Reviews about Royal Canin Hypoallergenic in 2020

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2 cats eating food

Main advantage:

This cat food is made with quality ingredients, through high level processes that give it a delicious taste, but also convenient for the welfare of cats, because it is a food with hypoallergenic properties.

Main disadvantage:

The nutritional quality of this food provides contributions to the pet. However, the 500 gram presentation could be more expensive than the larger ones.

Verdict: 9.8/10

As a dry food for adult cats that meets the nutritional needs of the pet and does not cause allergies, this food is one of the best of its kind, providing a complete and balanced diet.

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2 cats eating foodMain characteristics explained

Ingredients and processes

The ingredients and manufacturing processes of cat food must meet basic standards that will lead to proper feeding of these pets. Each brand has its own system for making the croquettes, to which they add various components and ingredients that will form part of the animal’s diet and which, depending on the brand, may be of lower or higher quality.

In this respect, Royal Canin Hypoallergenic is a dry cat food containing a broad base of animal and plant components. This food is a product recommended by veterinarians, because it has the ingredients to be a complete dietary food. Therefore, user opinions are usually positive when referring to this cat food as one of the most balanced and specific on the market.

Royal Canin has included among the ingredients of this food a base of selected rice, hydrolyzed soy protein extract, chicken and beef animal fats, purified cellulose, vegetable oil, beet pulp, mineral salts, taurine, fish oil, trace elements, Indian rose extract, DL. Methionine, vitamins and chelated trace elements, among other components, which when integrated are transformed into balanced food suitable for providing the nutrients required in the cats’ diet.

Formula and contributions

Each brand and even each line of food has a formula in its foods that has been developed to respond adequately to the feeding and nutrition demands of cats, whether small, large or adult.

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In the case of Royal Canin Hypoallergenic, it is a food made to provide nutritional and vitamin supplements to adult cats. Its formula has been developed by experts and veterinarians who, after testing different components and quantities, arrived at the precise method, based on 25.7% protein, 20% fat and 3.6% crude fibre.

This mixture is not made at random, but is the product of a verification endorsed and certified to be hypoallergenic, hence its price is a little higher than other cat food brands. Within the formula, this concentrated food includes hydrolyzed protein with low molecular weight and reduced allergenicity, making it easy to digest and harmless to the body. In addition, it has a patented complex that provides a skin barrier effect for the animal.

On the other hand, by including fatty acids within its components, there is greater overall nutrition and process that keeps the pet healthy. EPA/DHA fatty acids help to have a proper digestive system, as well as healthy skin, with reduced hair loss.


Those who are looking for the best cat food on the market may consider purchasing this dry food, which is considered to be top of the range, due to its benefits and contributions to the health and nutrition of pets, which improve the digestive system and provide a balanced intake.

Although it is available in several presentations, one of the most comfortable, due to its portability, is the 500 gram. It is a small white and beige bag, which is much more than a simple package.

In addition to serving to protect the kibbles, this bag contains all the nutritional information and specific data on feeding modes, as well as the doses recommended by the manufacturer of this veterinary diet, according to the size and weight of the animal. According to the estimate, this food with 500 grams of content would be the amount needed for about 15 days, with reduced daily portions of 10 grams at each meal.

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On the other hand, the wrapping or packaging of Royal Canin Hypoallergenic cat food differs from other models, because it has a practical hermetic sealing system that keeps the food isolated and in optimal conditions to preserve its properties.

Buy at Amazon – Price ($14.89)