Origin and Breed History

Worldwide, the Ragdoll is the only cat for which a patent has been applied for. The young noble cat comes from the USA, more precisely from California. Coincidentally, the long-haired cat “Josephine” gave birth to a litter with conspicuously large kitties with blue eyes and half-length fur. She is considered the ancestor of the Ragdoll cats.

Then the cat lover Ann Baker became aware of the animals, took over a tomcat and began a legally protected line breeding in the 1960s.

Thanks to the plush fur and cute eyes, the ragdoll cat was very popular. In the 1980s, the ragdoll came to Germany. Today, according to the Guinness Book of Records, it is considered the largest domestic cat in the world.

Breed Description

At first glance, the cute Ragdoll cat looks like a particularly soft plush toy. After all, the lovely velvet paw also has a descriptive name. Ragdoll is a play on words and describes a rag doll. That is why the Ragdoll cat is affectionately known as the “rag doll”.

In character, however, the largest pedigree cat in the world is more like a dog. Like the four-legged friend, the Ragdoll cat follows its owner at every turn.

Solitude is not at all possible for the Ragdoll cat. She has a very social nature and therefore prefers to be in company at all times. Regardless of whether they are humans or cats, the main thing is that the gentle Ragdoll can share their time with someone else.

Appearance of The Ragdoll

In addition to their fluffy, silky fur, the big, bright blue eyes of the animals of the Ragdoll cat breed are striking. The coat color, on the other hand, can always vary. However, all Ragdoll kittens are born completely white. The older the kittens get, the darker their fur becomes. Black, lilac, blue, and chocolate are possible colors. Most of the time, some areas remain a little lighter or even completely white, so that a patterned fur is created.

The coat of the Ragdoll comes into its own thanks to its strong physique. The animals of this breed of cats are very muscular and have broad shoulders. The Ragdoll also has very high legs, round paws and a bushy tail. Overall, the cat is very big and long. The Ragdoll can measure up to 120 cm from head to tail.

No cat relaxes as much when lifted as the ragdoll. When the kitty is sitting in your arms, her body is so relaxed that she is literally slack. Incidentally, this behavior is due to their great trust in people.

Character and Essence

Loving, balanced and gentle, these are all characteristics that can be assigned to the Ragdoll cat. However, the character of the puss is dominated by her social streak. The cat cannot stand loneliness and being alone. The Ragdoll just always wants to be in company and therefore usually follows you every step of the way. Because of this, the Ragdoll cat is often referred to as the “dog among cats”.

The animal also gets along great with children. The Ragdoll is extremely playful and funny, but still does not tend to be daring. Despite its broad body, the cat is very skilled and the opposite of clumsy.

Ragdolls are not loud unless they urgently want to communicate. When she needs attention, she often starts meowing, and at a considerable volume.


Attention and affection are in the priority list for the Ragdoll cat about exercise and freedom of movement. The kitty can therefore be kept as an indoor cat. Due to its massive body, however, you should provide the ragdoll with sufficient space.

In addition, the Ragdoll really needs permanent company. If you can’t afford that, then you should definitely get a second cat. After a short period of getting used to it, a dog can also be a great companion for the Ragdoll cat. Since both four-legged friends have similar traits, there is the possibility of an intimate friendship. Of course it can happen that both of them vie for your attention and jealousy develops.


The diet of the Ragdoll cat is somewhat different than that of other conspecifics. Since the Ragdoll is a large breed of cats, the kittens experience many growth spurts. As a ragdoll cat, it should be allowed to eat as much as it wants as it grows. A Ragdoll is not fully grown until it is four years old. Then you can get them used to a certain amount of food to avoid being overweight. Since the fat in Ragdoll cats attaches to the lower abdomen, you should regularly check the weight of the adult animals.

Of course, you should only buy high quality cat food . Also, choose a food that is high in protein. If your ragdoll has a predisposition to kidney or bladder stones, you should opt for wet food.


