The Popular wheelchairs for dogs

If your dog needs a wheelchair, don’t worry. We want to help you choose the best one. We have prepared this article in which you can answer questions. We will try to answer the most frequent questions about wheelchairs for dogs and we leave you a small selection with the best of this year.

There are chairs of different materials or sizes, and they can be designed to help with health problems of all kinds: recovery after surgery, paralysis, weakness in any of your limbs or osteoarthritis, among others. It is an essential element for the good quality of life of a sick dog and, therefore, it is very necessary to choose the best one.

  • If your dog is unable to move due to neurological problems, arthritis, or suffers from hip dysplasia or injury due to an accident, he can lead a near normal life using a dog wheelchair.
  • This chair allows the dog to have activity and autonomy, something that helps him regain his physical and mental health. In addition, in case of suffering a reversible paraplegia, its use is key to a good and greater recovery.
  • When choosing the best wheelchair for your dog, check the materials in which it is made, the wheels, the design, if it is foldable or not (as well as if it is easy to transport) and, of course, keep in mind your dog’s age, size and weight.

The best wheelchairs for dogs on the market: our recommendations

We now come to our small Ranking with five models of wheelchairs for dogs from different manufacturers, which we have selected based on their good ratings, their popularity or their number of sales. Review this list with us and take a look at the product characteristics of each of them. We started!

  • Online users’ favorite dog wheelchair
  • The most functional wheelchair for dogs
  • The best wheelchair for small dogs
  • The toughest wheelchair for dogs
  • The best wheelchair for medium dogs

Online users’ favorite dog wheelchair

Ortocanis is one of the brands with the most complete canine wheelchairs. A fully adaptable dog walker that is very easy to adjust to achieve a perfect fit.

It is made of aluminum. Recommended for dogs weighing between four and eleven kilos. It is offered in two sizes, depending on the measurement from floor to groin of the dog.

The most functional wheelchair for dogs

A wheelchair for dogs with two rear wheels. Very light. Made with a durable aluminum, stainless steel frame and adjustable harnesses to provide the dog with optimal comfort and mobility.

The height, width and length of the chair is adjustable to fit the dog. Available in various sizes and in bold colors.

The best wheelchair for small dogs

This other model of canine wheelchair is similar to the previous one. Features a lightweight and adjustable aluminum frame. It has a stainless steel structure that is very easy and quick to assemble, with a front harness in black fabric and a rear double neoprene, plus a padded shoulder support.

For dogs with a maximum weight of 9 kg. With 20 cm pneumatic wheels.

The toughest wheelchair for dogs

Again, bright colors are once again the protagonists in this chair model from Pssopp. Size XS is recommended for dogs between 4 and 10 kg. It is made of anti-wear, anti-dirt and non-rust aluminum alloy.

Very durable, light and very easy to assemble. The tools necessary for assembly are included with the purchase.

The best wheelchair for medium dogs

A pet chair that is lightweight and easy to transport. The product ships with hex keys and mounting screws for easy installation and removal.

Suitable for dogs with limited or no mobility in their hind legs. Indicated for a height of 33-53 cm, hip width of 19-31 cm, and a weight of 22 kg.

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Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Wheelchairs

Here is a shopping guide in which we answer the most frequently asked questions you may ask yourself before purchasing a wheelchair for your dog. We recommend that you previously go to the vet to assess whether or not it is recommended, and can give you some advice. Each case is different and will need some indications or others. Keep reading!

What is a dog wheelchair?

The wheelchair for dogs is a device that facilitates the life of your pet if it has weakness in any of its limbs, or suffers loss of mobility in these and cannot be supported due to a traumatic origin condition such as an accident (or also due to a degenerative disease).At first, canine wheelchairs were handcrafted at home. Today there are companies with extensive experience in its design.

What are the advantages of using a dog wheelchair?

The most common situations in which a wheelchair is needed for dogs are hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, herniated disc or proprioceptive deficit (weakness or decreased movement). In addition, it is used to immobilize the hind limbs after surgery or as an aid during rehabilitation. What benefits does it bring to your health?

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  • One of the most important advantages is the recovery of autonomy and mobility: the dog feels independent again and can perform physical activity.
  • Helps regulate the entire digestive and urinary system. The dog can defecate and urinate with it without any problem.
  • Decrease in constipation.
  • Prevents the formation of ulcers on the skin caused by permanent immobility.
  • Improved appetite and digestion. The dog’s mood will improve dramatically and he will be happier.
  • Improves the results of physical therapy.
  • Prevents loss of muscle mass and ankylosis due to prolonged disuse.
  • It improves your muscles, your quality of life and your health in general.

What material should a good wheelchair be for dogs?

The manufacturing materials are very diverse, and canine wheelchairs can be made of PVC, methacrylate, steel or aluminum. The lightest on the market are those made of extruded aluminum. These models allow the dog to adapt to them more easily. In them you will also find a great variety of colors and details. It is very important that the chair is not heavy, but it is manageable and foldable so that it can be taken anywhere. It is also essential that you have adjustable harnesses made of a durable material. As for the wheels, if they are made of dense foam, they will be valid for any type of terrain and this must be taken into account!

