Reviews about Orijen Six Fish

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Main advantage:

This cat food is made from fresh, quality ingredients that have been added to the mixture in precise quantities to supplement the feline’s balanced diet and meet its nutritional requirements.

Main disadvantage:

Although the product is a quality product, it does not include an easy closing system, which helps to preserve its properties once the bag has been opened.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Considered to be one of the best cat foods available today, this food is available in a 1800 gram presentation and meets the needs of a balanced and complete diet for the pet.

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Main characteristics explained


Cat food is available in different presentations in relation to the amount of content inside the package. This Orijen alternative is available in three presentations. Therefore, the user will be able to select between a small package of 340 grams, a medium one containing 1800 grams and a large one containing 5.4 kilos.

This manufacturer has brought to the market the three presentations that it considers most commercial, with the aim of selecting the one that best suits the price and quantity, number of cats, size of the animal and feeding habits.

The bag with the highest demand of the Orijen Six Fish is usually the medium one, because it has a fair amount of food, with an estimated duration of one month approximately. By acquiring this 1800 gram food, the user will not have to go regularly to the supermarket during the week, nor will the feeding of the small cat be compromised, but will have their meals on a regular basis. In addition, according to users’ opinions, the presentation of this food is fair to avoid wasting kibble or having it spoil and lose both its taste and properties after opening the package.


The cat’s diet consists of various foods that are responsible for maintaining an adequate nutritional balance for the feline. These animals are carnivorous, so their meals must contain ingredients of animal origin in order for their metabolism to work properly, maintaining the health and well-being of the pet.

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Orijen Six Fish cat food was made considering these feline needs, so its formula is rich in animal protein, with 85% meat, which meets the respective nutritional requirements. Although this brand promotes various types of food with different animal nutrients, one of the most popular is the one made from fish, because this nutrient helps the animal to have a better, balanced diet with Omega 3. This is why it is one of the favorite feeds of both pet owners and cats because, unlike other formulas, it is not rejected by the cat. On the contrary, the animal accepts it and takes pleasure in eating it.

This is because, although it is a processed food, its aroma and taste are penetrating, because the manufacturer has added the fresh fish fats, which are integrated with the rest of the components and nutrients of animal origin, to become a kibble with a pronounced, natural taste, but loaded with vitamins and nutrients to achieve the healthy metabolism of the pet.


Ingredients and contributions

A rich and balanced diet is what will ensure convenient digestive functioning for the animal. Therefore, Orijen Six Fish includes in this food proteins, fats and fresh meats that, when joined through a high level elaboration process, become the best cat food in the market for many users.

Six Fish from Orijen provides each cup of food with calories for the feline diet, which are obtained in protein and fat, as well as some carbohydrates with controlled glycemic index. The provision of these nutrients encourages a balanced diet that greatly reduces a cat’s risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes, among other complications.

Depending on the proportions, two out of three parts of this dry cat food include fresh meat. Its ingredients are fresh fish, such as hake and sole, among others, which go through a dehydration process. It also has cod liver, red lentils, peas, sunflower oil, sardines, chickpeas, zucchini, among other components.

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