Purina Pro Plan Dog & Puppy Food Review for 2021

Our pet is part of the family and as part of it deserves to be treated with the same care and affection; it must have the best. Today not only will you be happy with what Proactive Pet Products brings, but also your beloved pet because today, we will show you everything you need to know about Purina Pro Plan kibbles.

Looking for the best product on the market in any category? Our Review has all the details you need to choose it. Advantages and disadvantages, comparison with other similar brands, curious facts, prices, where to buy it, and the steps to follow before purchasing it. What you are looking for, here you will find it.

The most important points about Purina Pro Plan Dog & Puppy Food

  • Purina Pro Plan is a premium brand of pet food for cats and dogs of all ages. They are a perfect source of nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, fibers in the form of a delicious meal. You can find them almost everywhere, in different presentations.
  • Although Purina Purina Pro Plan is an incredible food line, like all, it has competition from Royal Canin and NUPEC. However, it manages to remain one of the favorites for its high nutritional content, food technology, and supplement to improve and maintain your pets’ health.
  • The types of food, the breed and the size of your pet, as well as the presentation of the product, its flavor, and the technology it includes, are the factors that will allow you to choose between one type of food or another when it comes to Purina Pro Plan. Also, you will make sure that this is the brand for you.

The best Purina Pro Plan Kibbles

  • Pro Plan Puppy Initial Protection, the best kibbles for medium dog breeds
  • Pro Plan Urinary Optitract, the best kibble designed for cats
  • Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Adult, the best kibble for dogs with sensitive skin

Pro Plan Puppy Initial Protection, the best kibbles for medium dog breeds

Pro Plan Dog Food, Medium Breed OptiStart, 13 kg
For puppies up to 24 months, Pro Plan Puppy Initial Protection, a food with OpstiStart technology with Colostrum that helps strengthen the immune system improves nutrient absorption and provides optimal development. Initial Protection comes in assorted flavors with 29% protein and 18% fat.

Pro Plan Urinary Optitract, the best kibble designed for cats

Pro Plan Urinary Optitract, 3 kg
Cats have a delicate stomach. Therefore, as their caretaker, you must feed them with something of high quality. Purina Pro Plan Urinary Optitract comes with Dual Stone Protection technology that improves your urinary tract’s overall health, helping to acidify the urine and stimulating water consumption with its ideal proportion of sodium.

Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Adult, the best kibble for dogs with sensitive skin

Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Adult Dog Food, Medium and Large Breeds, 13 kg
The Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Adult is food for adult dogs of medium and large breeds (1 to 7 years old). This food is made using OptiDerma technology with Omega 3 and 6 (thanks to the fact that it has salmon) that helps them keep their skin healthy and with excellent power defensive thanks to its minerals and antioxidants, and proteins.

Shopping guide: What you need to know about Purina Pro Plan kibbles?

In our buying guide, you will find the information you need about the product you are looking for. If you want to know more about the Purina Pro Plan kibbles line, this is the perfect place for it; we will clarify all your doubts and be ready to buy.

Dog and cat eating dry food in bowls

What is the difference between Purina Pro Plan kibbles and other brands?

Purina Pro Plan by Purina is one of the most relevant brands in terms of pet food, so much so that it is one of the best sellers around the world. It manages to beat most of its opponents by having more protein and crude fat than its competitors, such as the prestigious Royal Canin and NUPEC.

Another big difference is that Purina’s years of experience with Purina Pro Plan have led them to develop nutrition technologies to directly attack certain conditions and characteristics of your animals, such as Optistart, Optiderma, Optifit and many others. Something the other brands are not close to.

Purina Pro Plan kibbles kibbles other brands
Protein 31.8% Max 26.5% Max
Grease 17.9% 15.4%
Fiber 4.3% Max 5.3% Max
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Where to buy Purina Pro Plan kibbles?

Purina distributes the Purina Pro Plan in a lot of stores around Mexico. It is common to get this food for your pets at vets like Animal Care, Animal Vet, Bio Pets, and CANET. Also, in pet stores like Maskota, Happy Pets, Petco, PetSmart, and more. Likewise, you can find them in Liverpool. When it comes to purchasing Purina Purina Pro Plan online, the idea is to do it through Amazon, as only this offers you great offers and immediate delivery so that your pet does not have to wait.

Also, PETCO, PETSMART, and PetnGo provide online platforms for you to enjoy the different Purina Pro Plan products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Purina Pro Plan kibble?