How do you know what measures a dog wheelchair should have?

At first, the wheelchairs for dogs were custom. This has evolved to be adjustable and adaptable to the dog throughout its life and health changes. It is very important that the chair is adjustable in height, width and length, because this allows it to adapt to the dog’s body easily, without the need for tools or screws. Its adjustable system also adapts to the growth of the dog and, thus, later, it can be sold or donated. The normal thing is that each chair model is presented in several sizes. These are normally: small, medium or large (they vary depending on the breed, weight and size of the dog). The measurement that we must take as a reference is from the floor to the groin.

What types of wheelchair for dogs are there today?

In general, there are three wheelchair designs for dogs. Each of them has a specific purpose to treat different types of dog limb weakness, ailments or paralysis. We leave you a table with its characteristics and main utilities. Within each type there are a variety of models, designs, sizes, colors, among other features.

Wheelchair type characteristics Indications
Rear Support Dog Wheelchair It has two wheels in the back, a chair to support the pelvis and a harness to keep it controlled and safe.

It is the most common model.

Ideal for rehabilitation after surgery.

Good for dogs that show weakness or paralysis in the hind legs, but have good resistance in the rest of the body.

Front Support Dog Wheelchair The wheels are located at the front. Great for dogs that have problems using their front limbs, but also have good resistance in the back legs.
Quad support dog wheelchair Two wheels at the front and two wheels at the rear. Perfect for rehabilitation after spinal surgery.

For dogs with weakness in all four limbs.

How to place a wheelchair for dogs?

Regarding placement, upon receiving the canine wheelchair we will find a series of tips and instructions that will help us in the process. It is important to tighten the screws very well to prevent the parts from loosening. In the case of harnesses and straps, these are usually managed by means of a snap button system. In general, the dog will adapt to the chair the same day it begins to use it, but there are cases in which a little patience is required. If, for example, it has been inactive for a long time, use should be more progressive. The normal thing is that the adaptation takes 24 hours and, if the dog does not adapt, you can return it.

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How to clean a dog wheelchair?

Wheelchair maintenance and care is easy. The vast majority of wheelchairs for dogs are made of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, and the entire system of leashes and harnesses is easily removable and washable; therefore, to keep them in an optimal state, routine cleaning care will suffice. It will be enough to wash it with water and deworming soap once a week.

Where to buy a wheelchair for dogs?

A canine wheelchair requires an economic investment, but when looking for the best for your pet you must pay attention to the quality and not only the price. Dog wheelchairs are made to measure, but it will always be more profitable to buy an adjustable model.You can do it in specialized physical stores or online like Amazon. Before getting one, it is important to check that the company has a guarantee and, as we have mentioned before, a trial period and a return option.

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Purchase criteria

If your dog needs a wheelchair, here are the criteria that we think you should take into account to buy the most appropriate model. On the market there are different models with a good value for money. You should look at all the details, from the materials until it is as comfortable and manageable as possible.

  • materials
  • Wheel
  • Dog size and weight
  • Manageability
  • User ratings.


Always look at the manufacturing materials. They must be resistant, antioxidant, and light. Keep in mind that your dog needs the chair to move: it cannot weigh. Another element that is important to take into account are the spare parts: make sure that the brand has accessible spare parts (straps, harnesses or wheels) that are easy to change


The wheels are the base of the chair and a fundamental part of it. It will have two or four. When choosing the most appropriate, many factors must be taken into account, including where the dog lives. A city dog, who walks in parks or on asphalt, will need a chair with small, maneuverable wheels.

On the contrary, a dog that lives in the country, accustomed to long walks and races through the mountains or nearby forests, with dirt and more dirt, will need larger wheels – small bicycle type – that have spokes and good bearings. The chair should be more stable and robust, although this implies that it will also be somewhat heavier.

Dog size and weight

Once you know the chair that your dog needs, you must know its size, its weight and the distance from the ground to its groin to choose between the different sizes. Each manufacturer has several sizes and clearly indicates their limitations. When it comes to measurements, most warn that there may be a one to three centimeter (cm) error from manual measurement.


Adaptable or adjustable dog wheelchairs can be used continuously because they adapt to the development of the dog. They are foldable, very handy and take up very little space. With this, you can save them anywhere. They are also perfect for traveling. And this is very necessary! That is why we insist so much that they are light.

User Ratings

If you are thinking of making the purchase online, we recommend taking a look at the evaluations of other buyers. You always buy verified! Thanks to them, you will have a more complete vision of the product: adaptation of other dogs, materials, ease of assembly, if the instructions are clear and well explained, in other aspects.

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As we have seen throughout this article, the wheelchair will make your dog happy, able to exercise and feel independent again. If your illness or mobility problem is reversible, the chair will help you in your recovery by speeding up the results of your rehabilitation.

On the internet you will find numerous tutorials to build a homemade dog wheelchair, but we are more inclined to trust a good brand with all the advantages that this entails. If what you are concerned about is the investment, think that if it is an adjustable model it can be used by other dogs in the future.

Divyesh Patel