scratching post
If there is a cat scratching post in the apartment, the house tiger will usually use it. In the beginning it sometimes takes a while for the cat to accept your new piece of furniture.

Having a few cleverly placed treats isn’t just good for dental care . So you can make the scratching post interesting for your house tiger. Since cats are very curious, they will soon try out the new cat tree and spare furniture, door frames and curtains.

There is even room for several cats at the same time on large multi-tier scratching posts. You can climb and jump without accidentally destroying harness. Scratching posts are available in different colors, sizes and materials.

Every cat lover can easily find a scratching post that matches the character of their cat and the style of the home furnishings. The selection of sisal scratching posts is huge.

They are lighter than a hardwood scratching post. Some models can be expanded with accessories such as recesses or hammocks.

Removable covers from cuddly caves and platforms are easy to wash. Often covers are suitable for tumble drying.

Disadvantages of the scratching post for cats
Some models are very large and take up a lot of space. It can be difficult to find a suitable place for them. Lying surface covers that are attached with adhesive make cleaning difficult.

The range of natural scratching posts is not very extensive. They are heavier and usually more expensive than models with a trunk made of hard cardboard.

Large cat scratching post
Special requirements are placed on a scratching post for large cats. Large breeds such as the Maine Coone or the Norwegian Forest Cat weigh up to ten kilograms and more.

Platforms and caves must be large and resilient accordingly. The trunks should be at least 10 cm in diameter. Some scratching posts have a trunk diameter of 15 cm.

A scratching post for older cats

cat scratcher
A scratching post for older cats is not that different from other cat trees. Older cats find it difficult to climb and jump.

They have a greater need for rest than young house tigers. Therefore, for older cats, you should choose a scratching post with a small floor space.

Ramps or stairs help your cat climb the upper platforms. Withdrawn in a cave, she finds peace.

Cat scratching post: things to look out for when buying
Set up the cat tree securely. He mustn’t wobble. Trunks and platforms must be stable to withstand the weight of heavy cats jumping around.

Free-standing scratching posts can often be secured to the wall with an anti-tip device. The base plate must be large and heavy enough for a stable stand. In some models, the individual parts are glued together.

Screwed scratching posts have the advantage that defective parts can be easily replaced. Inquire whether spare parts and replacement covers are available for the model you prefer.

Removable covers from berths and caves are easier to clean. Most of the time a cat tree is delivered in individual parts.
When assembling a scratching post, the assembly instructions must be followed.


cat scratcher
With the purchase of a cat scratching post you contribute to the well-being of your beloved house tiger. You give him the opportunity to sharpen his claws and remove excess horny layers. D.

a cat will be more balanced and content. Even if you only have a small budget, you will find a cat tree that fits your cat and the apartment.

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