Purina Pro Plan is not one of the best food for dogs and cats by pure luck; it is a brand with a long tradition and experience, resulting in the final result. High-quality food with a high concentration of proteins, fats, and fibers is the highest content. The Opti technology (Optimo) provides the utmost care to your pets so that they have a suitable development and a better quality of life. Not to mention they enjoy eating it! Different products are dedicated to different types and weights of animals, although unfortunately, it is expensive.


  • More protein, fat, and fiber
  • Improve the digestion and coat of your pet
  • Dry and wet foods
  • Aimed at cats and dogs
  • Premium food with Opti technology


  • Of the most expensive on the market
  • It is not directed at a particular race
  • Your wet food is not as prized as dry

Fun Facts: What You Didn’t Know About Purina Pro Plan

Do you want to find out every detail of the Purina Pro Plan? Well, this is the right section for it. With our curious data, you will find out things that you never imagined, and they are not random data but are just as necessary to make a final purchase decision.

Where is Purina Pro Plan manufactured?

Nestlé Purina has several factories around the world that produce Purina Pro Plan. Asia and the Pacific are the cheapest places to make. However, Nestlé likes to maintain quality and ease of distribution, so they have factories in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico, specifically in Guanajuato.

Cute cat eating on floor at home

What guarantee does Purina Pro Plan have, and how can I make it valid?

No pet food has a guarantee as such, beyond the quality that Purina Pro Plan can offer you as a Premium brand. What you can do is be careful when you buy it. Please verify that your package has no gaps or is open and see the expiration date to confirm fresh food.

Purina Pro Plan Purchase Criteria

To ensure that your pet has the highest quality, you should buy the Purina Pro Plan product that best benefits it. Therefore, it is necessary that you know certain factors that influence animal food products, and here we present them to you.

  • Types of food
  • Species and size
  • Extra aspects: Taste, technology, and presentation of the product

Types of food

dog food

For our pets’ benefit, they will not have to eat only one type of Purina Pro Plan food; in fact, you can find it both dry and wet. Each of these provides different characteristics to your dog or cat, as well as an additional price.

  • Dry: Dry food or kibbles are the most common in the diet of our furry and the best sellers. You can find it in different weights (up to 20 kg), with various flavors, and in Purina Pro Plan, they represent 90% of its products. It does not have more nutrients, fats, or fibers than the wet comes in greater quantity.
  • Wet: Wet food is often sold in ounce-marked cans or envelopes and has more concentrated protein, fat, and fiber. So 100 gr of wet food is more nutritious than dry food, although it can also be quite expensive and does not help develop the jaw like kibbles.

Species and size

small dog looking upwards

To choose the correct Purina Pro Plan product, you must make sure that you buy the right one for your animal. That I don’t think anyone is wrong to buy dog ​​food and buy it for cats. This is influenced by the species and size of the animals.

  • Species: The Purina Pro Plan Premium Line is dedicated to the two most common species in our homes: dogs and cats. However, each species represents different organisms that need an additional consumption of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. So you should always buy the right food for the species you have as a pet. Using dog food to feed cats can create severe intestinal problems, to the point of being fatal. At the same time, dogs will not receive the recommended amount of nutrients in cat food.
  • Size: Depending on your pet’s size and weight, you should choose one Purina Pro Plan product or another. Each packet is marked for which breed size the food is directed or according to its growth stage.

There are Purina Pro Plan kibbles and wet food for puppies (up to 24 months), adults (from 2 years), and the elderly (7 years or older). The first provides the conditions for optimal growth, the second keeps you healthy, and the third activates your mind and protects your organs.

Extra aspects: Taste, technology, and presentation of the product

dog valentine

Other factors or extra elements influence when purchasing Purina Pro Plan food, such as flavor, technology, and product presentation. Each of these affects more than you think in your decision, and we will tell you why.

  • Taste: Not all foods provide the same nutrients; for example, salmon is rich in omega 3 and 6, while vegetables are excellent antioxidant containers. In addition to this, your pets indeed have a preferred flavor.
  • Technology: The Opti technology that has the latest Purina Pro Plan products’ latest line helps to attack any problem that your pet may present directly. Optiage to keep them active despite age, Optistart for puppies, Optifit reduces your pet’s weight, and Optifortis to strengthen ligaments.
  • Presentation of the product: Food production for our furry friends is also essential because the higher the quantity, the more expensive it is, but it pays more and must take off the weight of buying from time to time. While if you do not have a lot of money, a small package can solve.

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