Scratching post for cats: prevent, once and for all, your cat from destroying your furniture

Cat scratchers are really necessary tools and toys that can affect the life of any feline in a very positive way. A staple product for both your cat and you.

Why does the cat attack the furniture?

Scratching post for cats: prevent, once and for all, your cat from destroying your furniture

When our cat feels the need to scratch or sharpen its nails, the furniture in our house is the worst offenders. Does this situation sound so difficult to you?

For them, the furniture – especially the sofa – is simply a tool that allows them to relieve their stress. They usually take it with a certain piece of furniture in the house, until they have already scratched it several times, get tired, and look for another.

There is no doubt that it is much cheaper to acquire a cat scratching post, which you will not tire of because you will understand that it is your property, than having to gradually renew all the furniture in the house.

The scrapers cat are more important than we think because thanks to them, among other things, the cats can ” fix ” your nails and soothe your craving for scratching the couch or your clothes.

Benefits of the scratching post for cats

1. You will have a precise place to sharpen your nails

Cats are extremely territorial animals, although they are very affectionate animals, they are constantly trying to scratch and sharpen their nails , it is part of their instinct.

2. Won’t destroy your furniture

Despite everything, we can indicate that these cats continue to maintain that wild instinct inside the home: jumping, scratching and even destroying the poor furniture in the house.  How to avoid this type of behavior? Buy a scratching post for your cat.

3. Will release stress by scratching

Another situation that we have not mentioned is stress , like any animal, the cat can suffer this type of tension that it will relieve using its scratching post.

4. Fight obesity

Scratching post for cats: prevent, once and for all, your cat from destroying your furniture

When having a cat at home, it is normal that we want to make sure that it does not lack anything: water, food, places to rest, and lots of love. However, it is possible that we give it such a comfortable life that our cat may suffer from obesity.

Some types of scratchers can help combat this problem, due to the fact that some accessories and toys are incorporated , which will be used by our cat, forcing it to do exercises.

Types of scratching posts for cats

There is a wide variety of cat scratchers on the market , which is interesting to know, especially because they are designed to meet some of the needs that our felines have.

Next, we show you some types of scratchers so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your kitten.

1. Flat cat scratching post

The idea is to adhere them to the ground so that they cannot move when the cat is using them. This type is ideal for small cats that have never used a scratching post before. And for felines that have some kind of mobility problem.

2. Vertical scratching post for your cat

They are perfect for placing on walls. You have to put them in strategic places and try to ensure that the cat knows where it is and how it should be used from a young age.

3. Post scratching posts for your feline

These are scratchers that adapt to cats of any height. There are post scratchers up to 130 centimeters, and most come with accessories and toys to entertain our cats and get them to exercise as much as possible.

4. Tower scratcher, your cat will go crazy with it

Scratching post for cats: prevent, once and for all, your cat from destroying your furniture

They are really multifunctional , since they are ideal for the cat to play and can climb different heights (some can reach up to eight feet) and are designed for the cat to play, rest and scratch.

5. Homemade scratching posts for your cat

Lovers of “handmade” can make their cat scratching post themselves. On the internet you can find different ideas on models of scrapers to make at home using cardboard boxes and / or rolls of toilet paper. You dare?

Scratching post for cats: where to place it?

  • The idea is to place it in strategic places , especially that can be considered to be pleasant for the cat itself. It would not be very smart to place this scratcher in an area that the feline hardly frequents. Also, if you have already started to scratch any of the furniture in the house, we have a very special reference and the ideal is to place it very close to it.
  • If the scratching post you bought does not come with other accessories, it would be attractive for the cat if you put some kind of toy on the scratching post , so that it catches its attention and decides to approach it.
  • You must choose among the models that exist, the one that is most convenient for your cat. Likewise, in your selection you must take into account the decoration that exists in the space of your house or apartment, look for one that looks great and maintains the atmosphere.

Wouldn’t it be easier to trim my cat’s nails?

The answer is a resounding no . This is an option that is taken out of ignorance. For a cat, scratching its claws is a mechanism it uses to control stress. The moment you pluck or cut her nails, in addition to increasing her level of nervousness, you are also affecting part of her nature.

Professionals in the field assure that when a cat becomes stressed and cannot find a solution, it is very likely that it will begin to suffer from some diseases.


Divyesh Patel