At first glance, the Ragdoll’s coat looks more in need of care than it actually is. Although you should brush it occasionally, matting or nodules rarely occur. You only have to brush the silky fur every day while the coat is changing. Here’s how to remove any loose hair before it spreads around your home.

Getting the animals used to brushing is usually not difficult. The cleaning of the silky fur of your four-legged friend can become a binding ritual between you and your Ragdoll cat.


You don’t need to be prepared for difficulties when raising your ragdoll cat either. On the one hand, the kitties are very intelligent and, on the other hand, they are very much oriented towards humans. Sure, it will often happen that your Ragdoll follows you nicely like a dog and that without a leash. Getting used to the new apartment and the new family will therefore not be difficult for your Ragdoll cat.

Health and Typical Diseases

With the Ragdolls there are some breed typical hereditary diseases that are spread through breeding. These include anemia, heart diseases such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and a number of eye diseases. Male animals between 1 and 5 years of age often suffer from HCM. In the worst case, heart disease can be fatal because it is very difficult to treat. However, the hereditary diseases do not occur in all Ragdoll cats.

In addition, Ragdolls can occasionally suffer from the consequences of inbreeding. These include sickness, immune deficiency or a shortened life expectancy.

Life Expectancy of The Ragdoll

A healthy Ragdoll cat lives approximately 12 to 15 years. The life of a cat can be drastically shortened by the heart disease HCM or by the consequences of inbreeding. When buying, the family tree should therefore be checked for both.

Buy Ragdoll

If you want to buy a ragdoll, you should definitely get her a second four-legged friend. The cat can keep the cat company permanently, except in the apartment.

Ragdoll cats are relatively expensive. Therefore it is worthwhile to stop by the animal shelter first. Here you don’t have to scroll down a four-digit sum to buy a Ragdoll. A breeding animal, on the other hand, can cost 1500 euros.

How do you choose the right ragdoll breeder? Since hereditary diseases are not uncommon in Ragdoll cats, you should definitely make sure that the parents of the Ragdoll do not suffer from one of the diseases. Serious breeders usually provide information about this on their own initiative.

Also, take a close look at the Ragdoll cat’s pedigree. This way you can be sure that there is no inbreeding.

Decision Support

A living plush toy with dog-like attachment. The Ragdoll makes a great new member of the family. After all, she is very fond of children and fixated on people. Before buying a ragdoll, you should still be aware that the cat takes up a lot of time. She has to be permanently among people or animals and if you don’t have time for petting, she reacts with loud meowing.

If you work full-time but really want to have a ragdoll cat, there is also the option of getting your cat a playmate. If you buy two kitties straight away, the ragdoll never has to be alone.

Ultimately, you have to make your own decision. We can only advise you that the time you spend on the sweet, cuddly ball of wool is definitely worth it. An intimate, deep connection can develop between humans and ragdolls, as well as between dogs and cats.

Ragdoll FAQ

What does a ragdoll cost?

A Ragdoll costs between 1,800 and 2,400 dollars on average.

How old do Ragdoll cats get?

Ragdoll cats have a life expectancy of around 12 years.

What is a ragdoll cat?

The Ragdoll cat breed was bred in America in the early 1960s. Ragdolls are large cats with a muscular body and thick coat of medium length.

How big do Ragdoll cats get?

Ragdoll cats can reach a shoulder height of 40 cm. The length from the tip of the nose to the tail is approx. 100 to 120 cm. Male cats weigh 6.5 to 10 kg, female Ragdoll cats weigh between 4.5 to 6.5 kg.

How expensive is a Ragdoll cat?

A ragdoll cat costs between 1,800 and 2,400 dollars.

When are Ragdoll cats fully grown?

Ragdoll cats grow very long compared to other breeds and are often not fully grown until they are 4 years old.

How much does a ragdoll hair?

Ragdolls are known to have relatively little hair and are therefore often suitable for allergy sufferers.

What does ragdoll mean?

The English “ragdoll” roughly translates as ragdoll or rag doll and can be traced back to the behavior of the animals to let themselves hang limply like a rag doll when they are lifted.

Divyesh Patel